All On Ben is a 2011 American Drama Thriller film written and directed by Lynne Ramsay starring Cody Horn, Skylar Astin, Richard Ayoade, Bradley Whitford, Rebel Wilson, Blythe Danner, Bonnie Hunt, Patrick Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough and Michael Cera.

The film was screened in advance for critics and select audiences at the Los Angeles and Cairns film festivals and was met with overwhelming praise.

It was applauded for it's sadistic elements exploring the truly damaged recesses of the human mind and the effect parents have on their children.

The film secured an Emmy Award Nomination for Best Actress for leading lady Horn as well as a BAFTA nomination for her and BAFTA nomination for Best Actor to Astin.

The film is told through the narrative of Astin's lead male character though chronicles Horn's character and all the experiences his character goes through because of her.

Actress Horn had to learn to use a fluent British accent for her character which took several months as did actor Whitford and actress Danner who portray her parents.

Following the movie Horn and Astin entered a relationship.


Amie Sadkowski (Cody Horn) is a deeply troubled girl. She is a British Exchange Student who had recently been in trouble at last school for an assault charge and had been faced with expulsion.

She arrives at Glendale Community College in Glendale, California where she soon warms to a group of friends, in particular nice overweight girl Anna Torrence (Rebel Wilson).

She also catches the eye of school loner Nathaniel Tatum (Skylar Astin) who she soon befriends and becomes very close with.

She develops a compulsive obsession with popular skater student Benjamin Sheldon (Richard Ayoade) a senior who becomes very friendly with her.

In inviting Anna and Nathaniel over for a sleepover at her place it is revealed she has very uptight obsessive, compulsive parents and a mother who suffers from severe manic depression and high functioning anxiety, which Nathaniel realizes explains the stranger side of Amie's behaviour.

In turn Amie soon becomes introduced to Nathaniel's parents, a wealthy stable father who is reclusive and introverted and an unstable mother which explains his bizarre behaviour.

The two become closer as friends and he in turn falls for her.

She however still has her obsessive sights on popular senior Ben who so happens to be friends with Nathaniel to a partial extent after having attended parties he was at.

The two are invited along to a 17th and are urged to bring females along with them.

Nathaniel invites Anna and Amie while Ben invites along his ex girlfriend and popular honor student Colby Patterson (Julianne Hough).

That night as the drinks go and the group ends up intoxicated Benjamin is urged to lose his virginity by the other party-goers apart from Nathaniel and is pushed at either Amie or his ex Colby.

He then ditches Amie at a point when she opens up her darkest secrets to him to have sex with Colby.

Nathaniel comforts a bereaved Amie who further gets drunk and almost runs away.

The two then return to the party where Amie creates a scene catching Ben and Colby in the act.

Eventually that night Amie engages in sexual activity with Ben's life-long friend and the following morning the group part ways.

Soon Colby is reported missing and is chained up in an abandoned house near Amie's where she proceeds to hold her captive, verbally and physically torture her.

Amie soon lets Nathaniel in on the plan and eventually Anna.

Anna however does not want to go along with it and as she goes to the authorities she is rendered unconsious and chained up in the basement herself by Amie.

Nathaniel struggles on deciding how to save the two and have the authorities get involved without getting them all killed.

He confides in his older senior sister Sara (Vanessa Hudgens) who helps her get caught as Nathaniel wire catches everything she says whilest torturing Colby.

Nathaniel distracts her and kisses her passionatley before the police barge in armed.

A surprised Amie then in anger retalliates by stabbing Nathaniel in the chest with a knife.

Amie is then arrested and upon being brought to court is classified mentally insane and is checked into a psychiatric hospital where she is visited by Nathaniel.

She apologizes to him in the waiting room crying and then kissing him.

He bids her goodbye as tears stream down his eyes.

The film ends with Nathaniel finishing a day at Glendale Community College and saying goodbye to Anna, Colby and Ben before being picked up by his sister who grabs his hand and drives off.


  • Cody Horn as Amie Sadwowski
  • Skylar Astin as Nathaniel Tatum
  • Richard Ayoade as Benjamin Sheldon
  • Bradley Whitford as Lucas Sadkowski
  • Rebel Wilson as Anna Torrence
  • Blythe Danner as Julianne Sadkowski
  • Patrick Stewart as Ross Tatum
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Sara Tatum
  • Julianne Hough as Colby Patterson
  • Michael Cera as Jed Hopkin
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