Alex: "There is something you need to know about your mother, Liz."
Lisa: "What happened to her after Tyler was born?"
— Alex trying to tell Lisa about her mother's death in 2004 (where she got lost)[src]
Aimee Fitzgerald
Allison Janney as Aimee/Julie in the 2nd film
Portrayed by: Allison Janney (older)
Occupation: Princess of the woods (or Gardania) (formerly)


Chicago News reporter (her death)

Family: Alex (husband)

Lisa (daughter)

Allison (younger daughter)

Jennifer (stepsister)

Unnamed older brother (deceased)

Status: Deceased
Alias: Princess Adrianne of Gardania IV
Cause of Death: Killed by a car-crash
Abilities: Enhanced synesthesia

Mrs. Aimee Fitzgerald is a supporting character in Tom and Jerry who is Lisa and Allison's late mother and Alex's late wife. She is later revealed to be alive in the 2nd film and she uses a fake name called Julie Foster, a deputy in Chicago and she says she does not fall in love into Alex.

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