What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger?...Everything In This World Can Kill You.
~ Alex

Alex potrayed by actress Kim Director in the film Project Omega.
Full Name Alice Liv "Alex" Wright.
Current Age Project Omega: 23 years.

Project Omega: 23 years. Master of Disguise: 23 years.

Venus Aversa: 25 years.

Date of Birth October 14, 1990.
Zodiac Sign Libra.
Gender Female.
Species / Type Human.
Living Town Norway.
Main Weapon(s) Physic Powers & Guns.
Vulnerable to Bullets, Weapons, Fire, basically anything that can kill a human.
First Appearance Project Omega
Latest Appearance Venus Aversa
Current Status(es) Alive.
Main Ability/ies Physic transportation

Astral projection Ability to read minds Paranormal detection.

Affiliation(s) Venus Aversa.
Alias(es) Ali


Queen of the mask

Goth- Punk

Master of Disguise.

Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Leon Kennedy: Husband.

Maddie : Good Friend.

Angela Franlin/A. Feld: Good & Close friend.

Amber: Very close friend.

Bobby: Good friend.

Edward Carnby: Mentor.

The Man: Rival and often a partner.

Alex Wright is a character that first appeared in the horror-action vieogame Project Omega, she would later appear on the movie of the same name, and would also guesst start her own TV series entitled Master of Disguise.


Project Omega

According to Project's Omega prelude, Alex lost her family when she was a young girl (maybe 12 or 13 years), she then at the age of 18 started to work as a waitress and a night dancer on a goth club located in Norway, she later meet her friend Amber and also another of her good friends Bobby. 1 year after that she met Amber's other friends Angela and Maddie, whom with them she shared many common things such as attraction to the gothic sub-culture. When the "Phrophecy Incident" occurred she tried to fight with her physic powers alongside other people to free the small town.

Project Omega (Movie)

Not to much thing change about Alex's history from the game, only that she is a little more confident about herself in the movie.

Master of Disguise (T.V. Series)

More is detalied about her early life, it is said that her father was killed by a "Paranormal" form of life, although in the first season it was never told exactly who was or what was it. During the series, she tries to reveal somethings she forgotten during her life, she is also said to be a dark person due her childhood.

Venus Aversa (2014 Movie)

During the Venus Aversa movie, she is up to help Leon Kennedy with his problems, she also seems to be jeaolus of Angela's relationship with Leon.


  • She is voiced by actress Alyson Court in the Project Omega game.
  • She is played by actress Kim Director in the Project Omega movie and in the Master Of Disguise Series.
  • In the first episode of Master of Disguise series entitled Pilot, she is portrayed by actress Kathryn Newton as a young girl.
  • She will be again portrayed by Kim Director in the upcoming movie Venus Aversa.
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