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Three possible restoration of a tortoise. A, a tortoise as am armored herbivorous mammal related to rodents. B, as a four-legged quadrupedal omnivorous bird. And C, as a slow-moving and shelled amphibian related to frogs.

All Todays tortoises are formelly fictional outdated-looking group of tortoises that resemble real tortoises, but with some differences.

All Todays Tortoise's Description

Fossils of these armored and shelled animals have been found throughout the world except Antarctica. They had shells that covered their entire torsos, so they could have used these shells for defense against predators or for fights against other males to attract mates. Because of their seemingly abnormal-looking form of defense, they were once thought to be aliens that either came to Earth as intelligent beings or were brought here by intelligent aliens, but paleontologists had found and confirmed they weren't aliens at all and were native to Earth all along. Tortoises could have possibly had teeth in their snouts, but no one knows if this is true or not, if no teeth, they could have had a bird-like beak, but if they had teeth, their teeth could have resembled a rodent's teeth or a lizard's teeth. No one knows what group of animals did tortoises belonged to, but paleontologists of some groups suggested that they might have been mammals with fur covering their heads, necks, legs, and tails but fur being absent on the shells. Other groups of paleotologists, however, suggested that tortoises could have been four-legged armored birds and being among the most primitive birds, using their (possibly) colorful tailfeathers to attract mates. However, some had suggested that tortoises could have been related to today's turtles, making them just more muscular turtle relatives. Despite these speculations, many other paleontologists think that tortoises could have been amphibians with thin skins and webbed feet for swimming underwater, but we may never know what a tortoise was. Tortoises could have lived at least 4 years or more than 5,000 years, we don't know exactly how long tortoises lived.

Introduction to real life North America

Ever since they were brought to real life North America through universe travel, they flourish alongside real tortoises and all other species that are living in North America. Unlike their ancestors, the formerly aggressive species of All Todays tortoises are no longer aggressive towards any sapient species/beings nor pets or real dylanus species, so they are now allowed to live in cities.