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Aldnoah.Zero is a 2016 action, mecha film based on the anime series.


In 1972, an ancient alien hypergate was discovered on the surface of the moon. Using this technology, humanity began migrating to Mars and settling there. After settlers discovered additional advanced technology, the Vers Empire was founded, which claimed Mars and its secrets for themselves. Later, the Vers Empire declared war on Earth, and in 1999, a battle on the Moon's surface caused the hypergate to explode, shattering the Moon and scattering remnants into a debris belt around the planet. Cut off from Mars, the remnants of the Vers Imperial Army established several massive orbital space stations within the debris belt and a ceasefire was established. 15 years later, in 2014, an attack on the Vers princess during a peace mission causes the Empire to launch a new attack on Earth, this time determined to conquer it once and for all.


The Apollo 17 mission found ancient technology known as the Hypergate on the moon that allowed humans to settle on and terraform Mars. More ancient "Aldnoah" technology found on Mars was claimed by the immigrants, who founded the Vers Empire, leading to a tense state of affairs with Earth that eventually culminated in open war breaking out in 1999. During a battle between the United Earth Federation and the Vers Empire on the moon in 1999, the Hypergate went out of control and destroyed the Moon in an event that would come to be known as Heaven's Fall. 15 years after Heaven's Fall, the Princess of Vers, Asseylum Vers Allusia, goes to Earth on a peace mission despite being discouraged by Slaine. Back on Earth, Inaho Kaizuki lives in the city of Shinawara with his sister Yuki. Yuki is a Kataphrakt pilot for the Earth military, while Inaho is training to be one. Inaho and his friends go to see Asseylum's arrival when terrorists attack the parade of the peace delegation. Although it initially seems that the limousine managed to avoid the terrorist attack, the terrorists manage to hit it with a second volley, and it is believed that the princess is killed. In retaliation, the Martian Vers Orbital Knights start an all out assault on Earth on their landing castles, and destroy New Orleans and a number of other major cities. A pair of young children mistake them for shooting stars and wish for world peace.

The Vers invasion begins with Landing Castles crashing into New Orleans, Maputo, Beijing, and Tokyo. Martian Kataphrakts emerge and begin to devastate the Terran defenders. In Shinawara, while preparing to evacuate, Inaho finds Edelrittuo and an unknown girl and informs them they need to evacuate. The girl subdues him and asks him what the evacuation is for, prompting Inaho to inform them about the assassination of Princess Asseylum. The girl then reveals to Inaho that Asseylum became ill after making planet fall due to the change in gravity and it was actually a body double that died. Meanwhile, the terrorists who committed the assassination are revealed to be Vers loyalists, but are promptly killed by Baron Trillram of the Vers Empire to ensure the truth about the false flag operation is never revealed. Rayet, the daughter of the one of the agents, manages to survive the attack and flees. 2nd Lt. Marito's squad engages Trillram, but are defeated by him. Inaho and his friends arrive in an APC and manage to rescue Rayet and Yuki. However, Trillram pursues them in order to silence Rayet, and Okisuke is thrown off the vehicle and is killed after being absorbed by Trillram's shield. After entering a tunnel and evading Trillram, Inaho receives orders from Marito to draw Trillram's Kataphrakt away to buy more time for an evacuation.

Inaho and his friends find themselves holed up in the school with orders to distract the enemy Kataphrakt while Marito builds a plan to evacuate his students and the civilians with them. Not satisfied to just be a distraction, Inaho comes up with a strategy to fight back against Trillram and his seemingly impervious machine. The unknown girl and Rayet, both feeling some personal responsibility for the situation, volunteer to drive the decoy truck, and the team begins their operation. Meanwhile, Marito, backed by Captain Magbaredge, rallies his crew and rescues the non combatants from Inaho's group while Inaho, Calm, and Inko engage Trillram. When Trillram finally catches the decoy truck, the unknown girl reveals her true identity as Princess Asseylum, distracting him just long enough for Inaho to strike the finishing blow. While Inaho and his comrades regroup and celebrate, Slaine and Trillram prepare to escape. Trillram reveals that the assassination of the Princess was a Martian plot all along, and that he must rearm and eliminate her as quickly as possible. In response, a shocked and enraged Slaine pulls Trillram's gun and shoots him multiple times, killing him.

The Martians bombard Shinawara with meteor attacks as Slaine leaves the area. Inaho and his friends meet up with a United Forces of Earth (UFE) squad led by Captain Magbaredge as they prepare to evacuate the area by sea. Asseylum decides to reveal her true form in private to Inaho and asks him to help her contact her father in hopes of stopping the war between Earth and the Vers Empire. Soon, the military finds themselves attacked by another Martian Knight named Vlad, using a Kataphract with a giant beam sword that can cut through anything while providing a defense against explosives and most projectiles. The military holds it back with AP rounds while Inaho, Calm and Inko smash a large shipping container into the enemy Kataphract's head. Vlad decides to retreat as Magbaredge's ship, the Watdatsumi, arrives with reinforcements. With Vlad gone, Magbaredge takes the opportunity to evacuate everybody onto the Watdatsumi.

The Emperor of Mars calls for a cease fire while he considers the truth behind the events on Earth. Inaho and friends take the moment to rest aboard the Watdatsumi while Asseylum ponders if she should reveal her identity to everyone. Rayet disagrees, telling Asseylum that doing so will only paint a large target on their backs for the Martian Knights. Vlad returns in his repaired Kataphract, now with twin beam katanas, looking for a rematch against "the orange" training Kataphract that Inaho piloted earlier. As he cuts through the carrier's defenses, Inaho rises to the challenge by baiting him into an attack and then rigging his own Kataphract to drag Vlad into the ocean, where the combined heat from the engines and plasma from the beam sabers sparks a steam explosion, killing Vlad. Meanwhile, Slaine tries to inform the Vers Emperor that Asseylum is still alive and that some of the Knights conspired to go to war. Just as he leaves the room, Saazbaum appears, claiming that Slaine was feeding him false information. The Emperor immediately calls for war.

Slaine is declared persona non grata by Lord Cruhteo as the Vers Emperor officially declares war against Earth. Every able-bodied man and woman on the Watdatsumi is immediately drafted into service as part of the UFE military, with Calm annoyed that he was chosen to be a mechanic. As the ship heads towards Tanegashima for resupply, Lieutenant Marito talks about the Tanegashima Report, which recounted a battle with a Martian Kataphrakt on the island shortly before Heaven's Fall occurred and a chunk of the Moon hit the island. The military decided to suppress the report, rather than face up to the Martians' superior technology. Magbaredge reveals her real surname as Humeray and she blames Marito for her brother's death during the war. Suddenly, Femieanne, piloting the Martian Kataphract Hellas, attacks the carrier with flying arms able to literally punch through the ship and rip it out piece by piece. Inaho and his comrades try to defend the ship but the arms are too strong and Marito suffers through another bout of PTSD before he can help them. However, Inaho decides to use high-powered rifle rounds to knock the arms off course. When he is unable to shoot down the last one, Slaine appears in his Martian Sky Carrier to finish it off.

With Slaine arriving on the scene, Inaho surmises that he is here to assist them, at least for the time being. Working together, Inaho and Slaine continue to keep the Hellas' flying arms away from the Watdatsumi. During the attacks, one of the flying arms is knocked off course and hits a cliff side, revealing a hidden dock. Knowing that the ship won't last long in the open, Magbaredge orders the Watdatsumi to take shelter in the dock, and destroys the entrance behind them. The crew then decides to explore the hidden dock, and find a secret underground facility holding the remains of the Martian Kataphrakt Marito fought 15 years ago, as well as something else. Inaho, Yuki, and Inko decide to remain outside to continue to fight Femieanne. Deciding to take the fight directly to her, Inaho boards Slaine's craft. He figures out that the flying arms' armor is weak at the engines and the palms, and exploits this weakness to destroy all of them. Angered, Femieanne attempts to use the Hellas to ram Inaho and Slaine, but is interrupted when a giant alien battleship, activated by Asseylum and piloted by the Watdatsumi crew, emerges from Tanegashima. Inaho and Slaine shoot down Femieanne and Rayet finishes her off, destroying the Hellas and killing her. Inaho, after a short exchange with Slaine regarding their intentions, shoots him down in the belief that Slaine might be planning to exploit the princess.

The Watdatsumi crew finds a flying Martian battleship, named the Deucalion, hidden under Tanegashima. Asseylum reveals her identity to the crew and uses her royal blood to activate the Deucalion's Aldnoah Drive. With Asseylum's identity publicly known now, Magbaredge agrees to protect Asseylum and escort her to the UFE HQ. Asseylum then goes out to the deck with Inaho, and marvels when she sees birds for the first time. Meanwhile, in Slaine is captured by Cruhteo and taken to his Landing Castle, where Cruhteo tortures him to try and find out why Slaine betrayed him as Saazbaum watches. Unsure of Cruhteo's loyalty, Slaine stays quiet, and throughout his torture he relives several flashbacks of his childhood with Asseylum back on Mars. Slaine eventually reveals to Cruhteo that Asseylum is still alive and that the assassination plot was carried out by Martians. Shocked, Cruhteo orders an immediate ceasefire so that the conspirators can be found. However, Saazbaum attacks Cruhteo's castle, killing Cruhteo and capturing Slaine.

While training in the combat simulator, Rayet suffers a bout of PTSD as she sees a virtual representation of Nilokeras, the Kataphract that killed her father. Shortly afterward, Doctor Yagarai borrows the simulator program to help Marito deal with his own trauma from Tanegashima 15 years earlier. Though the program is a crude visualization of the 1999 battle at Tanegashima, Marito flashes back to when an unknown Kataphract destroyed his entire tank battalion, and he decided to shoot John Humeray out of mercy when the driver couldn't escape the flaming tank wreckage. Meanwhile, Slaine finds himself a guest of Saazbaum, who admits he conspired to have the princess killed and rekindle the war with Earth in order to change the Vers Empire itself, but spared Slaine for a debt he owed to Slaine's father. Back on the Deucalion, Rayet struggles to empathize with Asseylum after being reminded of the time they took down Nilokeras. When Rayet finds Asseylum alone in the shower, she sneaks up from behind and strangles her with her own necklace. By the time Rayet regains her focus, the Aldnoah drive on the Deucalion shuts down, crashing the entire ship.

Inaho successfully revives Asseylum in the shower room using CPR and a defibrillator, but Rayet grabs Magbaredge's pistol and holds everyone hostage. Rayet blames Asseylum for being able to integrate into the UFE while she and her father were outcasts, before turning the gun on herself. However, Inaho disarms her, offering her another chance to fight the Martians. Magbaredge throws Rayet in the brig, then goes off to privately watch Marito's confession in Yagarai's lab. Meanwhile, Saazbaum reveals to Slaine that the Vers Empire convinced their people to attack Earth to distract them from their own problems of producing enough food and water on a relatively-dead Mars. Saazbaum and his wife, Viscountess Orleans, joined the attack on Earth at Tanegashima, but Orleans was killed by Heaven's Fall as he escaped. Back on Earth, the Deucalion finally arrives at UFE headquarters in Russia, and Asseylum tries to broadcast her message calling for a ceasefire. However, Saazbaum tells Slaine that the satellite base on the Moon is staffed by his allies so no Martian will ever hear it. Saazbaum then offers Slaine use of Cruhteo's recovered Kataphract Tharsis and a choice: stay and fight with him, or escape to Earth and be treated as an enemy.

Saazbaum directs his Landing Castle to touch down close to the UFE headquarters, and then uses bunker buster missiles to clear a path for his forces to attack the base and kill Asseylum. The UE forces attempt to defend their position, but the Martian Kataphracts easily rip through their lines. Asseylum proposes that the Deucalion carry her to the Landing Castle, where she can personally shut off its Aldnoah Drive and cut off Saazbaum's forces from their power source. Asseylum manages to reach the Deucalion with some late help from Rayet and Edelrittuo, and the ship shoots its way out of the base. Inaho then formulates a plan to deliver Asseylum via HALO jump from the stratosphere. Using unmanned dummy robots as cover from the castle's anti-air defenses, Inaho and his comrades manage to clear a path for Asseylum, but before Asseylum's Kataphract can jump, Saazbaum's Kat Dioskuria appears in the stratosphere and shoots it down with the Deucalion. With the original plan ruined, Magbaredge decides to deliver Asseylum by ramming the damaged Deucalion itself into the Landing Castle.

With the Deucalion crashed, Yuki and Inko attempt to escort Asseylum to the Landing Castle's Aldnoah core themselves. Meanwhile, Inaho takes it upon himself to hold off Saazbaum, who reveals that his Dioskuria now possesses all of the abilities of the Kataphracts Inaho had previously fought. Meanwhile, Slaine follows the Deucalion back to the Landing Castle, and boards the Tharsis, hoping to at least be able to fight with auxiliary power. However, he finds out to his surprise that he has the ability to activate Aldnoah cores as well. As Inaho and Saazbaum fight, Saazbaum initially has the advantage, but Inaho uses everything he has learned to exploit Dioskuria's weaknesses, severely damaging it. However, before he can finish off Saazbaum, Slaine tackles Inaho's Kataphract with the Tharsis. Asseylum manages to reach the core and shut it down, right when Inaho and Slaine's Kataphracts crash through the wall. As Asseylum goes to assist Inaho, she is shot and apparently killed by Saazbaum, who thanks Slaine for saving his life. Slaine, in a fit of rage, shoots and mortally wounds Saazbaum. Inaho, injured from the crash, crawls his way to Asseylum's body, eventually realizing that he actually loved her. However, Slaine stops him and holds him at gunpoint. Inaho attempts to draw his own gun and is shot by Slaine. Afterwards, it is said that after the shutdown of Saazbaum's landing castle, the attack on the UFE headquarters ended in a complete UFE victory, though at a high cost. Asseylum's whereabouts are also currently unknown.

19 months after the events at Saazbaum's Landing Castle, a UFE raiding party finds themselves shot down by the Tharsis, piloted by Slaine himself. Slaine has become a Vers Knight with the power of Aldnoah under Saazbaum, and the Vers Empire has been slowly conquering North and South America under the new support of Princess Asseylum as they plan to expand their reach. On Earth, the crew of the Deucalion prepare to finish their R&R when they come under attack from a Martian Kataphract called the Frozen Elysium, capable of freezing all matter around it. The UFE Kataphracts find that they can't hit this new threat before getting frozen to death, when Inaho appears in his restored KG-6 Sleipnir, a training mecha, using airburst grenades to create a small path through the freezing field and destroy the enemy. The episode flashes back to the moments after Asseylum and Inaho were shot in the Landing Castle. Slaine decided to spare Saazbaum and escape with him and Asseylum in the Tharsis, while Inko and Yuki tried to get a wounded Inaho back to base where he needed surgery. Things looked grim with Asseylum absent and the Deucalion still unpowered. However, the blood from Princess Asseylum that had splattered on his face was ingested and it was discovered that Inaho now has the power to activate Aldnoah Drives as well, and use it to reactivate the Deucalion. In the present, with repairs complete, the Deucalion launches into space. Meanwhile, the Princess Asseylum giving the war speeches to the Vers Empire turns out to be another Princess named Lemrina, disguising herself as Asseylum under Saazbaum's supervision. As the night ends, Slaine goes to visit the real Asseylum, being kept alive in a medical tank.

The UFE forces gather in Earth's orbit at Trident Base, built into an asteroid, as they prepare for a large-scale operation against another asteroid base called Marineros, which is owned by Vers. Meanwhile, Saazbaum rallies his own forces for a quick strike on Trident as they travel to Marineros Base. Slaine finds that Lemrina shut down the Tharsis' Aldnoah Drive, and tries to reason with her to get it running again. Eventually, Slaine gets her to restart the Tharsis. As Lemrina visits her still-unconscious sister and schemes to replace her position, the Martian forces begin their assault while the UFE dig in on nearby asteroids. Inaho makes use of his new cybernetic eye to accurately shoot down several enemies, but Slaine uses the power of his Tharsis to see the trajectories of the shells being fired at him, and dodges at the last second. The Martian forces soon pass by the base as Inaho and Slaine confirm that they fought each other.

Both UFE and Vers forces prepare for battle on their respective asteroid bases. Magbaredge confirms with Inaho that it wasn't Asseylum's blood alone that gave him the ability to activate Aldnoah Drives, but something that was transferred when he gave her CPR. Meanwhile, other Counts of the Vers Empire show open contempt at Slaine for being a Terran, but before they harm him, Saazbaum abruptly announces that he is adopting Slaine as his son and legal heir. Finally, Trident and Marineros bases are close enough that the two sides begin their attacks. Inaho shoots down several enemy spacecraft and eventually runs into Slaine again, confirming that he is somehow able to accurately predict the near future like himself. Saazbaum appears in his refurbished Dioscuria II, and mentions that his shield's weak spot is different from last time as he chases down Inaho. With Inaho's help, Inko manages to disable the Dioscuria II's shield just as a micrometeoroid shower hits it, disabling the Kataphract. Slaine then tells Saazbaum that the shower was actually his own work, using Tharsis' systems to accurately pinpoint where Saazbaum would be two minutes in the future so he could destroy him as revenge for shooting Asseylum. After a second micrometeoroid shower finishes off Saazbaum, Slaine becomes a Count of the Vers Empire while Inaho confirms from Slaine's speech that Asseylum is alive.

Down on Earth, Yuki and Marito are part of a UFE squadron garrisoned in Yemen, when they are informed that the Deucalion will be transferred to their area, giving them a chance to reunite with the crew. Meanwhile, on the Moon, Slaine reaffirms his loyalty to Lemrina as Princess Asseylum's guardian. He then discusses the ramifications of his inheritance of Saazbaum's position with Harklight. Slaine realizes that the others Vers Knights will suspect that he had betrayed Saazbaum, so he decides he must do something that will earn their respect. Meanwhile, the faction of Vers Knights who oppose Slaine's promotion order Count Mazuurek to begin an offensive. Count Mazuurek has so far avoided fighting, seeking to preserve Earth's natural resources, but reluctantly deploys in his Kataphract which generates artificial gravity waves to defend itself. Yuki and Marito are sent to intercept, but cannot penetrate Mazuurek's defenses. Marito then realizes that Mazuurek's Kataphract is vulnerable to attacks from above, and lures him to an area where Inaho can fire at him from orbit. Mazuurek's Kataphract is disabled and Mazuurek himself is captured. The Deucalion finally lands and Yuki and Marito are reunited with the crew. However, they find out that Slaine has singlehandedly destroyed Trident Base. Slaine wins the respect of the Vers Knights and silences his detractors, while Inaho realizes he has no choice but to defeat Slaine.

On Earth, Count Mazuurek is imprisoned by the UFE while Yuki and Marito reunite with their comrades from the Deucalion. Inaho reveals to Doctor Yagarai that he customized his own cybernetic left eye, and Yagarai responds that it may lead to brain problems down the road. Later, Inaho interrogates Mazuurek, managing to find some common ground with him regarding Princess Asseylum. That night, Inaho and Rayet sneak Mazuurek out of the UFE base and into the desert, offering him a chance to get back home under the conditions that he find the real Asseylum and determine Slaine's real objective. Inko witnesses Inaho's act, but chooses not to report it. Meanwhile, at the Vers' Moon base, Count Marylcian initiates a private conversation with Lemrina (disguised as Asseylum) and states that she is caged bird. Marylcian then personally arrives at the station, unwilling to forgive Slaine for being a Terran, and formally challenges Slaine to a duel for the honor of being Asseylum's Royal Guard.

On Earth, the UFE launches an attack on a Martian Knight whose Kataphract can fire powerful lasers, preventing UFE forces from being able to get close. While UFE forces distract the Vers Kataphract, Inaho begins directing artillery fire from the Deucalion main cannons. Because Deucalion uses traditional artillery shells, it can arc its shells over the curvature of the Earth, protecting it from reprisal attacks since lasers can only travel in a straight line. Eventually, the Deucalion manages to score a direct hit on the Vers Kataphract and destroy it. Inko then confronts Inaho about him freeing Mazuurek, and Inaho acknowledges what he did, and that he didn't want Inko to get involved. At the Moon base, Slaine and Count Marylcian begin their duel. Marylcian's Herschel uses numerous unmanned drones to attack Slaine, straining the Tharsis' abilities to the limit. However, Slaine manages to outsmart Marylcian by luring him into a tunnel, allowing him to destroy all of the Herschel's drones. The now vulnerable Marylcian is then surgically killed by Slaine, who seizes all of Marylcian's assets and awards Herschel to Harklight for his faithful service. Lemrina, still posing as Asseylum, makes an announcement to the rest of the Martian Knights, declaring that they form their own kingdom independent from Vers, and that she and Slaine will be married. Afterwards, she visits the still comatose Asseylum and considers shutting down her life support, but decides to spare her life. However, after Lemrina leaves, Asseylum begins to regain consciousness.

Lemrina, disguised as Asseylum, continues her announcement to the Martian Knights, ordering them to unite under Slaine's banner. With Asseylum, and by extension her power to activate Aldnoah, under his control, Slaine effectively becomes the uncontested leader of the Martian Knights. Meanwhile, Asseylum regains consciousness, much to Slaine and Eddelrittuo's enjoyment. However, Slaine decides to keep news of Asseylum's recover secret from Lemrina, instead telling her that Asseylum's condition has worsened and that Lemrina cannot visit her anymore. Lemrina then reiterates her pledge of loyalty to Slaine, who feels uncomfortable having to lie to her. In addition, an amnesiac Asseylum recovers, she begins to recall memories about Inaho, much to Slaine's dismay. Finding his resolve, Slaine decides to continue with his plans. Back on Earth, the Deucalion is tasked with assaulting another Landing Castle. However, when the Deucalion crew begins to gain the upper hand, two more Martian Knights arrive as reinforcements. The Deucalion crew are then left in a situation they never had to consider before: being attacked by three Martian Knights simultaneously. Inaho realizes that this kind of organization could have only been possible under Slaine's direction.

Now facing three Martian Knights at once, the UFE forces are quickly surrounded and trapped. However, thanks to timely intervention from the Deucalion, Inaho and his squad manage to escape, but not without the Deucalion suffering severe damage that disables its navigation systems. Inaho then uses his cybernetic eye to help navigate the ship, but later begins to feel pain as a side effect of overusing his eye. The Deucalion then receives new orders from HQ ordering them to renew the attack, much to their displeasure. On the Moon, Count Mazuurek holds a personal audience with the disguised Lemrina, and deduces that she is an imposter based on her conflicting account of her experiences with Inaho on Earth. Now convinced Inaho is right, Mazuurek then sneaks onto Slaine's landing castle and returns Asseylum's lost pendant to Edelrittuo. Meanwhile, Slaine begins to feel stressed over having to both hide Asseylum's recovery from Lemrina as well as having to lie to Asseylum about what he has done. He confides in Edelrittuo that perhaps his predicament is punishment for losing faith that Asseylum would wake up. Lemrina eventually begins to feel distressed at how Slaine is becoming more distant from her, and discovers that Asseylum is missing from her recovery tank. At the same time, Edelrittuo gives the pendant back to Asseylum, which triggers the full recovery of her memories.

With the Deucalion still undergoing repairs, Inaho and his squad are forced to assault the Martian Knights again without its support. Knowing the abilities of the three knights' Kataphracts, Inaho devises special strategies to combat them, and two of the knights are quickly defeated. The third knight proves to be a tougher challenge, as his Kataphract has the ability to multiply itself. Inaho figures out that the Kataphract multiplies itself using quantum teleportation, and that the only way to defeat it is to destroy every single one of its copies simultaneously. In order to achieve this, Inaho uses his eye to connect to every UFE Kataphract on the battlefield and manually control their targeting systems. The plan is successful, and all Martian Katapracts are destroyed. However, Inaho again begins to suffer pain as a side effect of overusing his eye. Meanwhile, the freshly repaired Deucalion receives new orders to head for space for a new mission. On the Moon, Lemrina finds and confronts a fully recovered Asseylum, and tells her of what Slaine has been doing while she was unconscious. Shocked, Asseylum confronts Slaine and attempts to arrest him, though Slaine explains that he is no longer a citizen of Vers and therefore no longer under her authority. He has both Asseylum and Lemrina put under house arrest when he receives news that Count Klancain, Cruhteo's son, has arrived from Vers.

Slaine greets Klancain and tries to subtly convince him to join his side. However, Klancain is staunchly loyal to the Emperor and remains skeptical of Slaine's motives. Meanwhile, the UFE decides to assault the Moon Base with the aim of eliminating Princess Asseylum. It is a two-part operation, with the Deucalion assaulting Slaine's landing castle to draw enemy forces away while a second UFE force assaults the Moon Base itself. Inaho correctly predicts that the UFE will also send in covert infiltrators to assassinate Asseylum, and infiltrates the base on foot. Inside, the UFE infiltrators begin to clash with the base guards, and Asseylum, Lemrina, and Edelrittuo are separated from their guard detail. Lemrina decides to stay behind, leaving Asseylum and Edelrittuo to try and evacuate to the landing bay themselves. Meanwhile, Inaho encounters Slaine and accuses him of exploiting Asseylum like he feared, and they both have a brief gunfight before Inaho is able to escape. He finally manages to find Asseylum, but passes out from his wounds. Inaho's artificial eye then takes control of his consciousness, and reveals to Asseylum that Inaho considered Asseylum a part of himself, and prioritized her safety above his own. Touched, Asseylum instructs the eye to tell Inaho that he is a part of her as well, and also asks for an unmentioned favor. Inaho's eye then instructs Asseylum to head to a designated airlock where Inko will extract her, telling her that help will soon arrive to evacuate Inaho. Asseylum and Edelrittuo reach the designated airlock, but are cornered by a UFE commando. The commando is then shot and killed by Klancain, who introduces himself to Asseylum.

After rescuing Asseylum, Klancain evacuates her to his ship against Slaine's wishes. Slaine tries to convince Asseylum to return, but she refuses. With most of the Orbital Knights now loyal to Slaine, Edelrittuo tells Asseylum that she can trust Mazuurek, who agrees to shelter them in his landing castle to repay his debt to Inaho. Determined to stop the war, Asseylum makes contact with her grandfather. Unfortunately, the Emperor's physical and mental condition have deteriorated significantly, making him incapable of ruling. Meanwhile, Inaho regains consciousness and escapes the Moon Base with Inko's assistance. The UFE then temporarily withdraws from the battle to regroup, intending to take the Moon Base in one final attack. Slaine is aware of the UFE attack, and in response, not only sends forces to intercept them, but orders every Orbital Knight on Earth to simultaneously attack as well in order to ensure the complete destruction of the UFE. However, Slaine's orders are interrupted when Asseylum broadcasts a message to both the UFE and the Orbital Knights, proclaiming her intentions to foster peace between Earth and Vers with her official ascension of the throne as Empress of Vers. She also announces that she will marry Klancain.

After Asseylum gives her speech, the Orbital Knights, now in a state of confusion, decide to call off their full-scale attack until they can figure out what is going on. Realizing that the battle is lost, Slaine orders the Moon Base to be evacuated and to surrender to the UFE. Lemrina is put onto a transport ship with the rest of the noncombatants, while Harklight and the rest of Slaine's forces defy Slaine's orders and continue to battle the UFE. Eventually, they are all completely destroyed in one final, doomed charge against the Deucalion. Seeing that his forces are still battling and that he has nothing to lose at this point, Slaine boards the Tharsis and engages Inaho in single combat. Both pilots manage to heavily damage their opponents, with Inaho narrowly achieving victory. The Tharsis begins to fall into Earth's atmosphere, but Inaho saves Slaine's life by grabbing the Tharsis and stabilizing its descent. Some time later, a formal peace agreement has been signed between Earth and Vers, including a trade agreement where Vers would provide Earth with Aldnoah technology in return for resources. Slaine is officially blamed for the assassination attempt against Asseylum and is reported as having been killed. In reality, Slaine is being held in a secret prison facility. He asks Inaho why he spared his life, with Inaho revealing he was following Asseylum's wishes, as the favor she asked of him was to "save Slaine". This causes Slaine to realize Asseylum still cares for him. The film ends with Asseylum, Inaho, and Slaine smiling as they look forward to the future.


  • Preston Strother as Inaho Kaizuka
  • Ryan Lee as Slaine Troyard
    • Casey Simpson as Young Slaine Troyard
  • Dakota Blue Richards as Asseylum Vers Allusia
  • Katie Leung as Inko Amifumi
  • Georgie Henley as Rayet Areash
  • Dakota Goyo as Calm Craftman
  • Addy Miller as Nina Klein
  • Preston Bailey as Okisuke Mikuni
  • Ty Simpkins as Kisaki Matsuribi
  • Chandler Canterbury as Yutaro Tsumugi
  • Natalie Marie Ames as Yuki Kaizuka
  • Chris Pine as Koichiro Marito
  • Johnathan Sadowski as Soma Yagarai
  • Natalie Portman as Darzana Magbaredge
  • Kate Mara as Kaoru Mizusaki
  • Brandon Routh as Shigo Kakei
  • Beatrice Miller as Eddelrittuo
  • Michael Welch as Cruhteo
  • Scott Adsit as Saazbaum
  • Colin Egglesfield as Trillram
  • Kevin Spacey as Vlad
  • Gemma Arterton as Femieanne
  • Sami Gayle as Orlane
  • Darren Criss as Harklight
  • Pablo Schreiber as Yacoym
  • Tom Felton as Marylcian
  • Dylan O'Brien as Barouhcruz
  • Alexander Pettyfyer as Mazuurek
  • Tom Holland as Selnakis
  • Colton Haynes as Zebrin
  • Sophie Turner as Rafia
  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Orga
  • Bryan Cranston as Klancain
  • James Spader as Rayregalia Vers Rayvers
  • Eden Sher as Lemrina Vers Envers
  • Ralph Fiennes as Narrator