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The Aiden's-vile series is a cartoon about a kid named Kyle and other people in their, not so normal lives in Aiden's-vile


The seasons are very, very short, with about 3 episodes and two segments per episode

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7
  • Season 8


Season 1

  • Sugar rush/Just bustin'
  • Store crazy/Creature Feature
  • Keep off the ground!/Pop-star

Season 2

  • Divided playground/The park
  • Emergency cow sprint/Busting
  • How to survive the flu/The bully busters

Season 3

  • Flashbacks/We used to be friends?
  • A passing prank/Snowball fight
  • Doggiemon/Sewnic the Hodgehag

Season 4

  • Wait, magic?/Faries
  • Scared silly/Dream invaders
  • There's sea monsters now?/Kyle's Pre-School show parody

Season 5

  • It's Friday my dudes/Supa' hero's
  • The perils of Penelope/how to survive bullies
  • The second Penelope episode/Captain Swaggie's soft side

Season 6

  • Sparkle moves away/Training
  • Sparkle's video/Kyle gets a girlfriend
  • Say Richard! (Richard's Adventures crossover episode)/Madness Battles

Season 7

  • Captain Swaggie the rappa'/Choccy milk
  • Wait, Penelope likes Captain Swaggie? part 1/Wait, Penelope likes Captain Swaggie? part 2
  • Cutting corners/The third Penelope episode

Season 8

  • Aiden's-Vile holiday special part 1/Aiden's-vile holidy special part 2
  • The MeTube channel/Cookies
  • Greenie/SquareBob SpongePants

Aiden's-Vile: The Movie

1 Year After the Season 8 finale and 2 months before the Season 9 premiere a movie was created

Season 9

Home Media

list of DVDs


Major Characters

  • Kyle
  • Captain Swaggie (real name is timothy)
  • Penelope (Kyle's twin sister)
  • Sparkle Glitter-Heart (real name is Laura Jones)

Minor Characters

  • Kyle and Penelope's mom
  • Captain Swaggie's mom