All Todays Owari No Seraph Vampire

A possible restoration of an Owari no Seraph vampire.

All todays Owari no Seraph vampire is an outdated-looking species of All todays vampire and the only one that is neither evil nor drinks blood, so instead it feeds on meat and only feeds to survive.

Description of All Todays Owari No Seraph vampire

Fossils of these extinct species of bipedal and carnivorous mammals have so far been found in what is now Japan, China, Korean Peninsula, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Italy, British Isles, and North America, but could have been widespread as fossils of similar-looking vampires have been found in other continents. These creatures were probably related to either an extinct human and/or an extinct dylanus. Its fangs were long and serrated, suggesting that vampires took chunks of flesh out of its prey items. Unlike humans or dylanuses
Outdated Dylanus Vs Vampire

A possible restoration of a vampire (right) attacking an injured dylanus (left).

, which lived in the same place and the same time, Owari no Seraph vampires were completely carnivorous as there are no evidence of plant-eating in that species. It is unknown how the species evolved or appeared as there are no known ancestors of that species. Studies on its bones showed that they were probably long-lived for thousands of years or more. It is unknown why Owari no Seraph vampires became extinct.

Introduction to real life North America

Since real life humans had introduced all todays Owari no Seraph vampires, these vampires now exist alongside now-real updated-looking human-like/dylanus-like Owari no Seraph vampires. Unlike any vampires (including updating-looking Owari no Seraph vampires), however, these creatures are now peaceful, gentle, and tame species that only feeds on non-sapient and non-dylanus prey animals and only do that to survive. Like any kind of vampires, however, they are immortal and live forever.

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