Ainulindalë (Quenya for Music of the Ainur) is the fifth album from Swedish doom metal band Yggdrasill Burning,released on July 25, 1997. Its title and themes are based off the Tolkien's mythology, and the Middle-earth cycle, Ainulindalë plays the role of its Cosmogony, or 'creation story'. It is the first album with the songs titled in English. The album was also re-issued in 2007 to commemorate its 10th anniversary. It is preceded by 1996's Vanir and followed by 1998's Ilúvatar.


Ainulindalë, along with its predecessors and successors, was generally well received. Metalix said: "Yggdrassill Burning have left their Nordic lyrical fascination towards the Tolkien-heavy Ainulindalë. It is a surprisingly good transition, as Tolkien's world makes for some interesting doom."

Track listing

  1. "Open To Mythology" - 1:55
  2. "The Ainur and the Matter of their Music" - 10:10
  3. "Melkor and the Great Music of the Ainur" - 9:45
  4. "Water, Ulmo, the Music and Fate" - 11:03
  5. "Valaquenta" - 9:15
  6. "Quenta Silmarillion" - 8:35
  7. "Akallabêth" - 11:00
  8. "Ungoliant" - 8:00
Yggdrasill Burning- Ainulindalë

Ainulindalë was Yggdrasill Burning's first conceptual album based off the work of J.R.R Tolkien, particularly 1977's The Silmarillion. The character on the album is Manwë, King of the Valar.

Yggdrasill Burning- Ainulindalë Reissue01

The alternate cover of the 2007 re-issue of Ainulindalë, featuring instead of Manwë, another Valier deity: Varda

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