Al Capone Does My Shirts is a 2016 drama film based on a book by Gennifer Choldenko, starring



In this story, Moose Flanagan, our narrator and his family move from Santa Monica to Alcatraz Island in the 1930s. The move was caused by the father's new job positions as an electrician and as a guard in the well known Alcatraz prison. Off the island there is a very prestigious school for children with mental illness. Moose's mother (Mrs.Flanagan) tries submitting Natalie (his sister) into this school called Esther P. Marinoff School. Mrs. Flanagan believes this is the only way to help "cure" Natalie of her peculiarity and is doing her best to avoid sending Natalie to a mental institution. Due to his parents hectic work schedule Moose is left with almost full responsibility of his autistic older sister Natalie along with fitting into his new school. Natalie was accepted into the Esther P. Marinoff School, which was supposed to help her, but unfortunately, she's sent back home almost immediately because she's just not adjusting to the school. Moose's mother and Natalie's new psychologist(Mrs.Kelly) pushes Moose to take full care of Natalie and to take her everywhere he goes to help improve her social skills.

Moose becomes friends with the wardens daughter that talks him into being part of her money making scheme. One of her schemes was a criminal laundry service for the kids at school. Once the scheme flops and the Warden hears of it the children are punished and have to find a new hobby. Moose decides to hang around the prisoners rec center trying to find a stray baseball just to help him fit in with the other kids on the island. Moose eventually notices his older sister Natalie developing a relationship with convict 105 also known as Onion. The convict knows Moose has been looking for a baseball, eventually he hands him a ball just for amusement. Moose becomes scared for his autistic older sister until he realizes the relationship will be ending soon because of how close his sisters interview is with Esther P. Marinoff School. Moose and his family's hopes are crushed when the school rejects Natalie. Out of ideas Moose decides to take a risk with the help of Piper and eventually writes a letter to the infamous criminal Al Capone asking him to pull any strings he has to help his family get his sister back into school. Within days, Natalie is accepted into the new branch of Esther P. Marinoff School for older children. The next day Moose is getting ready for the day when he finds a note in the sleeve of his shirt with the word done underlined.


  • Mason Cook as Matthew "Moose" Flanagan
  • Ashley Gerasimovich as Natalie "Nat" Flanagan
  • Isabelle Allen as Piper Williams
  • Logan Kulick as Scout McIlvey
  • TBA as Cameron "Cam" Flanagan
  • TBA as Warden Williams
  • TBA as Onion/Prisoner #105 of Alcatraz
  • TBA as Annie
  • TBA as Theresa Mattaman
  • TBA as Jimmy Mattaman
  • TBA as Mr. Pudy
  • TBA as Ms. Kelly
  • TBA as Mrs. Flanagan


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  • ??? minutes long 
  • Rated ??? for ???.
  • It will be distributed by ???.
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