The All Terrain Advance Raider (AT-AR) was a bipedal walker used by the Galactic Empire. AT-AR walkers were stationed in many Imperial garrisons throughout the galaxy.


The AT-AR was a variant design of the All Terrain Scout Transport.[5] It had heavier armor than the AT-ST and was more suitable for frontline combat than lighter bipedal walkers.[1] It was also smaller and faster than the scout walker.[5] The AT-AR's "head" was situated closer to its legs, giving it a more hunchbacked look. The stock version was armed with a single, large laser cannon.[2][1]

The view out the cockpit was more extensive than on the AT-ST, with a big, angular viewport in place. The cockpit had seating for one driver and one commander, situated side-by-side.[2] Horizontal loopholes were located on the sides of the vehicle's turret,[2] similar to the loopholes on the All Terrain Defense Pod.


The AT-AR could be modified to carry more armaments. One walker model was fitted with additional side-guns on the turret during service on Cilpar.[3] Another variant of the AT-AR walker was built with relatively thin armor and went by the name light AT-ST.

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