All Todays Prehistoric Cenozoic Animals are a group of formerly fictional outdated-looking animals that were brought from the DeviantArt series, All Todays, into real life North America.

All Todays Prehistoric Cenozoic Animal's Description

During the early days of the Cenozoic era, one group of (possibly reptilian) creatures called protomammals started to diversify and ranged from the tiny shrew, to the large elephant, to a massive indricothere, to the biggest of them all, a predatory flesh-eating blue whale. Here's the examples of some of these protomammals.

It is unknown why that the protomammals, along with most mammal species, had suddenly became extinct at the end of the Holocene period.

Introduction to real life North America

Since real life humans had introduced all known species of all todays prehistoric Cenozoic animals to real life North America, these animals now coexist alongside real Cenozoic animal species (both native and nonnative). Unlike their ancestors, however, they are no longer aggressive to any sapient species/beings, as any aggressive animals aren't tolerated. They can now also thrive well in cities across the continent to ensure their further survival alongside real prehistoric Cenozoic animals.

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