​Aliens Invade New York is a 2017 British-American sci-fi comedy film directed by TBA.


Five friends reunite for a reunion party but that night, aliens invade the state of New York but one of the friends got ambushed by aliens and the four of them going to save the world.


Thomas and Andrew goes and finds and looks inside and finds a group of aliens and then kills them and goes into the temple and then kills the aliens and finds Alien and then follows him out of the temple and takes a look at the chopper and kills the aliens. Thomas and Andrew communicate to know what is right and then knows the right and then drives to the threat shop and fomds a way to know and then uses it as commumication. Thomas and Andrew both have appreciations and then meets Henry And then he gives him the request to know.

Thomas and Andrew meet with Henry and then they look through to the trailer and then finds the aliens to kill and leaves them for dead. Thomas and Andrew and Henry walks up to Alien and John and then admits the answer and then notices it correctly as a portrait and then takes a picture. Thomas and Andrew follows Alien and John to the truck and finds aliens and then kills the Alien and then enters the truck. During a truck job Thomas drives John and Alien to the lockup and drops Them off there and then has aliens and then Thomas kills them And goes In the lockup to find a gold card. Thomas is hanging in the house and knowing about every vibe correctly to know and goes to bed and sleeps and wakes up in the morning. Thomas finds Andrew and Dan and knows there meeting is good and then they follow Dan to the ice truck and then Dan Riggs the bomb to blow it up. Thomas and Andrew and Henry and John follows Dan to the gas station with Alien and then Alien and Dan looks at Thomas and Andrew and Henry and John and they walk inside to get snacks. Thomas tells Andrew and Henry and John and Dan to meet and then they meet up and they like to meet up.

Thomas drives with Andrew to the tunnel and goes through the rear door and then Dan arrives with a group of aliens and Alien and then the aliens chase after Thomas and then Thomas kills them and then kills them coming and makes the exit through the side door of the tunnel and then exits the door and gets in the car and drives out of the tunnel. At the hotel Thomas and Andrew follow each other and then they go through the room and returns to the car and then admires it. During a ride Thomas sticks with Sally and Henry's overbearing wife and then they follow them to a station to admire the right And then finds Aliens and then kills them. At the garage Thomas stays with Alien and Sally and Andrew and Dan and John and then they find the aliens and then kills them and keeps past through it. Thomas and Sally drives to the block and finds Andrews ex-wife and Dan's partner to keep in touch and then they study the key to know the way that they are saying through it. Thomas and John meets John's ex-wife and then Sally and Andrew and Dan amen Alin and Sally walk back to the car and then a group of aliens arrive and Thomas kills them. Thomas tells Henry what it will be like. Thomas follows Henry to a helicopter to know where it travels. Thomas tells Henry fly out of the state and thanks him.

Thomas walks To Henry's kids and Sally and Andrew and Henry and John and Dan and then knows the way through and then goes to the crossing center. At the crossing center Thomas knows the extinct force to find the restroom. In the restroom Thomas walks up to the aliens and then kills them and finds Dan's Bully and then Thomas breaks the wall and throws Dan's Bully outside and then Thomas kills Dan's bully and leaves him outside. Thomas finds Alien who has arrived and then Alien takes Thomas outside to Andrew and John and Dan and Sally and then they meet Twin Girl at Party 1, 2, 3 and then they say goodness and then gets in the car and starts a party. In the final scene Thomas and Andrew and Dan and Sally and John drives to the gas company and then they find a group of aliens and then kills them and then finds a Alien on top of gas station and then kills them and goes in the store to kill the aliens and goes in the storage and then kills them and goes to the car to kill the final aliens and then Alien arrives and then Thomas kills alien. In the ending scene Andrew and John and Dan and Sally spend time to know what they are saying


  • Craig Bierko as Thomas
  • Paddy Considine as Andrew
  • Tobey Maguire as Henry
  • Nick Frost as John
  • Jim Parsons as Dan
  • Sharon Stone as Sally, Henry's younger sister
  • Cynthia Farell as Henry's overbearing wife
  • Elizabeth Banks as Andrew's ex-wife
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Dan's partner
  • Clifton Collins Jr. as The Alien (voice)
  • Yasmine Bleeth as John's ex-wife
  • Ray Winstone and Michael Dean Jacobs as Henry's kids
  • Douglas Smith as Dan's bully
  • Cate Blanchett as Twin girl at party #1
  • Amanda Peet as Twin girl at party #2
  • Kim Bonsangue as Twin girl at party #3



  • There are two alumnis of The Cornetto trilogy appearing: Paddy Considine and Nick Frost.


  • Rated R for pervasive language, violent content and sexual references.
  • 15 certificate
  • The Pitch: The World's End and Paul meets The Invasion and The Watch.
  • It will be distributed by Universal Pictures and Working Title Films.
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