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Alex's Mugshot.jpg
 Novel Debut Alex: Las Santos
 Manga Debut GTA: Manga Edition (Non-Canon)Alex: Las Santos
 Game Debut Grand Theft Auto: Las Santos
 English Voice N/A
 Japanese Voice N/A
 Other Voice(s) N/A
Personal Info
 Race Human
 Status Active
 Birthday Unknown
 Age Part I: 16-20
Part II: 24-28
Part III: 30-34
Part IV: 36-37
Part V: 38-39
Part VI: 40
 Gender Male
 Height 6'0"
 Weight Unknown
 Blood Type Unknown
 Classification Anti-Hero
Affiliations & Groups
 Hometown Unknown
 Home Country Unknown
 Group Affiliation Infinity Organization
 Previous Group Affiliation CEO of the Infinity Organisation
 Previous Occupation
 Team Infinity
 Previous Team
 Family Mavis Vermillion (Mother)†
Emrys Ambrosius (Father)†
Skills, Abilities & Equipment
 Abilities Super-Genius Level Intellect
Detail Intuition

Alexander "Alex" Vermillion (also recognized as Intellect God) is the CEO and founder of the Infinity Organization , and also a weapons Manufacturer in Los Santos, and also a highly intellectual businessman. He is allied with Agent 17. He is also a drug dealer who also sells various drugs and other chemical products to Los Santos.

Born in Australia in John Hunter Hospital. Lived in Nelson Bay, and attained Tomaree High School but was classified as a delinquent in his senior years of school. After committing a crime by stealing his uncle's SUV, was sent to Orana Juvenile Justice Centre where his friend, Howard Niflheim was able to break him out, and get him a flight to Los Santos in the United States, and that's where his new life begins.


Early Life

Alex was born in Australia of New South Wales at the John Hunter Hospital. After being born, his family moved to Woodberry where he grew up there for 14 years being home schooled, but shown great intellectual abilities even at the age of 7, was able to create his own computer. Due to his father's work, they moved to Nelson Bay where he attained his first years in school at Tomaree.

Attaing his school years at the start of year 7, ending up in the class of 7T. This is also where he met his first friend, Christopher Wells, and soon, he was his best friend throughout school.

While attaining school, he had shown great ability in maths, geography, engineering, science, and ancient history. During sports, he is shown to be very physically fit for a 16-year-old, and even having a great accuracy during his Archery class. Due to this, he is ranked on the top 5 best student, and number 1 student for possessing the highest I.Q score in the school, and the country. When he entered into his senior years, and his father died in a tragic accident, he and his mother was forced to move into his uncle's house. He was abusive to his mother, and towards that caused him to become a delinquent.

At the end of his years at school, he had physically attacked his uncle using a metal pipe when his mother was out. Taking his uncle's SUV, he didn't realize his neighbor called the police department, and was soon arrested, and sent to Orana Juvenile Justice Centre, and spent 5 years there.

Over the years he was there, he has gotten into fights and other problems that made him go to the isolation chamber to "reflect his actions". He is always getting in the chamber due to the fact he actually protects the weaker people here. He even saw an 18-year-old Shizuka Mobius going to get sexually abused, to which he was able to stop, but was still sent to the isolation chamber.

Las Santos

New Beginning

Meeting Lamar


New Car

First Mission

Getting a Apartment

Better Car

Second Mission

Powers & Abilities


Naturally-Peaked Condition

  • Naturally-Peaked Stamina: Alex is able to perform physical activities for a longer period of time without tiring, or needing resources.


Remember Michael, Alex's mind greatly surpasses even the most greatest mind in human history. Infiltrating his IRD Facility
Lester Crest to Michael
  • Super-Genius Level Intellect: Alex's greatest weapon is his super-genius intellect. Lester said that his mind is near of supernatural, and shouldn't be underestimated. He is able to easily make figure many concepts and ideas. And possess greater accelerated thought processing, allowing him to make over 7000 calculations in less than a nanosecond. And is also able to figure out mechanics of devices and electronics with just a glance at it.
    • Master Tactician: Alex is able to make elaborate, complex strategies on the fly.
      • Detail Intuition: In his strategy, he will also add in even the most tiniest of details.
  • Weapon Mastery: Alex is very skilled and trained in almost all forms of weapons. From small firearms, to even the minigun.
  • Expert Engineer: Alex is able to make creative mechanics, gadgets and electronics.
  • Expert Businessman: Alex is a very hard working businessman. Always able to make great wealth. His organisation is one of the wealthiest in the U.S.





Land Transport







Mavis Vermillion

Alex was very caring and loving to his mother even more then life. When his father passed away, he has been taking of his mother to the point some would see it as a romantic relationship. That is the not case at all and merely rumors spread by bullies during his primary school years.


  • According to Sidis family, it is said that William James Sidis had a I.Q of 300, a claim that can not be proven due to his I.W test scores was lost to history.
    • According to the author of this article, if William did in fact had a I.Q of 300, according to the Superpower Wikia, having a I.Q of 300 is considered to be supernatural-level, and beyond the intelligence a human can obtain.