Alien Nine (film)

Alien Nine is a Japanese-American science fiction live-action action film produced by Matt Reeves, directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by Roland Emmerich, and is also produced by Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions. The film takes place 20 years after the Alien Nine anime, where a group of 10-year-old children who converge in the aftermath of a worldwide attack by an extraterrestrial race of unknown origin. With the other children, aging from 8 to 14, from around the world world, they restore Alien Party, a group of preteen child heroes that use Borgs, bicycles, scooters, inline roller blades, unicycles, skateboards, helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and lacrosse sticks to capture and defeat aliens, and then launch a last-ditch counterattack to save humankind from an impending extinction, as ordered the newly-formed Planetary Defense Service, a United Nations-established international military alliance that would try to achieve peace among nations once the aliens are defeated. Despite that Alien Nine has an ensemble of child actors being played as main protagonists, the film is rated R for violence, blood and gore, strong language, partial sexual content and some horror themes.


The film opens in a pre-colonial Philippines where a mysterious object was found by a group of commoners, warriors and noblemen, led by Datu Panganiban.

Soon after, all of the adults at all of the world's elementary schools stay inside heavily armored rooms while sending their students to capture the aggressive aliens. It did not help that at least all of the adults, including the teachers in charge of the schools' alien catching group, and the principals, were deliberately useless as part of a terrible conspiracy. The rest of the adults were just useless. All parents are especially bad; and Yuri's 10-year-old daughter comes home from an alien assault that is awfully reminiscent of a rape, and her mother just tells her to cheer up and do her job.

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