All Hallow's Night Fright is a 2016 Halloween family film directed by Amy Speckerling.


When an elite group of innocent kids are going trick-or-treating, they discover a house party which teenagers called it a "Spooky Party Night". 10-year-old Caitlin Powell's teenage brother are forced to spend the night trick-or-treating through many houses. But what ever happened when you go trick-or-treating to a stranger's house which turned out to be a haunted house that is revealed to be a Halloween party hosted by a group of shallow, rich and successful teenagers?



  • TBA as Caitlin Powell
  • TBA as Tanner Acevedo
  • TBA as Kayla Webb
  • TBA as Julius Mendoza
  • TBA as Sebastian Cole
  • TBA as Lionel Lyons
  • TBA as Ethan Hunt
  • TBA as Desiree Earl
  • TBA as Erica Cotton
  • TBA as Kirsten Castle
  • TBA as Deshawn Acosta
  • TBA as Kyle Locke
  • TBA as Steven Neptune
  • TBA as Franklin Cougar
  • TBA as Evardo Powell

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