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All About Love is a 2012 Comedy, Drama Film starring Logan Lerman and Katie Cassidy. Alex Sacrifice is own life for Heather.


Main Cast

  • Logan Lerman as Alex
  • Katie Cassidy as Heather
  • Daveigh Chase as Nancy / Alex's sister
  • Addy Miller as Kris / Heather's sister
  • Lynda Carter as Alice / Alex's Mom
  • Ryan Merriman as Dylan
  • Steven Yeun as Robert
  • Chelan Simmons as Claire

Supporting Cast

  • Rooney Mara as Amber
  • Aaron Yoo as Lawrence
  • Texas Battle as Jake
  • Thomas Dekker as Josh
  • Crystal Lowe as Danielle
  • Barclay Hoper as Doctor


Alex (Logan Lerman) is bestfriends with Heather (Katie Cassidy) since childhood. Alex's Sister Nancy (Daveigh Chase) is Angry at his Brother because it joins a Gangster Gang. Nancy then tells Heather that Alex joins a Gangster Gang. One Day Claire (Chelan Simmons) with Amber (Rooney Mara) and Danielle (Crystal Lowe) witness Dylan (Ryan Merriman) along with the other gangsters is beating Alex then The Girls tell what happened and Alex was bring in the hospital. The Doctor (Barclay Hope) came and tell them that Alex was dead. At Alex's Funeral Alice (Lynda Carter) show a message on Alex's Cellphone says "I Join in your Gang now don't hurt Heather" revealing that Alex loves Heather making Heather cry.

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