All Todays Mammoth

All Todays Mammoth.png
A possible restoration of a mammoth.

All Todays mammoth is a formerly fictional outdated-looking species of elephant that now exist in real life North America (along with real elephant species).

All Todays description on mammoth

Fossils of these large land mammals have been found throughout North America and Eurasia. They were one of the largest mammals of the late Cenozoic era and most likely lived in North America's and Eurasia's grasslands and forests. They were about the size of today's togars (gigantic grazing flightless birds). They also had brown fur tufts coming from their upper backs, as evidenced by some fossils of the mammoths and some studies on their fossilized melanosomes (pigment cells) in the fossil mammoths. They had large tusks probably used for pulling down trees to feed on fruits and/or leaves. They were probably herd-dwellers much like elephants, which likely preferred warmer habitats such as rainforests and savannahs. They were likely cold-blooded and sluggish so therefore likely lived for 5,500 years due to their gigantic size and slow metabolism. They probably laid large eggs about the size of beach balls and the eggs probably hatched about 3-4 months after being laid. They probably became extinct due to competition from elephants (another extinct species) coming from their native ranges likely linked to climate changes.

Introduction to real life North America

Since real life humans had introduced all todays mammoths to real life North America, these large mostly-hairless herbivorous mammals now coexist alongside real mammoth species and other elephant species. Unlike their ancestors, all todays mammoths are now peaceful to any sapient species/beings and to dylanusids, as they adapted into human settlements and learned to tolerate human activities and among others, so they now flourish alongside real mammoth species and are now very tame towards any sapient species.

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