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Air Rage is a 2011 action film and a loose remake of the 2001 film of the same name.


Colonel Johnathan Sykes leads a team of highly-trained commandos in a rescue mission deep in the African jungle. When they find the captives dead with no sign of the perpatrators, Sykes orders his men to massacre a native village who are unconnected with the incident. Some of the group move to open fire and the remaining half return fire in defense of the villagers. Following the incident, Sykes is placed on trial before General Harlan Prescott and then put in prison.

Some time later, Prescott boards a commercial airliner to return home to see his family. Shortly after takeoff, a second, smaller plane appears near to the airliner and several men use a zipline to climb onto the aircraft. They storm the cabin and take control of the plane. Prescott is restrained and then approached by the gang's leader; Colonel Sykes.

Matt Dewmont, an SAS officer, is one of several chosen to take part in an attempted mid-air rescue. Their mission is to use an experimental stealth aircraft and sleeve to board the plane, take out the terrorists, and make sure the plane lands safely. However, other things are playing on Dewmont's mind, such as the fact that his wife is pregnant with their first child.

Things go badly wrong as the mission begins. The sleeve is damaged, sending one man to his death and causing the stealth plane to loose control. The commotion alerts Sykes to the attempt retaking of the plane and he locates the squad and then slaughters them without mercy. Unbeknownst to him, Dewmont had hidden himself and is still alive.

Dewmont sets about taking down the terrorists one by one, keeping Sykes for last. Along the way, he teams up with stewardess Karen Hicks and they devise a strategy against Sykes' men. Eventually, Sykes engages Dewmont in a one-on-one confrontation and Sykes gains the upper hand. However, Karen opens the airlock as she and Dewmont restrain themselves. As Sykes is pulled out, he manages to obtain a grip and refuses to let go. Suddenly, General Prescott appears and pushes Sykes away, sending him to his death. He is then dragged into the cockpit and locked in with the last remaining henchman, Syril. Syril kills the two pilots and declares that the plane is going down. He then reveals a parachute and plans to shoot out the cockpit window to escape. However, Dewmont kicks the door down and wrestles with Syril, culminating in Dewmonts breaking Syril's neck. Prescott, a former aviator himself, manages to land the plane safely with the help of the control tower, and Dewmont finds his pregnant wife waiting for him on the runway.


Mark Wahlberg - Matt Dewmont

Anna Kendrick - Karen Hicks

Tommy Lee Jones - General Harlan Prescott

Michael Biehn - Colonel Johnathan Sykes

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