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Baby Bugs Bunny: Today's Baby Looney Tunes Meets

Baby Daffy Duck: And today's Film People is... Open the certain.

Narrator: Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction, Chemical X. (Explosion) Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil!

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Part 1

Narrator: The City of Townsville! And some of the people where having some special night.

Baby Bugs Bunny: Theses wood will make a fire so we can have roosted marshmallows and eat it.

(Suddenly, a yellow light appears passing Bugs. Bugs saw a yellow light flying across the forest.

Baby Bugs Bunny: Is... A generator room? This is not a circus tent for me.

Baby Bugs Bunny: Wow. Look at this place. Is full of ice cubes.

Baby Bugs Bunny: Is that? A clown? I wonder climb up and look at his face.

Baby Bugs Bunny: He looks like...

Baby Bugs Bunny: Somebody... HELP!!!

(Suddenly, pink, green and blue light appears. Punching some clowns. Pink light come towards Bugs.)

Baby Bugs Bunny: Yeah, I'm fine. But hit by the indigo ink at me.

Part 2

Baby Bugs Bunny: Stop! Look! (They stop and hovering as they look at the long pink Alien Klown doing shadow performance.) That's a clown that I saw it before.

Professor Utonium: I'm here.

Baby Bugs Bunny: Now I've seen things. First I saw a shooting star, then I saw a circus tent when isn't is a spaceship, then all people in ice cubes, then a clown, then they shoot me with ink and now freeze people in ice by a shadow! This is worst.

Blossom: Is not worst about the thing.

Bubbles: Yes. Those clowns things are nasty.

Buttercup: And is not when is weren't having nightmares if you fell asleep in the bed.

(They screech in the halt and look in horror. There where bunch of Alien Klowns in the vehicle and the others marching in the road.)

Baby Bugs Bunny: What is it?

Blossom: Is an Alien Klown invasion parade.

Part 3

Professor Utonium: I do. If you were a clown, where would you hide?

Theme Park Guard: What are you going to do with those pies, boys?

Baby Bugs Bunny: They gone, Mr Utonium. Whoa! Look at this. (He touches the cream) Is hot. They're not real whipped cream, are they?

Professor Utonium: (Answered) No. Look. They acid. Those Alien Klowns threw the pies at the guy and melts into a skeleton bones.

Baby Bugs Bunny: But whey they here for?

Bubbles: Maybe, they came from the other galaxy to stop here to collect them for their collection and eat them whey they thirsty or hungry.

Baby Bugs Bunny: Wait a second. I reckonize this place. This is a tent, where I been here before, come on!

Baby Bugs Bunny: Now this is place that captures all the people into ice cube.

Blossom: Wow, this is amazing.

Buttercup: They look like they got the whole town.

Baby Bugs Bunny: (Gulps) You're right, Bubbles. They are hungry! They gonna eat us!

Baby Bugs Bunny: Uh, what, what, are you doing?

Buttercup: Try to set your friends free with my heat breath power.

Baby Bugs Bunny: You mustn't, you might melt all my friends!

Buttercup: They won't! Bubbles, Blossom, move him out the way!

(They pulled Bugs out of the way as Buttercup deep breath and throw a flamethrower out of her mouth. The ice melts and all the Baby Loonies fell down.)

Blossom: Now, listen you guys. You all in the circus tent.

Baby Melissa Duck: Circus tent?

Baby Foghorn Leghorn: I think, I say, I think that's what all the clowns

Bubbles: And those things of villains are called Alien Klowns that freeze everyone into ice cube.

Buttercup: And soon once they collected all the people.... and then.... the Alien Klowns where going to eat them and you!

All: Eating?!

Part 4

Baby Bugs Bunny: Mr. Utonium, what are these?

Professor Utonium: The only way to beat the giant one, is to drink these. These are Chemical X.

(Back outside, the tent spaceship started to spin.)

Professor Utonium: Quickly! They taking off!

Baby Tweety Bird: I wounder is the end of Alien Klowns?

Blossom: Yes, maybe.

Buttercup: There where no more Alien Klowns around any more.

(Suddenly, a piles of pies fell over Baby Looney, Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium, Mayor and Miss Bellum.)

Narrator: Well, almost that. And so once again the day is saved. Thanks to, the Powerpuff Girls. And especially, all the characters of the Baby Looneys!

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