64px Keisuke A father murdered his wife and his son and a family used to live in that house called before the Tokunagas moved in. And the Williams and Murakamis they all Died or Disappeared and my son is paranoid.
~ Talking to Keisuke

Alex Sullivan is a character played by Daniel Newman in The Grudge (TV series)


He is a lawyer and he knows about his wife upcoming film.


  • Jennifer, are you okay?
  • Hey son, how are you? (Holding his Paranoid son)
  • Son Let me make it up to you ok your mother love you and I love you and nothing can change that (holding his son and talking to him)
  • Son do know the boy you keep seen on your mother upcoming horror flim his name is Toshio he died in 2001 and he haunted the place (talking to his son)
  • Jennifer our son is paranoid about the house
  • Detective How could all of the families have Died or Disappeared before the Tokunaga and the Williams have moved in the house (talking to Detective Katsuya)
  • Son get a grip of yourself Jennifer help us (Holding his son in his arms after his son saw toshio and shouting his wife )
  • A man named Saeki Takeo killed his wife Kayako there Later he was found dead on the road by a neighbor Saeki Kayako housewife She and Takeo had a son Kayako's body was found up there under the roof.


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