Alexander Rupert Ruben Castle is the first born witch and also responsible for creating the supernatural lines.

Early life


Alexander was born in 4 BC and was a villager in the land of which is now known Los Angeles. Alexander had bad anger attacks and the villagers thought there was something wrong with him. The Archangel Micheal who watches over the land took pity on Alexander and saw greatness in him and gave him some of his power to control his anger and Alexander learned how to control his powers. When there village was attacked Alexander was able to protect the village from there enemies and he knew it wasn't enough. Alexander was afraid that there village was going to be attacked again and he gathered his three best friends Noah, Mike and Salmon and revealed to them his power and told them that they need to protect there village from outsiders and used elements from the sun and his blood to create Noah into a vampire, Used the elements from the moon to make Mike a werewolf and used elements from nature to make Salmon into a fairy and they protected the village from outside forces.

Eventually Alexander fell in love with a girl named Julia and they started dating, but Alexander didn't know that the Angel Dragmoir DiLaurentes was in love with her also and one day he burned down the village and Alexander was so horrified and he and Dragomir fought and he banished him from the land. Alexander lost his family and his friends except Julia, Mickey, Noah, Mike and Salmon. He told them to protect themselves and to make sure that theres more generations of there kind and disappears. Alexander Has a vision of him coming back he made a spell so that in every generation a version of him will be born to defeat him and the other evil beings in the world. He then locks himself in a tomb and drinks a spell putting him to sleep for all eternity.

Personality and Traits

Alexander is a sarcastic funny guy and cares allot for his friends and the doppelgangers. Alexander is what is called bipolar and has emotional disorders.

Alexander loves to read and write and create spells

Physical description

Alexander is the original doppelganger and has brown hair and mixed skin. Alexander can't see what others see cute in him.

Skills and Abilities

  • Alexander is the first warlock ever created and can do any warlock power and has created all the spells and abilities a warlock can do
  • Alexander is immortal and can't be killed


  • Julia Seraphina is Alexander's first love and they daited after he became a warlock until he put himself to rest.
  • Blake Storm


  • All of Alexander's family is dead and he is the last Castle alive and will be the only one because he doesn't plan on having children.
  • Alexander looks at his doppelgangers as his sons and considers them all family even the mean ones


  • Noah
  • Mike
  • Salmon
  • Mickey
  • The slayers and allies


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