Alexandra Green
Alexandra Green art
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown (#804000)
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Affiliation Geokinesis Elemental Girl
Weapons Geokinesis
Species Elementals
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Appearances None
Quests None
Performer None
Alexandra Green is a fictional character and the overall main heroine of the series with the same name. She is one of the teenage elemental girls who serves as one of the cutest agents of the Cult of Lightness and the teenage geokinesis elemental girl. Her dark sister and arch-rival is the nightmare princess of the Cult of Darkness, Christina Black.


Friends & Allies

Redetta Red

Redetta Red art
Redetta Red is one of her sisters. He is the teenage pyrokinesis elemental girl who serves as one of the cutest agents of the Cult of Lightness. She is the opposite-colored sister of Alexandra Green.

In Alexandra Green 2: The Freezeflame Elementals, when she possessed by Christina Black, Redetta Red has automatically turned against the Cult of Lightness.


Christina Black

Christina Black art
Christina Black is the dark sister of Alexandra and her sisters. She is the teenage nightmare princess of the Cult of Darkness who wants to bring her sisters into her "darkness" side after destroying the lightness. Her color has full of colorlessness except for her eye color, red. She has the power to love on Alexandra with dangerous nightmares for not accepting to turn into her "darkness" side.

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