Ahmanet is the titular main antagonist of the 2017 action-horror movie, The Mummy, which is the first film of Universal Studios' Monsters Cinematic Universe series.

She is an ancient Egyptian mummy.

She was portrayed by actress and model Sofia Boutella.


Ahmanet was born millennia ago in Cairo. She was beloved by the people of Egypt thanks to the status and reputation of her father Pharaoh Djoser.

Princess Ahmanet was first in line to succeed Djoser. She had a love affair with Djoser's counsellor and polymath Imhotep. When Djoser discovered the affair he had Imhotep executed. Ahmanet stole Imhotep's corpse and attempted to resurrect him but was caught by Djoser's priests. As punishment, Ahmanet was whipped, had her tongue cut out, was mummified and buried alive with flesh eating scarabs. The curse turned Ahmanet into an undead field kept in a state of living death. Her sarcophagus was buried in Cairo and submerged in a pool of mercury so that her monstrous form would not escape.

Monsters Cinematic Universe

The Mummy


In 1921, Joseph Morton, Chris Vail and Greenway tomb the tomb of Princess Ahmanet. The three set about moving the sarcophagus to London.

Little did they know that Vail had accidentally awakened one of Ahmanet's followers, Kharis, who took control over Vail, resulting in Vail killing Greenway and Joseph having to kill him.


In 1931, Ahmanet is released from the sarcophagus and began feeding on people to regenerate her decomposed body. While feeding on Joseph Morton, she encountered his son, Nick Morton, and coworker Jenny Halsey. She recognised Nick as the reincarnation of Imhotep and Jenny as a descendant of her younger sister who succeed Djoser after she was mummified. Unable to convince Nick to join her, she sent her followers after him and Jenny.


Ahmanet captures Jenny and drowns her. Nick uses the Book of the Dead to resurrect Jenny and remove most of Ahmanet's power, turning her into shrivelled mummy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Unholy Undead Physiology: Ahmanet currently exists as an immortal undead being.
  • Supernatural Strength: Ahmanet possesses prodigious strength in comparison to mortals.
  • Supernatural Reflexes: Ahmanet's reaction time is unnaturally fast.
  • Immortality: Her immortality stems from her reanimation.
  • Life Force Consumption: After her reanimation, Ahmanet's corpse was decayed from over three millennia of entombment. She was little more than a skeleton and dried flesh. Ahmanet possesses the powers to feed upon others to regenerate her body.
  • Hypnosos: Ahmanet possesses the ability to mentally control mortal beings.


  • Combat Proficiently: Ahaanet, being an ancient Egyptian who trained to become a Pharaoh, is proficient in combat and fighting abilities.



  • Djoser - Father
  • Unnamed younger sister
  • Jenny Halsey - Descendant of younger sister



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