An All Todays Ghoul is an strange humanoid like creature which had kagunes, organs used for hunting larger humanoids , others have hand kagunes such as the famous Kaneki vs Yakumo oomori fossil found on Tokyo formation in Japan.

All todays Ghoul

The reconstruction of Kaneki and Yakumo Oomori fighting for territory

All todays Ghoul description

Fossil of these creatures led back to the age were dinosaurs were still old and did not survived the Holocene mass extinction, they lived only in Japan and Russia, they hunted humans and other ghouls with their kagunes, it has been shown that some fossils like the Rize Kamishiro bone have been destroyed by something bigger, maybe an brontosaurus who stomped on her suggesting that they also hunted dinosaurs, one fossil of evidence that Ghouls hunted other Ghouls are the fossil of a Ghoul called Kaneki (Gold Tree) and Yakumo oomori (Strong Killer) was shown in a battle for territory, they maybe did not fight, maybe a flood dragged the corpses together, still it's debated wether they were fighting or not. A fossil found of an Ghoul called Touka Kirishima (Hiroshima teeth) and other called Hinami (small child) were hunting a human called Kureo Mado (The one who use corpses) close to an river, but the most interesting was that Kureo was using a kagune of Hinami, suggesting that humans killed ghouls for kagunes that maybe led them to their extinction. Still it is debated.

An great discovery + introduction to the Pleistocene park

Like the Owari No Seraph Vampire they were reconstructed this time Yakumo oomori was brought back to extinction and very different , paleontologists humanoids from the future found out that a human called Juuzou Suzuya ( The killer of an strong killer ) killed and mangled his face , here are his information . Kaneki came back to life with a bigger information suggesting that he had an bigger story than any other ghoul.

Now Yakumo oomori lives along dinosaurs and other All today creatures in Pleistocene park.

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