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Ale' is a 2017 American Thriller film written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro starring Benicio Del Toro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sam Worthington, Seann William Scott, Andrew Scott, Eion Bailey, Alex O'Loughlin, Elsa Pataky, Anna Friel, Audrey Tautou, Danny McBride, Scott Adkins, Rob James-Collier, Ryan Hurst, Carice van Houten, Joseph Lawrence, Kelly Carlson and Blake J. Hasan (in his second feature film role.)

The film secured an Oscar for Best Screenplay and concerns a Sister and four brother awakening in a secluded section of the Nevada Desert along with many other strangers whom are revealed to be connected to them as they are suddenly killed off by an elusive murderer believed to be a male individual whom comes near where they are every now and then in a yellow old style vehicle.

The film is told through the view points of the four brothers (one of which being a 14 year old boy) and the sister.


A group of people awaken in a region of the Nevada Desert at night. We are then taken along on a journey through the eyes and thoughts of five particular individuals whom are two adult men, a 18 year old male, 19 year old female and 14 year old boy.

The other people whom awoke with them are murdered off by an unseen assailant over the transgression of one week in the Nevada Desert region they are stuck in. There is a mysterious old style yellow vehicle which comes into the vicinity just before a life is taken and there is a strange abandoned yellow house in the desert area they are situated in.

There is no phones for help and very little food and water supplies to last them which leads to murder committed not just by an unseen assailant but by each other though the group come to believe one of them is the murderer anyway.

It is revealed our storyteller five which are the teen girl, teen guy, young boy and two older adult guys are actually siblings and once lived with their parents in the abandoned yellow home in the Nevada desert back when it wasn't abandoned and possesses water, electricity. It is revealed that the five characters whom serve as our viewpoints for the film that one