Aliens vs. Predators: Evolution is a science fiction-horror film starring Vanessa Lee Evigan, Kerr Smith, Shawn Ashmore, Mason Cook, Jesse Metcalfe, Chris Evans, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Addy Miller, Ben Foster, A.J. Cook, Chris Zylka, Katharine McPhee, Rutina Wesley, Abigail Breslin, Dustin Milligan, Chris Klein, Topher Grace, James Franco, Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, Emanuelle Chriqui, Eric Christian Olsen, Alyssa Milano, Arlen Escarpreta and Nick Stahl



Grimes Family

Vanessa Lee Evigan as Kelly Grimes

Kerr Smith as James Grimes

Addy Miller as Madison Grimes

Mason Cook as Tommy Grimes

A.J. Cook as Karen Simmons, Kelly's sister

Topher Grace as Peter Simmons, Kelly's brother

Tucker Family

Chris Klein as Jimmy Tucker, the father of Gina, Jill and David

Alyssa Milano as Kristen Tucker, the mother of Gina, Jill and David

Katharine McPhee as Gina Tucker, the oldest child

Abigail Breslin as Jill Tucker, the youngest child

Dustin Milligan as David Tucker, the middle child

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Heather Morris, Kristen's sister


Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Anderson

Jesse Metcalfe as Carl Evans

Chris Evans as Chris Banks

Ben Foster as Jake Banner

Chris Zylka as Kyle Parks, Gina's boyfriend

Rutina Wesley as Gia Morgan

James Franco as Derek Coleman

Alyson Hannigan as Jennifer Dark

Neil Patrick Harris as Phil Rogers

Josh Duhamel as Travis Thomas

Megan Fox as Michelle Roberts

Emanuelle Chriqui as Alex Santiago

Eric Christian Olsen as Daniel Green

Arlen Escarpreta as Jack Bolton

Nick Stahl as Rick King


Daniel- Cut in half by an Alien's claw

Jack- Stabbed accidentally in chest by a Predator's shurikens

Rick- A chestburster erupts from his chest

Phil- Stabbed heart by an Alien's claws

Jennifer- Decapitated

Travis- Throat slit by an Alien's claw

Alex- Slashed to death by an Alien's claw

Derek- Slashed in stomach

Michelle- Accidentally stabbed several times by Kelly

Peter- Stabbed in stomach by an Alien's claw


Kelly Grimes

James Grimes

Madison Grimes

Tommy Grimes

Karen Simmons

James Tucker

Kristen Tucker

Gina Tucker

Jill Tucker

David Tucker

Heather Morris

Bobby Anderson

Gia Morgan

Carl Evans

Chris Banks

Kyle Parks

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