Alien Attack Is A 2013 Science Fiction Horror Film Starring Jensen Ackles, Scout Taylor-Compton, Columbus Short, Xavier Samuel, Shaun Sipos, Jessica Lowndes, Mackenzie Foy, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kerr Smith, Emma Bell, Laura Ramsey, Jodelle Ferland, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo and Amy Smart


The City Of Los Angeles Is Under Attack By Aliens. Only 14 People Have Survived. Now They Have To Stick Together and Stay Alive. Can They Run For Long?


The film begins with an old man walking in the park until he stops to listen to a noise in the bushes. The old man is grabbed and he is then thrown to the ground, revealing him as dead. It then skips to Chris Roberts (Jensen Ackles) getting ready for his anniversary with Sienna (Kelly Overton) with the help of his niece Sadie (Carlson Young). He gets a call from his best friend, Jesse Mitchell (Columbus Short) about him proposing to Sienna and he tells him that he is going to miss him coming to thw strip club with him, and he hangs up the phone as soon as a stripper named Amanda Turner (Amy Smart) comes out on stage. A man named Eddie Kennedy (Chris Pine) slaps her butt and throws money at her. An alien comes through the roof and impales Amanda through her back with its claw. Jesse escapes the strip club, only to see aliens attacking other people. Jesse calls Chris and warns him not to go outside but Chris is against this and goes to find Sienna with Sadie.


  • Jensen Ackles as Chris Roberts/Sadie's Uncle, Jesse's Best Friend and Sienna's Boyfriend
  • Carlson Young as Sadie Roberts/Chris' Niece
  • Kelly Overton as Sienna Jones/Chris' Girlfriend
  • Columbus Short as Jesse Mitchell/Chris' Best Friend
  • Xavier Samuel as Kyle Daniels/Sadie's Boyfriend
  • Austin Butler as Eric Daniels/Kyle's Brother
  • Mary Katherine Duhon as Melissa Randall/Eric's Girlfriend
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Carson/Tina's Mother
  • Talitha Bateman as Tina Carson/Rachel's Daughter
  • Kerr Smith as Bill Perkins/A Police Officer
  • Laura Ramsey as Nicole Parker/Sienna's Best Friend
  • Daniela Bobadilla as Maria Cruz/Sadie's Best Friend
  • Chris Pine as Eddie Kennedy/A Rich 33 Year Old Who Only Wants To Save Himself and Doesn't Care About The Others.
  • Piper Perabo as Danielle Perkins/Bill's Wife
  • Amy Smart as Amanda Turner/A Stripper


  • Amanda Turner- Impaled through Back With An Alien's Claw (An Alien)
  • Eddie Kennedy- Stabbed In Stomach With A Mirror Shard and Shot In Chest With A .357 Magnum (Chris Roberts and Sienna Jones)
  • Nicole Parker- Running At The Aliens And Was Attacked So the Others Can Leave (Herself)
  • Danielle Perkins- Accidentally Stabbed In Her Chest With Kitchen Knife and Decapitated With An Axe (Melissa Randall and Sienna Jones)
  • Melissa Randall- While in Eric's Car With Eric An Alien Picks Up The Car and Smashes It 3 Times Into The Ground Crushing Her And Eric (A Huge Alien)
  • Eric Daniels- While In His Car With Melissa An Alien Picks Up His Car And Smashes It 3 Times Into The Ground Crushing Him And Melissa (A Huge Alien)
  • Maria Cruz- Drowned While Trying To Get Out Of Chris' Car
  • Bill Perkins- He Blows Himself and Jesse Up So The Others Can Escape (Jesse and Himself)
  • Jesse Mitchell- He Blows Himself and Bill Up So the Others Can Escape (Jesse and Himself)


  • Chris Roberts
  • Sadie Roberts
  • Kyle Daniels
  • Tina Carson
  • Rachel Carson
  • Sienna Jones


A Sequel Will Happen And Jensen Ackles, Scout Taylor-Compton, Xavier Samuel, Mackenzie Foy, Elizabeth Mitchell and Agnes Bruckner Will Return Along With A New Cast. The New Cast Will Include Willa Holland, Tania Raymonde, Tom Welling, Kristen Hagen, Chris Hemsworth, Rosario Dawson, Josh Duhamel, Shawn Roberts, Jaime King, Katie Holmes and Ryan Gosling.

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