Agent Humphrey is an American animated television series produced by Shires Television Animation, Atomic Cartoons, Melvin Studios and The Digimon Company.


A Young Boy Named Humphrey is hired to be A Detective Agent tracking down cases from friends in need’s problems, but the only problem is that He is the Only Human Employee besides His Boss, But with the help of his digimon, he can track down any problem.

But in season 2, Humphrey ages slightly and is no longer bullied by JK.

Main Characters

Recurring Characters


Production Notes:

  • The animation is produced by Shires Television Animation, Atomic Cartoons, 2 Minutes and Caribara



  • Walter Winkle wasn’t the only CEO character voiced by Corey Burton, he is the Current Voice of The Bingmaster From Dumber, and Previously Voiced Commander Micro From the 2007-2016 Shires Junior Series Tamigos.
  • The series wrapped production in 2019 due to the fact that Max Charles will voice Teen Randy in Randy the Glow Horned Reindeer.
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