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Aglardor Aenion Faeldir Penchon Ioristaer Belegur (x#j7E26Y lE5`B5^ elEj26T qc[R5^ l7YiT1lE6 wj$x$6U), more commonly known simply as Aglardor (x#j7E26Y), is a male Wood Elf from the Korokiri tribe, and the abjaksan of Aquilonis.



As a young adult male elf (by elven standards), Aglardor has a fairly average build with short spiky brown hair. He also has 3½ inch-long ears typical of any elf.

On his left arm is a Elvish tattoo identical to his wife's.

Known Clothing

Being an Wood Elf from the Great Urwaldi Forest rather than a High Elf from "civilized" Qirsyllviar, Aglardor normally wears a green tribal silk vest with various cream-colored Elvish patterns on them and a brown skirt. He wears leather boots in this attire.

However, no matter what, like all wood elves born and raised outside the "civilized" world, Aglardor never wears undergarments.

Being married, Aglardor, as a wood elf, wears a wooden ring on his right middle finger. Aglardor also wears a wooden earring on his left ear.


Powers & Abilities

As an elf, Aglardor is a natural when it comes to magic, and his powers center around nature, amplified so by his status as an abjaksan. Aglardor is also extremely fast and agile, and so is capable of jumping through trees with ease and can traverse long distances quickly. Aglardor also has enhanced hearing.

Aglardor is a thoroughbred master hunter, and his fighting style is based on that. Using his hunter skills, he can track any living being over several miles.

While his magic is enhanced by his status as an abjaksan, Aglardor's main abjaksan ability is Fauna Possession, which he calls "Soulsight." He can enter the minds of animals and control them, using to scout ahead or for offensive purposes.

Aglardor is also bilingual, and can speak is native Tynkwor-Toghkoa, along with Albinese, fluently.

Equipment & Skills

Being a hunter, Aglardor always carries an bow and arrow and is a master archer. He can naturally, and accurately, shoot a target up to 450 meters away, depending on the quality of the bow, and can shoot even farther by amplifying the bow with magic.



Name Relation Born


Cadwiel Alphien Lugwen Glirthel Orndis Glingaer
z`C2è`Bj$ j#e`B5$ j`Mxè5$ xj7T3j$ 7Y2{iT xjx{%lE6
Wife Narwain 24, 5184LE
Haneyan 7, 4482PCZ
Cadwiel is Aglardor's beloved wife. She owns a pet reticulated python named Lugion.




  • Because elves age at a fourth of the pace as other races, Aglardor and Cadwiel, at 62 and 60 years old respectively, look equivalent to 20-year-old humans.
  • Aglardor and his wife's names, along with other elves named in the Chronicles of Qirsyllviar, were generated from Hence, their names are based on the Sindarin language rules and customs established by J.R.R. Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings series.
    • Like J.R.R. Tolkein's rules, Elves gain names as their lives progress; however, the customs are altered and they can get up to six names, five given names and a hereditary surname. The first five can gender specific or neutral, but the surname is strictly gender neutral:
      • Elves grow up having three names, the first two are given at birth and the third is given at the age of 40 as part of a traditional coming-of-age ceremony in Elven cultures.
        • The custom of father and mother names is flipped too; the mother gives the first name to the child upon birth, and the father gives the second at the official naming ceremony, roughly a week after birth.
      • The fourth name is an occupational name that an elf gives themselves at some point in their life.
      • The fifth name is a marriage name given only upon marriage, which can only be given by the spouses; though this name can be dropped upon divorce or widowhood if an elf chooses, and the name can be changed if an elf remarries.
      • The sixth and final name is the elf's family or clan name, which is given at birth and passed down hereditarily. By default, children take their father's family name at birth, but they can take their mothers name instead under circumstances: such as if the father is unknown, the father dies before the birth, or if the parents divorce before the birth. Elf children can also choose to go by the family name of their mother or use the surname of some other ancestor they hold in high regard.
        • The family name is always at the end of the elf's name, without exception. And married elves do not change their family name.
      • These naming customs remain the same regardless of where they were born or which culture is dominant in an elven society,
    • Aglardor means "Glory Brother," Aenion means "Holy Son," Faeldir means "Generous Young man," Penchon means "Bow Brother," Ioristaer means "Ancient Lore Bridegroom," and "Belegur" means "Great Heart."
      • For his wife, Cadwiel means "Shapely Girl", Alphien means "Swan Daughter", Lugwen means "Snake Maiden", Glirthel means "Song Sister", Orndis means "Tree Bride," and "Glingaer" means "The Sea Gleams in the Eyes."
        • The name of Cadwiel's pet Reticulated Python, Lugion (jx&`B5^), means "Snake Boy".
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Abjaksan of Marlakcor
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