All Hell On Earth is an adult animated television series. The series shared the same universe with The City of The Ravens and The Damned.


Andras is a Nephilim: half angel, half demon


Andras:I just want my life back

HA! Fuck that!


Main Characters

Griffin/Satan- A demon He was a friend of Andras's mother. He later finds out that like Andras, he is too destined to become ruler of Hell.

Andras- The princess of Hell Her father was an archangel and her mother was a demon. She is destined to become ruler of Hell.

Astaroth-Andras's grandfather and former ruler of Hell.

Recurring Characters

Iblis- Andras's demonic mother and the Queen of Hell.

Samael- An archangel and Andras's father.



who torments Andras

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