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All Puppies go to Paradise is a 1989 animated film produced by Reynolds Webb Studios and distributed by Carolco Pictures.


After A Bulldog Named Scarface threatens to kill A German Shepherd Named Chaplin, who escapes on a Cruise Ship and winds up at Paradise, which is lead by a beautiful female dog named Anna.

Cast and Characters

  • Burt Reynolds as Chaplin, A German Shepherd.
  • Paul DeLuise as Ichabod, a Dachshund. Chaplin’s Best Friend.
  • Vic Tayback as Scarface, A Bulldog. The Main Antagonist.
  • Charlie Adler as Kenny, A Golden Doodle. Scarface's Sidekick.
  • Susan Sheridan as Anna, An Afghan Hound. Chaplin’s Love Interest And The Queen of The Paradise Dogs.
  • Loni Anderson as Fiona, A Rough Collie. Anna’s Best Friend.
  • Gabriel Damon as Rally, Fiona’s Younger Brother Who looks Up to Chaplin.
  • Ernest Borgnine as Angel Chaplin
  • Ken Page as Devil Chaplin
  • Frank Welker as Durdu, An Alligator who wants to eat Scarface who serves as running gag for the movie.
  • Mark Schiff as Turbot, a sailor dog who is captain of a cruise ship.
  • Katherine Dillon as Blossom, a Female Fortune Telling Dog. Despite only appearing in one scene of the movie, she contributes to the story by predicting Scarface wanting to kill Chaplin.
  • Gregg Berger as Cat Race Announcer
  • Robin Williams as The Narrator


  • Is This The Wrong Life? - Chaplin and Ichabod
  • Welcome to Paradise - Anna
  • I Hate Chaplin So Much - Scarface
  • Which Side are You On - Angel Chaplin and Devil Chaplin
  • I Will Always Be with You - Chaplin and Anna