aircraft is British American tv show and sister series to Thomas and friends the show features anthropomorphic war planes the series takes place between 1939 and 1953 during World War 2 and the Korean war


Main characters

Royal Air Force

Nigel:a young war plane for the royal air force was nearly destroyed by enemy bombs when he was at his base during the Blitz but his pilot saved him by getting him in a hanger he is based off a Douglas A-20 Havoc

Joey:a royal air force fighter he is the most powerful of the group witch often leads him to show off he along with Nigel were involved in a battle during the North African Campaign he is based off a Supermarine Spitfire

Patrick:the oldest royal air force fighter he is also the wises during an attack Nazis shot his engine with rifles when he was flying low and he crashed sadly he and his pilot died he is based off a Gloster Gladiator even though the aircraft he is based on were built in 1934 he is a prototype version that was built in 1921

Tina:a troop transport plane who Nigel is in love with she is a kind and friendly plane who always wants to help she is based off a Armstrong Whiteworth Albemarle

Julius:a jet fighter who helped when the war was coming to an end he takes his job seriously he often calls out people when they do something wrong he is based a Gloster meteor

Taylor:a fighter jet who is an old friend of Joey but unlike Joey he is friendly and not a showoff(thats why he ended his friendship with Joey) he is based off the Curtiss P-36 Hawk

United States Air Force

Ben:a very friendly but very panicky fighter he nearly is shot down by Japanese forces several times he is based off the North American P-51 Mustang

Champion:a very brave bomber aircraft who dropped bombs over Frankfurt in 1943 he is based off the B-17 flying fortress

Charger:a fighter who fought in North Africa and Europe from 1942-1944 then in the pacific from 1944-1945 he is often made fun of for his design but he ignores his bullies he is based off the p-38 lightning

Reggie:a fighter who is known as the unseen force as he usally uses the clouds so enemys can't see him he is based off a Boeing p-26 Peashooter


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