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Albion (アルビオン, Arubion) is a continent located on the planet, Earth in Earth-50. Albion is sometimes called Great Britain in the modern world. The continent was created by the Six Deities during the Creation Era of the Omniverse, and also the location to the kingdom of Camelot (which later made Albion an kingdom with a Albion High-King). The continent was named Albion by the ancient Camelot king, Owen Pendragon.


Albion's history dates back to over 100 million years ago, during the age of the dinosaurs. It was formed by first ancient king, Owen Pendragon when he formed Camelot. Owen added a wall around Camelot, and also the lychinus barrier with the use of the Camelot Crystal.

Known Regions

Since the 16th century when Arthur Pendragon got Camelot back, all the kings agreed to be ruled under a Albion High-King, and agreed that since Camelot, and the Pendragon Dynasty was the very first, and are actually the ones to established the literal kingdom, and continent, given the kingship to the Pendragon Dynasty, with Arthur Pendragon resuming the role not as a King, but as the first Albion High-King.


Camelot is a region, and also the first nation to be formed on Albion by the ancient king, Owen Pendragon. It was famed for being a very mystical and magical nation, housing many supernatural beasts, and creatures. One of them being the famed Dragons.


Ireland a region in Albion with Zootopia being the capital-city.

Japetus Japetus

Japetus Japetus, also called the Dark Kingdom, is the area where the Daemons now dwell (the insane, low-intelligence ones) now lives.

United Regions

The United Regions is a large coalition of other regions when the continents combined into one kingdom under the Pendragon Dynasty rule. The United Regions also includes the town where Archelaus lives, and also the location to the Tomb of Archelaus, along with an Royal Arms called the Sword of Light.




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