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This is the article on character in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fanon. For the Arkadian, head to Aleister Crowley.
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Aleister Crowley
Kind Human
Sex Male
Owner AtlantisUchiha
Occupation Student, Ceremonial magician, Occultist
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Eyes Green
Hair Blonde


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Aleister Crowly is the primary OC of AtlantisUchiha within My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. Aleister is student of Canterlot High School and one of the male students wgo gain magic with the Rainbooms.

Aleister is the main character in Equestria Girls: Aleister.


Aleister takes the appearance of a young handsome man with blonde hair and green eyes. He is finely well build, and wears a black suit attire with black gloves when he attains school. He stands at 6'2" feet tall, a little taller then Big McIntosh, but less muscular.


Aleister is a highly friendly individual who embodies the ideals and concepts of friendships and bonds. It is said he's the male representation of Honesty and Loyalty, giving him the aspects of Rainbow Dash's super speed and Applejack's super strength as the singular representation. Gently and caring, he always makes sure everyone around is comforable and would help anyone in need. In such, it could be said he also represents Kindness due to his caring nature. However, when his friends are endangered or hurt, he does become a warrior who fights against the forces who defies the laws of friendship or simply those who mindlessly attacks.



Super-Genius Intellect

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Strength