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Batty at Indigo's funerul

Batty is the main protagonist heroine of season 1. In season 1 she is often threatened by Klint, LFY, and Rio. In the last episode of season 1, she goes to Klint's hometown to find out a little of his history. In Season 2 she first appears when the new usual crew needs help to stop Rosean. She is well-respected in season 2 among the new crew.


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Caysie in the living room

Caysie at first has a crush on Rio. She is later arrested along with Indigo. Once she is busted out of jail by Brick, she seems calmer.


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Klint is obviously the main antagonist of season 1. He has a crush on Rio and is able to get Indigo and Caysie arrested. Through out the season he plans to mainly kill Batty. In episode 12, he is killed at LMBW's Snow Resort.


Rio is shown as a jock at first. Indigo, Klint, and Caysie all have a cruh on him but he mostly shows his feelings to Klint. He Tries to kill Batty to get vengance for Klint. He is killed by Brick.

Rio at the LMBW mansion's gym

DC and Marro

DC and Marro are brothers. Marro is absent on the first episode. DC doesn't get much screen time but Marro is seen as heroic. Marro is killed by Klint in episode 12. In season 2, DC appears to be a member of the MCP.
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DC at Alemas' Party




Indigo just like Caysie had a crush on Rio at first. She was arrested along with Caysie only to be busted out of jail by Brick. She is killed by Klint during one of Alemas' parties.

Indigo sitting outside of the LMBW mansion.




Ire is seen as the "house maker" of the LMBW Mansion in season 1. In season 1 he joins the MCP and often involved when Klint is around to cause problems. He trained the new usual crew to fight for a short amount of time. Ire's hearts is ripped out by Roseann in season 2 and dies.


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Drew at LMBW's Resort

Drew is often seen as a bossy character who likes to charge around the LMBW Mansion in season 1.


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Chips getting a scary phone call from LFY.

Chips is seen as a quite timid girl. She is often found doing simple stuff at the LMBW Mansion. She helped the other characters kill Klint in episode 12.



LFY at the near-by park

LFY was first seen as a good friend of Klint. He helped Klint in his evil plans and slowly became evil as well. Just like Klint, he tried to kill Batty but failed. He was killed by the MCP.


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JDude in the living room.

JDude seems to like sports. He along with several other users helped Batty kill Klint in episode 12.


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Keplers is seen a class clown. He often argues with JDude and Drew and seems to like to laugh at other people.


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