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The Alcremie Miraculous is a hair barette that, whenever Hoippu inhabits it, transforms the wearer into an Alcremie-themed superhero with the power of Pleasure.

To activate the barette, the user must speak the transformation phrase "Stiff Peaks." To deactivate the barette, the user must speak the detransformation phrase: "Soft Peaks."

The barette is currently being stored in the White-Colored Pokémon Miracle Box in the parallel dimension kingdom of Rainbow Stars that is permanently connected to Alola, being kept by Queen Nijika. When the situation calls for it, the barette is temporarily lent to Kibohoshi Megumi by the main character Bella Clarke, who uses it to transform into Buttercream Whip. It is also temporarily used by Aoba Chaya in combination with the Bulbasaur Miraculous she already owns to transform into Meringue Bulb.


The Alcremie Miraculous is a red strawberry-shaped hair barette with the clip portion being light gray. In its camoflauged mode, it is dark red while the top is dark green. In its charged mode, it becomes a brighter red and the top becomes bright green, and it gains 5 tan seeds on the strawberry that disappear one by one after the superpower is used.


The Alcremie Miraculous grants its wearer enhanced physical characteristics such as speed, strength, agility, and near-invulnerability. Its tool is a whisk and its special superpower is Sweet Dreams, which creates a giant cake that entices the enemy to come eat it. Once the enemy eats a bite, it fills them with so much sweetness and deliciousness they can't move. After the superpower is used, the user will have 5 minutes before they detransform.

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