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Age of Mythology Pantheos is the ultimate and final DLC of Age of mythology. With along side Greek, Egyptian and Norse Panteons, there is: Atlantean, Chinese, Christian, Sumerian and Lords of Chaos. The last being the antagonists of the new campaign Lords of Chaos. Trickster and chaotic gods such as Loki, Eris/Enyo, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Cthulhu etc.

Picture Name/Pantheon Age Role
Zeus/Greek Archaic/Major God Supreme God of Mount Olympus, Sky and Thunder
Poseidon/Greek Archaic/Major God Lord of the seas and horses
Hades/Greek Archaic/Major God Lord of the underworld and keeper of the Earth’s gold and minerals.
Ra/Egypt Archaic/Major God Sun God and Ruler of the sky, Earth and Underworld.
Isis/Egypt Archaic/Major God Goddess of Magic and Wisdom.
Set(Sutekh)/Egypt Archaic/Major God God of destruction and evil. Also Lord of deserts and dangerous animals.
Odin/Norse Archaic/Major God Father of the Gods. The one eyed wanderer.
Thor/Norse Archaic/Major God Thunder God and Marvel Superhero/Avenger. Hammer guy.
Loki/Norse Archaic/Major God Trickster God. Bringer of Ragnarok.
Kronos/Atlantis Archaic/Major God Titan/Father of the Olympian Gods.
Gaia/Atlantis Archaic/Major God Earth and mother of everything!
Ouranos/Atlantis Archaic/Major God Sky God and Father of Everything! In Roman mythology he is called Uranus. (Your anus) Which results in him being the literal butt of buttock related jokes among mortals. Although he sealed his children within his wife Gaia simply because he disliked them. So he was an asshole I suppose in both meanings of the word.
Fu Xi/China Archaic/Major God. The first God of Chinese mythology and Ancient China’s answer to Adam. The first man. Born of the primordial being Hua Hsu after the God Pangu creates everything and then snuffed it.
Nuwa/China Archaic/Major God. The first Goddess of Chinese mythology and Ancient China’s answer to Eve. The first woman! Born of the primordial being Hua Hsu after the God Pangu creates everything and then snuffed it. Nuwa used mud from the Yellow River and her own tears to create humanity in two classes. The nobles and the peasants.
Shennong/China Archaic/Major God The horned god or the horny one. Also came down to Earth with Fu Xi and Nuwa to settle by the Yellow river where China started. After Nuwa created humanity. Shennong sort to be the teacher of all humans and taught them things like how to grow rice and bamboo, wear cymbals on their heads as stupid hats and how to craft weapons etc.
God/Christianity Archaic/Major God The one true Lord. Known as Lord, Jehovah, Yahweh and the father.
The Holy Spirit/Christianity Archaic/Major God The Lord as the Holy Spirit aka the holy fire.
Jesus/Christianity Archiac/Major God The Son. Basically God made Mary pregnant somehow and Gave birth to himself as an earthly avatar. Sometimes goes by his full name of Jesus H Christ.
Anu/Sumerian Archaic/Major God Sky God and Creator for the Sumerian mythology. And ancestor of all Gods.
Enlil/Sumerian Archaic/Major God God of the wind and Earth and Storms.
Enki/Sumerian Archaic/Major God God of water, the seas, intellegiance, fertility and many other roles.

Other Deities

Picture Name/Pantheon Age Role and stuff
Eris(Enyo)/Greek None, Canon decided she wasn’t important enough in Greek mythology to be a selectable god or goddess. The goddess of chaos and discord. Usually a harmless but spiteful prankster messing with the goddesses to cause discord and strife between them. However she has a nasty side to her called Enyo, the goddess of horror and anarchy.
Cthulhu/R’lyeh Major God? The sleeping one and the great dreamer. When he awakens it will be the end of the world as we know it. Is said to drive men mad if they look upon him.
Oni and Yokai not gods. Monsters of Shintō mythology. All the monsters of Japanese legends. See the Age of Mythology II article for how the Kamis might be laid out.

Gods by Age of civilisation and monsters they summon


  • Zeus. None but right from the start as soon as you have a temple you can summon Pegasi, flying horses as a docile scout unit.
  • Poseidon. None but you get right from the start Pegasi as soon as you construct a temple. Also if you construct a harbour you get Hippocampi. A docile aquatic scout. It is a sort of half horse half fish creature. A horse with a fish tail. Building when destroyed leave behind militia to fight of enemies near by.
  • Hades. None but as above you get Pegasi right from the start. As Hades as your Major God your human soldiers come back as Shades at your temple when they die.
  • Athena. Goddess of Wisdom, technology and benevolent war. (The ending of war and promoting advanced civilisation and stability. She dislikes primitive tribes and instability then.). Minotaurs. Bull headed monsters. Man eating carnivores, they seek shelter in enormous twisted labyrinths. The Minotaur of Crete was born from a white bull sent by Poseidon after Minos refused to give it back to the sea, so Poseidon cursed his wife with a mad infatuation for the bull and she made godless unholy love to it and got pregnant somehow with the Minotaur. Presumably she died from the pregnancy and Minos horrified by the offspring locked it away and only fed it seven boys and seven girls a year.

Can be upgraded to Bull Minotaur. They now have huge war hammers for the sake of coolness!

  • Hermes. Messenger God and God of postmen. Also God of thieves, Olympics and road signs. Centaurs. Horse creatures that are a horse with a man’s head, arms and torso growing from where the horse’s head should be. Usually noble and good aligned beings and capable of speech. They are often crude, crass and drunk as they love to drink. When drunk they are known to start fights and kidnap brides at weddings. Also when you have a horse’s rear end you tend the shit everywhere so err...

Also Harry Potter Centaurs dislike other races and keep to themselves. They hate visitors to their domain. On the other hand there are noble centaurs such as Chiron who taught young heroes as a teacher. However there are also evil Centaurs such as Nessus.

Centaurs have bows and arrows like Sagittarius.

  • Ares. God of war, but unlike Athena who would like to eventually see a victor and therefore an end to a war and the start of stability. Area loves war and violence and plays favours for either side just to keep a war going! Cyclops.

One eyed giants. These man eaters are a staple of Greek stories and legends such as the Odyssey. But they also feature in the voyages of Sinbad. A one eyed man eating giant with a big club.

Elder Cyclops. A cyclops with a single short horn on its head. There are conflicting sources of where cyclopses originated from. The earliest were created by Gaia Alongside the titans and Gigantes. The younger generation of cyclops were created during the war between Titans and Gods whenever Zeus struck the earth with a lightning bolt a cyclops sprung forth from the smouldering crater.

  • Dionysus. The god of alcohol, drunkenness and debauchery and partying. But he has a dark side as his followers drink themselves into a mad frenzy and kill everyone in sight! His Roman counterpart is Bacchus. He also the only non human god. He’s a satyr.

Dionysus grants you Hydra. Many headed lizard like monsters that breath poisonous vapours, sometimes these vapours are said to be acidic too. Whenever a head is sliced off two more grow in its place. However cauterising the wounds stops this.

The hydra’s blood is extremely venomous even clothes soaked in it cause never ending agony when worn. Its teeth when buried cause the dead to rise again as living skeletons!

Also if you have a harbour you can train Scyllae.

Scylla. Was once a nymph who loved a man who actually loved the sorceress Circe. Circe disliking the competition poured a baleful potion in Scylla’s water where she was swimming and she turned into a terrible monster. Accounts vary but the common thing was that it had many heads like the hydra. Scyllae are aquatic versions of the land walking hydra. Even though the hydra was actually semi aquatic...

  • Apollo. The Greek Sun God, until he passed the role to his son. God of Music until he passed that role onto Hermes when he invented the lyre and the panpipes. God of medicine until he passed that on as well... he had many roles but grew tired of them and passed them on to younger gods.

Apollo grants you the ability to train Manticores.

Manticore. Actually a staple creature of Persian mythology. For some reason the guys who wrote Age of Mythology will try to explain it ended up as part of Greek mythology at some point as well. The manticore is a lion with a man’s face, a gaping maw of many rows of teeth, a scorpion’s tail, tarantula bristles on his back it can eject like a tarantula does with its irritant causing hair but they carry a lethal venom. And in some cases, dragon wings to fly with. The manticore can speak but they are so violent and concerned only with killing and eating anyone they meet there is little point in them bothering. Although they use their ability to talk to croon softly to their victims as they eat them.

Mantyger. The medieval European equivalent to the Persian Manticore. Except this creature has horns and doesn’t have a scorpion tail or quills.

Lampago. A lion or maned tiger with a human face.

  • Aphrodite. The goddess of love and passion. (She’s more associated with love and romance once you get to second base. Earlier stages of romance are Eros/Cupid’s domain.)

Aphrodite grants you Nemean lions.

The Nemean lion was the first task of the twelve tasks of Hercules/Herakles. It was said to be a lion with an impenetrable hide, nothing could hurt it. However in Age of Mythology Nemean Lions have sonic blast roars that stun enemy units. Can be upgraded into Nemean Rexes.

  • Hepatheus. The blacksmith of the gods and victim in the cross fire of Zeus and Hera’s marital strife. He grants you Colossus.

Colossus. A giant mechanical construct. A primitive giant robot basically. The namesake of its upgrades Silver hand of Talos and Golden shoulder of Talos is some what confusing. Some myths refere to it as a man with bronze skin others a giant of bronze that moved in a slow creaking manner more like a machine than something alive. Colossi are great for smashing up enemy buildings.

  • Artemis. The goddess of nature and hunting. (Sustainable and necessary hunting with her permission though! She gets angry with those that hunt protected creatures under her care.) She grants you Chimeras.

Chimera. Part lion, part goat and has a writhing snake for a tail. These beasts can breath fire! Can be upgraded into Chimera Tyrants.

  • Hera. Queen of all the Olympian gods and extremely wrathful. It is said because of her husband’s unfaithfulness she became very angry and vengeful towards his lovers and offspring. She grants you Gorgons.
  • Gorgons/Medusae. Gorgons like Medusa are ladies that are serpentine from the waistline downwards. Have bronze arms with talons and wings. Some cases they have tusks like an elephant. And of course snakes for hair. They are deadly archers and can turn you to stone if you look upon them.

Can be upgraded into Gorgon Matriarchs.

  • Carcinos. Hera also if you have a harbour, grants you giant enemy crabs! These giant Greek crabs are the namesake of Cancer the crab zodiac symbol. They are vulnerable to real time weapon changes and being flipped on their backs to do massive damage.

On the other hand they are incredibly armoured and snip at enemies with their claws.

Other Greek gods and goddesses

  • Hesta.

Domestic goddess and goddess of fireplaces. Kronos and Rheia’s daughter other than Hera.

  • Demeter.

Goddess of seasons and weather. In her grief after Hades kidnapped her daughter Persephone she created the season of winter by not allowing things to grow. Hera and Hesta’s sister.

  • Persephone.

Goddess of harvests and crops.

  • Eris and Enyo.

Goddess of Chaos and discord. Eris is her light hearted side of starting arguments or annoying humans by turning them into freaks. Enyo, the goddess of Horror is her nastier side.

  • Phobos and Deimos

Embodiments of fear and terror.

  • Eros.

God of the early stages of love. Attraction and courting. Looks like a winged baby that shoots love arrows at people.

  • Nike.

Goddess of victory and Nike trainers...

  • Nemesis.

Goddess of vengeance!

  • Morpheus

God of sleep.

  • Phobetor/Icelos.

God of nightmares!

Greek Monsters with no God alignment so far

  • Ocular horror/Argus. Not the atlantean one. The Argus or Ocular horror is a beast with hundreds and hundreds of eyes sent by Hera to guard Io from Zeus. This ball of eyes attacks with iris lasers, because eye beams are cool!
  • Catoblepas. A buffalo but snakes as its shaggy main and big horns. Can kill with one look. It’s breath is lethal as well. Sometimes a bull with reptile scales for skin on its hide and the head of a boar.
  • Griffins. Back half of a lion, front half and talons of an eagle. Likes to protect gold, either trinkets it has claimed as its own or the treasures of someone who has tamed them.
  • Hippogriff. A Griffin’s front half attached to a horse’s back half. They are uppity creatures that are wary of others and hate being insulted. However if you are polite and bow to them, they may return the favour as a sign they want to be friends with you.
  • Mermaids/Sirens. Human from the waist up and a fish tail from the waste down. The legends vary, sometimes they are hostile tricksters that lure sailors to their deaths with their hypnotic singing. Other myths attribute this luring to the Sirens instead. Menfolk when portrayed benevolent are said to be beautiful. Sirens are beastly horrors with sharp fangs and talons for fingernails. Some Sirens are birds with a women’s head, others resemble evil beastly mermaids with sharp teeth and razor sharp talons.

Greek Hero Oscar encounters Ariel for some reason. And her long lost cannibal cousin.

  • Harpy/Bird people

Avian people with wings and talons for feet. Harpies, considering it is now used as an insult, have a ferocious attitude and are dangerous. There maybe more benevolent avian people though.

  • Satyrs and Fawns. Greeks and Romans shared stories of plump, jolly goat men and goatish forest spirits. The stories vary but the creature is a man’s head arms and torso with goat horns and a goat’s hind and tail. They are either feral forest folk that hunt and are therefore hostile to travelers or pleasant but obnoxious plump jolly goat men who are often seen drinking alcohol. Satyr and fawn kids are cute though.

Phil from Disney's Hercules, the cute Satyrs from Fantasia etc.

  • Cherubs/Putti. Winged babies. Eros/Cupid is sometimes depicted as a winged baby. Not hostile unless Eros decides to use real arrows instead of love causing ones. However their diapers stink...

They throw dirty diapers at Greek Hero Oscar or shoot him with love arrows and make him fall in love with random people. Later a rogue cherub or two are using Hate arrows that make people hate eachother. It turned out Pain and Panic had infiltrated the cherubs. Hades was also capturing the cherubs with giant flypaper strong and sticky enough to catch humanoids.

  • Living skeletons/revenants. The living dead is mentioned in Greek mythology but this is probably already covered under the the Ancestors God power. In Jason and the Argonauts a king used the hydra’s teeth to raise an army of skeletons! Shades are ghosts or souls technically.

A Greek child Oscar was with screamed when he saw living skeletons and Oscar berated him for being scared and asked if he'd scream if he saw Calista Flockhart.

  • Lycanthrope. Man beasts. Eg like a werewolf for example. There are stories in Greek myth of people turning into animals such as Proteus. The gods could also turn people into animals when angered. Ie Atalanta got turned into a lien, Medusa into a monster, A huntsman was turned into a stag and torn apart by his dogs for looking at Artemis while she bathed, and Phil briefly became an Erymanthian boar.

Oscar regularly gets turned into animals by Artemis.

  • Vampires.

Empusa: Blood drinking seductresses like Succubi. Lamia: Boogeyman like entity that feeds on the blood of sleeping children or eats them. Striges: Vampires that turn into birds like ravens instead of bats like conventional vampires.

They are vulnerable to globs of aioli (garlic mayonnaise) being thrown at them.

  • Remora. A fish with a suction pad on its head. A real creature but in Greek legends they were strong enough to latch onto ships and stop them still in the water.
  • Killer lampreys. A Roman myth. A Roman wealthy landowner was said to have thrown servants he was angry with into his pool of man eating lampreys!
  • Veela. Beautiful and sings even more softly and entrancing than a siren. But quick to anger when angry they turn into harpy like creatures. They also hate people who can sing better than them and will shoot them with arrows! When angry they can hurl fireballs too.
  • Man eating horses of Diomedes. In ancient Thrace, horses eat you!
  • Amphisbaena. A two headed serpentine dragon with a venomous bite that eats ants.
  • Cecaelia/Cilophyte. Women from the waistline upwards, octopus tentacles from the waistline downwards. Often evil sea hags. Greek Hero Oscar has a male Cecaelia as one of his friends.
  • Giant monstrous multiple headed dog. Greek myths have multiple headed dogs in them like Geryon’s two headed dog Orthus and the three headed Cerberus/Kérberos that guards the underworld Hades.

Depending on the mood of the story. Oscar either encounters multi headed dogs such as Orthus and Cerebus as vicious monstrous giant dogs or as playful multiple headed cartoon puppies with big wet shiny black noses with the sniffing etc.

  • Lamia. Terror of children like the bogeyman in other cultures. A serpent from the waistline down woman who eats children and can remove her own eyes.
  • Myrmeleo/Ant Lion. Part ant part lion with an ant’s body and a lions head. This monster starves to death because the lion part will only eat meat but the ant part can only digest grain. Based on ant lions, a sandpit dwelling insect that eats other insects.
  • Enchidna. Mother of all monsters! Probably will keep as a summonable Titan. Her appearance varies but often she has a stinging tail, sometimes chimera in appearance of multiple creatures.
  • Typhoon. Father of all monsters! Looks like a fire breathing multiple headed serpent monster like the hydra.
  • Dragons. Yes there are the classic fire breathing dragons in Greek mythology. One guards the Golden Fleece and one guards the golden apples.
  • Ichneumon. Dragon slaying, mud dwelling mongoose like creatures. Kills dragons, wyverns and other serpent like creatures.
  • Arachne and her giant man eating spiders.

Arachne boasted she could weave better than Athena. So Athena turned her into a spider. Obviously a regular house spider is pretty boring so like with most things in Greek mythology she was probably a lot bigger than a normal spider. Hence the giant spiders.

Oscar also created clown headed giant spiders. Because he's ridiculous like that...

  • Hecatoncheires.

Giants with a hundred arms and many heads.

  • Campe/Kampa

Guards the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires in Tartarus. Looks like Scylla crossed with a manticore.

  • Geyron

A three headed giant. Hercules or Herakles had to slay him and bring his cattle to the king who assigned him his twelve labours.

  • Phorcys

Fathef of the Gorgons, The Graeae, Ladon and perhaps even Echidna herself. Primeval sea god. Looks like a fish man hybrid with crab claws.

  • Ceto

Mother of the Gorgons, The Graeae, Ladon and perhaps even Echidna herself. A terrible sea monster.

  • Titans.

Aka the gods of the Atlantean race. However where as Atlanteans saw them as gods. The Greeks saw them as monsters. Mostly big stomping elementals like the Lava Titan, Ice Titan and Rock Titan from Disney's Hercules.

  • Scylla

See Dionysus entry above. A nymph turned into a terrible sea monster with dog heads and multiple snake like heads by Circe.

She also hates cartoon trolls called Hugo. Although even Oscar hates Hugo the troll, so eh...

  • Charybdis

A sea monster lurking near Scylla. Looks like a giant whirlpool from the surface. The Greeks had their own version of the phrase "Between a rock and a hard place". Between Scylla and Charybdis.

  • Erymanthian Boar.

A large rabid boar with cartoon crazy eyes that flash red and yellow. Herakles had to catch it for one of his tasks.

  • Stymphalian birds.

See Atlantean entry. Bronze birds with bronze feathers they shoot at people. They nest in a swamp and they hate the sound of a particular rattle.

  • Polyphemus

A cyclops who was blinded by Odysseus. However Poseidon the sea god was his father or something so when he cried out to Poseidon that Odysseus had attacked him, Poseidon turned on Odysseus and made his voyage very, very difficult...

  • Talos.

An automaton or man made of bronze with a single vein containing all his blood held shut with a pin or stopper. Throws rocks at passing ships or bathes himself in volcanoes until he is red hot and hugs people. Ouch!

  • Saffron

A cute friendly cyclops illustrated by a Deviantart artist in a cutesy art style.

  • Donald Trump Cyclops

Encountered by the Animaniacs. Extremely annoying and uses people as loofahs.

Egyptian Mythology creature’s and their gods.

  • Ra. None, but you can train from your temples priests. Ra Priests can empower buildings just like the Pharaoh can!
  • Isis. None, but you can train from your temples priests. Isis Obelisks stop god powers, friendly or otherwise from being invoked where they are built.
  • Set/Sutekh. None but you can train from your temples priests and evil versions of food animals. Sutekh priests can corrupt local wildlife into evil servants of Sutekh.
  • Bast. Goddess of cats, which are sacred to Egyptians. And Art. She grants you the ability to summon Sphinxes.

The Sphinx. Giant lion beasts usually with human heads but can have other heads. Consumes only oils and perfumes. They do sometimes eat people as an act of terror but derive little nutritional benefits from proteins and lipids. Sphinxes spend their time asking travellers riddles, and killing those that answer incorrectly. (They spare those that turn back and go back the way they came.) The Sphinx as a combat unit though has the ability to turn into a sand storm as they shred enemy buildings to pieces.

The Sphinx can have a lion head, a human head, a ram’s head or a falcon’s head. Sometimes has wings.

  • Ptah. Creator God and maker of things. Also gives his worshippers new technology. Grants you Wadjet.

Wadjet. Giant winged cobras with vestigial wings for holding up their heavy cobra hoods. Attacks by spitting venom.

  • Anubis. The jackal headed god of embalming and death. His four sons guard a pharaohs organs for him until he gets to the afterlife. Anubis lends you his army of Anubits from the movie The Mummy Returns.

Anubits. Jackal headed people with sickles. Can jump really high and run really fast as they cut down your foes. Scary in huge numbers!

  • Hathor. The peaceful cow headed goddess. The peaceful and calm counterpart to the violent Sakhmet. She grants you Rocs and Petsuchos.

Rocs. A giant bird of prey from the tales of Sinbad! A non combat transportation unit. Ie it can’t fight but will carry other units and monsters for you across the map in its cage.

Petsuchos. Sun beam firing bejewelled crocodiles! They fire magnified beams of sunlight! Coooool! Suchos derives from the Egyptian god of crocodiles, Sobek or Suchos. It is also used in the Latin names of giant prehistoric crocodiles. If it has Suchos in its Latin name it’s a prehistoric crocodile.

  • Sakhmet. The violent alter ego of Hathor. A ferocious lioness goddess. Sent down to Earth by an angry Ra to punish mortals. She grants you giant scarabs.

Giant Scarabs. Giant dung beetles that eat buildings! When killed it sprays acidic blood everywhere.

  • Nepthys. The goddess of night and death! Also protects the pharaoh by breathing fire upon his enemies! Grants you scorpion men!

Scorpion Man. Really bad CGI Dwayne Johnson as a giant scorpion monster. Snips foes with their claws or stings with a venomous stinger.

Leviathan. A living aquatic tank. You can put your units inside this creature to transport them across rivers and seas.

  • Osiris. The god of pharaohs and later after he died he became lord of the underworld. Was killed by the evil god Set! Osiris grants you mummies!

Mummies. No not mothers, the undead kind. These undead creatures can convert enemy soldiers over to your side as tiny undead creatures like the pygmies from The Mummy Returns!

  • Horus. Warrior God and son of Osiris and Isis. Caught with his uncle Sutekh in revenge against him for murdering his father. However in their first battle he was blinded. When he got his eyes back he made them the sun and the moon. Then he killed Sutekh or banished him. Horus grants you Avengers.

Avengers. No not Marvel’s Avengers. These monsters are giants with falcon heads and massive swords. They spin about slicing up anything that gets in their way!

  • Thoth. The ibis headed god of wisdom and writing and sometimes magic. Sometimes he is a baboon. Grants you Phoenix and War Turtles.

Phoenix. Fire breathing birds of living fire! When killed they simply become eggs. Pay resources to quickly resurrect these immortal birds back to life to fight again!

War Turtle. Giant, really giant, monstrous turtles!

Other Egyptian monsters

  • Ammit/Egyptian Chimera. A heart devouring creature that eats the hearts of evil sinners at the weighing of the heart ceremony. If your heart is heavy with sins you get eaten by Ammit. This chimera has the back half of a hippopotamus, the front half of a lion and a crocodile’s head for its head.
  • Exodia/chained ones. Sometimes called the forbidden ones because they were chained up and separated like Osiris into fragmented body parts because they are so dangerous! Giant stone monsters with snarling faces wearing pharaoh headdresses and wrist braces from where they were chained up.
  • The Guardian(s) A jackal headed giant construct with huge swords. Indestructible in campaign mode. Unavailable in death match mode because it is extremely over powered. Only cheat units are stronger. Strangely despite how strong it is, you can easily kill them on custom scenarios such as Escape/Hunter games by building and upgrading lots of towers.
  • Genie/Djinn. An import from Arabic mythology, well the Greeks adapted manticores into theirs... however not the friendly wish granting kind. Rather the angry lightning bolt casting kind! Only in Egyptian units because of Overboard/Shipwreckers made the final world where you fight the genie boss vaguely desert/Egypt.
  • Giant sized serpents/Dragons. There are giant serpents such as Apep in Egypt mythology as well as snake like dragons. Not all are fire breathing. Some spit lightning or beams of plasma!
  • The undead! The undead and revenants feature a lot in Egyptian mythology. From mummies to those freaky Pygmy skeleton things from the Mummy Returns!

Giant Mummies that convert enemy units with a plague gas. Turns humans into undead monsters.

Cartoon mummies. Wrapped in bandages. Sometimes you can dissemble them into nothing but a pile of bandages by unraveling their bandages. Sometimes you get a naked and embarrassed ghoul/zombie. Although they can ensnare you in their bandages eg Ben 10’s Snare Oh. Or dislocate their jaws and swallow you whole. If that happens you can chest burst out of them alien style but often results in hoards of mini mummies!

Mummified guards/soldiers. Ie The Mummy with those er Mummy guards.

General undead. Ie people converted by the Osiris Mummies above.

Pygmies! Those annoying little shits in the Mummy Returns!

  • Carnivorous scarabs. Non giant Scarabs but flesh eating and they burrow under your skin like in the Mummy!
  • Living Shadows or Shadow beasts. Ie like in Tomb Raider the Cradle of Life. They dislike light as it reveals them. They prefer the dark where they can hide.
  • Bes. God of all that is good and fights injustice and evil. The opposite of Set basically. Also protector of mothers and children. A short bearded man pulling a silly face.
  • Taweret/Thoúeris. Hippo goddess of child birth.

Norse Mythological creatures and their gods

  • Odin. None, but you can train Hersirs from your temple(Norse hero units with big hammers). Odin also spawns his ravens for you as scouts.
  • Thor. None, but you can train Hersirs from your temple. Under Thor you get a special Armoury at Archaic age that contains extra weapon and armour upgrades beyond Iron. (The Norse likely knew of steel. They also discovered Mythril, meteor iron and how to make armour from dragon scales.)
  • Loki. None, but you can train Hersirs from your temple. No god bonus but you get to worship the evil gods! Mwuhahahaha! Plus going Loki is the only way to get the Nidhogg god power and to be able to summon giants, frost giants and fire giants in one play through!
  • Freyja. Goddess of Friday, yes the day Friday is named after her. Also Goddess of Love and Beauty. Grants you Valkyries!

Valkyries. Lady warriors with spears on white horses with Aurora Borealis following them, or announcing their presence. They take dying warriors off to Valhalla. In Age of Mythology they heal other units.

  • Heimdall. The god who protects the rainbow bridge to Asgard and Valhalla. Grants you Einherjars.

Einherjars. The brave and glorious dead of warriors and soldiers. The Norse believed it a great honour to die violently in battle and shameful to die of old age or illness. Only warriors got to go to Valhalla when they died and once there they feasted and drank and partying and fought endlessly to prepare for Ragnarok.

  • Forseti. The god of Justice and reconciliation. Also one of the more wimpy, nerdy gods compared to the badass big screaming men with beards gods! Oh yeah! Grants you trolls. Not the internet kind...

Trolls. The Norse started the trolls featured in many stories and tales. The original trolls haven’t changed. They are still vicious man eaters that throw rocks, sometimes have multiple heads, steal maidens, steal and eat babies and replace them with their own ugly offspring and yes they still turned into stone in sunlight in Norse stories too. Trolls hate goats! They will attack any nearby goats.

They throw rocks.

  • Skadi. The ice goddess and goddess of winter and harvests. Grants you frost giants.

Frost giants. People of the frost giant Thrym. They live in a realm of ice and represent the cold harsh weather if the north. Cold icy blue skinned white haired giants with icy breath that freezes everything!

  • Njord. God of nature and trees. Also one of cool angry big bearded gods. Grants you walking trees and Moutain giants. Also Krakens at your harbours.

Walking trees/Ents. Before Tolkien, walking trees were a thing in Norse mythology. The correct term is Treant, where the name Ent comes from. Other cultures have similar creatures like dryads etc.

Walking trees that hate lumberjacks! Cast this god power on trees to make walking ones.

Mountain Giant. Regular non elemental giants. Despite not having any fantastic powers like other giants. These giant humanoids from Jotun, the land of giants, are still big enough to trample buildings and smash stuff. It’s not know if they were man eaters like Greek giants or weather they simply were just over sized bullies...

Krakens. Giant man eating squids or Octopuses. Sinks ships.

  • Bragi. God of poetry. Grants you battle boars.

Battle Boar. A giant bronze boar that is highly destructive in its rampages. Smashes and bucks things.

  • Tyr. God of treaties. Grants you Fenris Wolves. The cubs of Fenris/Fenric. And the Elvers of Jormundgard.

Fenris Wolf Brood. Giant wolves! The offspring of Fenric!

Jormungard Elvers. Elvers or young eels of the Midgard Serpent Jormundgard. Train at harbour. They attack by breathing ultra hot steam.

  • Baldr. The God of order and sense. The opposite of his enemy Loki god of chaos and trickery. Grants you fire giants.

Fire giants of Muspellheim. Legions of the fire giant Surtr. They throw fire balls.

  • Hel. Goddess of um Hell or Hel. In Norse mythology it is shameful to die of old age or disease. Those that die bed ridden instead of in battle are condemned to Hel’s icy realm. Ruled over by Hel, half of her face is that of an old woman, the other half a decomposing corpse. She has no monsters of her own to grant you, but worship her and you get all three kinds of giant! Mountain, Frost and Fire Giants! Coooool!
  • Nidhogg. The dragon trapped under the world tree Yggdrasil. When Nidhogg breaks out at Ragnarok it will kill the gods, fighting alongside its siblings Fenris and Jormundgard. A typical western style fire breathing malevolent dragon. But has deer antlers.

Other Norse monsters and mythical creatures

  • Elves. Another inspiration to Tolkien. Tolkien insisted elves were more akin to divine, majestic and very tall beings, not diminutive, cute, friendly little creatures from fairytales.

Like Tolkien Elves. Norse Elves were tall, pale skinned, blond haired beings that loved and respect nature. In fact they hate it when people harm trees by cutting them down. Elves if they need furniture grow it by singing to the trees to grow in a certain way. Ie grow chairs and tables for them. They are also immortal and prefer endless diplomacy and debates. However when angered they are deadly archers! (Not to mention Tolkien’s elves made the finest orc and troll killing weapons.)

  • Dwarves. Diminutive, stubby little bearded men (There are female dwarves in some stories) but quick to anger and fierce. Again Norse and Tolkien are alike here. When Tolkien designed his dwarves, he didn’t envision cute, funny garden gnomes singing hi ho! Hi ho! While going to the mines. We’re talking short, but wide and tough bearded men with big hammers and battle axes! And they are not all sweetness and happy singing. They were fierce Warriors and quick to anger. They did mine though, they love mining and gems and gold.
  • Sentient, talking squirrels. In Norse mythology a talking squirrel called Ratatoskr would go down to Nidhogg and insult the dragon. They are also very Screwy...
  • Man. Humans, duh! Magic beings sometimes breed with them to create halflings eg Half elves, half dwarves... etc.
  • Hobbits/Halfmen. “Half sized” people. Very short people, slightly pointed ears and very furry feet. More akin to the cartoon depiction of “Elves” that Tolkien finds infuriating.
  • Orc. Beastly goblin like men that eat any meat, even human. Not created by the gods but by horribly transmogrifying other races such as elves.
  • Dark Elves/Drow. Night active or nocturnal elves with unnatural skin colours like blue or sickly green. Unlike regular elves they are always chaotically evil!
  • Trolls. See above. Big grey rock throwers. Some have multiple heads. They shy away from sunlight, preferring to be out at night because the sun turns them to stone. They are behind frightening stories of man eating beasts that kidnap maidens to impregnate, steal and eat babies only to leave in place, their own ugly offspring and hiding under bridges. Often portrayed as big, there are small trolls.
  • Goblin/Kobold. Small, green and nasty. They live in swamps.
  • Draugh. Norse zombies/undead basically.
  • Giants.

See above for Jötun (Conventional, mountain giants like Ymir.), Fire giants and Frost Giants.

  • Linnormr/Lindworms.

Wyverns. The old Germanic terms are Lindworm and Linnormr.

  • Hraesvelgr/Storm Giants.

Giant Eagle men! Every time they flap their wings they make powerful gales.

  • Changeling.

Baby fairies, demons or trolls left in a mortal house hold after its parents have kidnapped and/or eaten the original baby it has taken the place of.

Yes Norse is all very Tolkien... or Tolkien loved Norse mythology.

  • Wolves.

Particularly legendary wolves such as Fenric/Fenrir. Maybe giant or flying.

  • Boars.

Maybe metallic boars of bronze or living boars.

  • Horses.

Maybe eight legged horses like Sleipnir. Steeds with legendary powers like super speed, extra legs, flight etc.

Atlantean Mythical creatures and their gods.

  • Kronos. None, but you can train from your temples oracles, a scout with a staff that increases his line of sight whenever he is standing still. And turn any human units, including villagers into heroes. Also exclusively as Kronos you can time shift your buildings. Teleport them elsewhere. (Kinda like the Terran race in Starcraft who can make their buildings fly.)
  • Gaia. None, but you can train from your temples oracles. And turn any human units, including villagers into heroes. Also Gaia buildings generate lush terrain that enemies can’t build on. (Again like Starcraft but this time their Zergs and their creep.)
  • Ouranos. None, but you can train from your temples oracles. And turn any human units, including villagers into heroes. Also as Ouranos you can build Sky passages to teleport units across the map from inside any of these magic cabinets like buildings by barricading them inside and then ejecting from the sky passage you want. Like the Greek god power underworld passage but you can use it any time. But can only have up to ten sky passages on the map at a time.
  • Prometheus. The Titan who created man in Greek and Atlantean Myth. Although after the Titan war Zeus started again with his own humans, or Greeks just retconned Titan history. Prometheus also stole fire from the younger gods and was punished for doing so by being chained to a rock while an eagle ate his liver every morning. Prometheus grants you his “Humans” but taking the fact he made man out of clay a little too literally...

Prometheans. Humans created by Prometheus but literally as men of clay. Ie far more like the golem of Prague then fleshy humans. These clay people when killed instead break down into two smaller Prometheans as a second wind to continue fighting. Unfortunately these don’t divide and multiply on death, they just die.

  • Leto. Goddess of the moon and the unseen one. She made it her thing to be unseen and invisible to mortals. In turn she bestowed upon all creatures the intellect to preserve themselves by hiding or otherwise rendering themselves unseen. Ie she made creatures want to preserve themselves by stealthy means such as hiding, camouflage etc. Before her chameleons probably got eaten a lot. Also her god power is giant man eating trap door spiders!

Giant spiders! Leto grants you the ability to lay down thrice, some deadly trap door spider pits. Any enemies that walk over them gets eaten and you can hear them screaming horribly! Lovely!

Automatons. Leto also grants you automata. Machine men or primitive robots. Yeah the Atlanteans were that intelligent they already had robots! Atlanteans proudly boasted they never kept slaves like other races. Instead all labour was done by clockwork machine men called Automatons, very primitive robots.

  • Oceanus. Titan and Atlantean god of the oceans. Also teacher of mankind and my favourite fragment of Shenron when he turned evil. He suitably and ironically grants you aquatic creatures from your harbour. And Caladria from your temple.

Caladria. A winged harpy like being but less humanoid as they have bird talons for feet And clawed hands and inhuman skin colours like blue and purple. Also harpies are always females, Caladria are asexual/non gendered. Also Harpies are human sized, Caladria are monstrous in size!

Caladria are a healing myth unit. They can’t attack but will heal allied units that are idle. It is harder to heal moving or fighting units so you have to manually instruct them to with a right click.

Servant. A small djinn like being on a tiny cloud. Like Caladria but aquatic and spawned by the harbour. Heals your units for you.

Nereid. A type of nymph riding on a shark! Shark riding women with spears/harpoons.

Man o war. Giant electric jellyfish! Coooool!

  • Rheia. The literal mother of gods. Also her worshippers were the most festive with dancing and celebration and noise! So she was a festive goddess of dancing and performances.

Rheia grants you behemoths. The Atlantean behemoth unlike the biblical one was a large dinosaur like beast with an impenetrable hide. Not even Zeus’s lightning bolts could harm it. In game though they just have the ability to slowly regenerate and are immune to lightning attacks and lightning bolt/Lightning storm god powers. They also look like Anguirus.

  • Hyperion. Father of the sun, the moon and dawn. God of space and astral bodies. Grants you Satyrs and fawns.
  • Satyr. Part man, part goat. Or men with goat horns and goat legs and goat asses with goat tails. Armed with spears they throw endlessly.
  • Fawn. Unlike the violent satyrs they are loyal and friendly to allied units increasing moral and unit strength temporary like Arkantos’s war cry ability, by playing their lyres and pan pipes. Also where as Satyrs are beastly feral goat men, fauns are cute, mischievous little goat hybrid children. A human child with goat horns and goat from the waist down and a goat tail.
  • Theia. Goddess of light. Seeing, in general and extra sensory sight, and goddess who bestowed gems and precious ores upon the Earth.

Grants you Stymphalian birds. Giant killer bronze birds that fire razor sharp bronze feathers as arrows and I quote Wikipedia “Destroys” people. Not simply kill but destroy!

  • Helios. The Atlantean sun god. Grants you strangely enough Gigantes and Heka Gigantes. You’d think that would be Atlas’s thing...

Gigantes. A giant. Like the Norse mountain giant but wearing great chitons and of Mediterranean appearance. Some had multiple heads, Greece had a thing for multiple heads...

Heka Gigantes. Same but more reptilian as they’re blue covered in scales and have lizard tails. Also they have six arms each.

  • Atlas. The Titan who holds up the sky. Strangely he grants you Argus as a myth unit.

Argus. The Atlantean Argus is a giant flying octopus that vomits corrosive acid! Yikes!

  • Hekate. The goddess of magic and witchcraft. An old goddess from ancient times still worshipped by pagans and wiccans to this day. Grants you lampades.

Lampades. Undead women with eerie glowing lights that lead enemy units astray and corrupt them so they turn on their fellow comrades. Similar to the tales of Will o wisps and hinkypunks and Jack that Jack o lanterns are named after. Just send them straight into the enemy and watch the chaos unfold!

Other Titans and uh monsters

Canon left out a lot of the Titans and only used some of their offspring. I get canon not using Zeus and his lot because of the obvious but still... also I put all the aquatic myth units exclusively under Oceanus because sea creatures are his thing.

  • Tethys. Titaness and Goddess of fresh water, ie rivers and lakes, and nursing. (Childbirth etc.) wife of Oceanus. She grants you bears because according to Wikipedia she was associated with bear constellations.

Winged bears. Tethys allows you to train from your temple at heroic age winged bears.

  • Coeus. The questioner and thinker of the Titans. Husband of Phoebe and father of Leto. Grants you Tartarus Spawn.

Tartarus Spawn. Was a god power to unleash neutral monsters on an area but that’s not useful. Instead you can summon under Coeus these frightening demon dogs from Tartarus! Yes big demonic terror dogs from a suitably evil portal. Upgrades to Hell Spawn which gives them an extra head or two. Because Greek and Atlantean myth had a thing for dogs with multiple heads too.

  • Phoebe. Wife of Coeus and the originator of the name Phoebe. No she doesn’t sing about smelly cats.

Dryads and Nymphs. Phoebe allows you to summon Dryads from the tree of Herspides when you spawn it or Nymphs from your harbour. Dryads are tree people or nature spirits. Nymphs are water spirits. Dryads can also be upgraded with a Myth technology into Hamadryads. Which are just stronger and have better crushing attacks so you don’t hear their weird masculine cries as often.

  • Nmenosyn. Titan Goddess of memory and mother of the muses. Grants you basilisks.

Basilisks. Giant snakes that kill with one look. in game they rapidly drain health with eye beams.

  • Crius. God of constellations.

Constellations/Zodiacs. Worship Crius as a minor god and you get to summon living constellations from your temple that shower your enemies with falling stars! (Like the meteor god power but smaller projectiles over a smaller area and weaker.) a sort of archer but attacks from above.

  • Lapetus. Father of Prometheus and Atlas and other originators of early man. Grants you as an alternative to Prometheus’s clay men, Troglodytes.

Troglodyte. Cave people but not cartoonish cave men, beastly meat eating primitives from other cultures that weren’t as intelligent and civilised as the Atlanteans who they probably thought of as gods or super people.

  • Nyx.

Primeval deity of night. Often looks like a monster.

  • Hypnos.

Titan of Sleep.

  • Thanatos.

Titan of Death!

  • Erebus.

Primeval deity of darkness!

  • The Great Leviathan.

A leviathan summoned by the Atlantean prince Dartz for some evil reason. He tried to resummmon it in the modern times by providing it with souls but Atem kicked his ass so it ate him as the final sacrifice instead then sort of melted and attacked the world as a goop monster that grabbed people with its slime and absorbed them.

Chinese Monsters and Gods

  • Fu Xi. None but he grants you Blessed construction ability. For a price, you can make a building construct faster. Also like the other two major gods you get to spawn monks from your temple. That’s your hero unit. And all eight immortals.
  • Nu Wa. None but allows you to build the market in the Classic age. Ditto with Monks as soon as you have a temple.
  • Shennong. None but your monks can convert enemy myth units to your side!

  • Son Wukong. Monkey Hero from the PlayStation game Monkey Hero is a Chinese monkey god! Cooooool! The rebel god. He sought immortality by any sneaky means and tricks. And even invaded heaven! However after being imprisoned under a mountain for 500 years and given a magic headband that squeezes his head when he misbehaved, he turned good. Now he fights demons. He grants you Monkey Kings.

Monkey Kings. Super monkeys with staffs and flying clouds to ride on!

  • Chang’e. The moon goddess. No her name isn’t pronounced change... her goddess power is a barrage of arrows. She grants you Qilin.

Qilin. Draconic giraffes or Chinese unicorns with golden blood, colourful scales and hooves. On death, their blood heals your other units.

  • Huang Di. The yellow emperor and later ascended to godhood. He grants you Terracotta Warriors.

Terracotta Warriors. Like the Atlantean Prometheans they are clay warriors. But on death they shatter into a harmful dust instead of duplicating.

  • Dabo Gong. The god of wealth. Grants you Pixiu.

Pixiu. Winged golden lion dogs that resemble Chinese lion dog statues or Fuu dogs. They are very good at destroying buildings with crushing melee damage.

  • Zhong Kui. The god of demons and the underworld. Grants you Jiangshi.

Jiangshi. Chinese hopping vampires! This type of vampire is stiff with rigor mortis so it hops about with its arms outstretched and drains life from nearby enemies.

  • He Bo. River God. Grants you War Salamanders.

War Salamander. Giant fire breathing salamanders. They are immune to fire and can snuff out flames just by walking into them. They can also poison fruit just by touching it hence if a salamander climbs in a fruit tree. The tree is considered poisoned and not fit to eat from. These units are also aquatic.

  • Ao Kuang. The Dragon god. Grants you Chinese dragons.

The Azure Dragon. A Chinese style dragon. Breathes fire and grants wishes to those that have all seven Dragonballs.

Earth Dragon. Ao Kuang’s god power summons a huge but immobile dragon to kill the heck out of everything as long as the dragon lasts.

Dragon turtles. Like Egypt’s giant war turtles but fire breathers instead of melee.

  • Xi Wangmu. Goddess and Queen of the West. Grants you white tigers.

White Tigers. White tigers, duh. Does whatever regular orange tigers do best.

  • Chongli. God of Fire. Grants you Vermilion Birds.

Vermilion Bird. Or Eastern Phoenixes. Attacks with fire tornadoes!

Other Chinese monsters

  • Yan Wang. Chinese Satan, or emperor of all eighteen Chinese Hells! Grants you hungry ghosts as myth units.

Hungry Ghosts. Ghosts of those that died violently or are neglected by surviving loved ones and not properly revered. They have three kinds. The size of their mouths and how much offered food needed to satisfy them is based on how wealthy they were in life.

Fire Hungry Ghosts. They breath fire that can’t be extinguished.

Needle Haired Hungry Ghost. Fires razor sharp needle like hairs like a certain sandal throwing video game character.

Putrid Hungry Ghost. They stink and are slimy. Has foul poisonous breath. They try to satisfy their hunger by eating sludge and fecal matter.

  • Fuu Dog. Lion dogs. Same as Pixiu except without wings and made of stone instead of gold.
  • Haetae. Fire breathing and fire eating lion dogs with horns on their heads and flaming tails.
  • Zouyu pandas. Giant sentient pandas.
  • Nightmares. Sentient Locust men that might be aliens. Son Wukong’s sworn enemies. Evil locust men ruled by the Nightmare King. They have spears, throwing knives or spinning rapidly with scimitars.
  • Real dragons. Chinese legends of dragons are based on the real dragons of the east, the Komodo dragon. A creature that putrefies flesh it bites with its germ contagion saliva.
  • Men with razor sharp disk hats printed with the yin yang symbol on them.
  • Moon rabbits. Like in Shintō, the Chinese also believe there are rabbits on the moon! They are companions of the moon goddess Chang-e. They help her make medicine for the mortals and moon cakes. They live near cinnamon trees that somehow grow on the moon.

Christian Pantheon and Monsters/beings

  • God. Lord, The Father, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah. The one true lord. Grants you no myth units but worship him as your Major God and you instantly gain the ability Omniscence which normally cost a massive amount of gold that increments by a thousand for each unit or building your foes have. Yes you get it immediately for free! Also all Major Gods in this pantheon grant you vicars/priests at your church and dead units come back as Saints, your hero unit. Like Egyptian pharaoh, there is a naming pattern that saints have St. followed by a randomly assigned name. You gain favour as long as your royal castle and Church are intact and only when your villagers, called peasants are garrisoned in the churches. Giving gold to your church also grants you some favour.
  • Jesus. Jesus H Christ. The Son. No myth units but your churches heal any units standing near them. Again vicars/priests are hero units from the church or Saints from dead units.
  • The Holy Spirit. The Lord’s magic fire, the Lord’s divine wrath. Arks are now Arks of the Covenant and kill enemies near them by melting them!
  • St. Peter. Guards the gates of heaven and decides who goes in or not. Grants you Angels.

Angels. People with halos, white wings and white gowns. Armed with flaming swords and golden bows of light with light arrows. Heavenly might tech upgrade upgrades them to Archangels. Now they have four wings each and are named. The Sephirot upgrades them to Seraphangels. Now they have six wings.

  • St. George. dragon slayer. Garrison knights in your church to get Holy knights which count as hero units! However they may go awol to search for holy grails or go rogue and form Knights Templar’s so you’ll have to go medieval on these rogue units! St George grants you Holy Grail bearers.

Holy Grail bearers. People carrying holy grails to heal friendly units by extending their lives with a drink from the holy grail.

Dragons. St George also grants you western style dragons. Chaotically evil fire breathers.

St. George also makes your harbours train Leviathans.

Leviathan. Unlike the Egypt one, it is a sea serpent. The offspring of the legendary leviathan.

  • Mary. The earthly mother of Jesus. Grants you Cherubs.

Cherub/Putti. These Winged babies from the Hellenistic times came back in the renaissance. Naked winged babies. The shame of man tech upgrade reclothes them in diapers. Which they attack with. They hurl their soiled diapers at the enemy. It’s a flying winged baby!

  • Moses. Freed the Hebrews from Egypt. Grants you Angels of death/Grim reapers and the plagues as a god power. The reliquary produces the Ark siege unit.

Angel of Death/Grim reaper. Grim reapers, duh.

Arks. Golden boxes carried by four men. Generates Holy light that damages nearby enemies. A siege unit.

  • Satan. The devil. Formally Lucifer the fallen angel. Grants you demons.

Demons. Red hircine beings with tridents and wings.

Satan grants the fissure god power. Rivers of lava kill everything!

  • Noah. Made a giant ark, a wooden boat and kept two of every animal on it. At your harbour you get Arks of Noah which can sail on water or in the sky and Jonah’s whale.

Noah’s Ark. a hero unit ship. A huge flying ship!

Jonah’s Whale. Naval myth units. Whales basically.

  • Judas, the traitor. Betrayed Jesus by alerting his whereabouts to the Romans. Grants you Behemoths.

Behemoth. Unlike the Atlantean one it is a huge horned furry beast that rampages about smashing everything. Expensive in resources because one or two are enough to get the job done!

  • Adam and Eve. The first humans. Grants the garden of Eden god power. And gives you leprechauns and dinosaurs.

Leprechauns. Medieval Europe took up some of mysticism of Norse mythology and added their own creatures like leprechauns. Small Irish men in green with pots of gold near rainbows. Wherever they hop they make tiny rainbows!

Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs lived in the garden of Eden too! However these prehistoric monsters are dead now, probably because they ate the forbidden fruit too.

  • St John the Baptist. Grants you a giant baptism font as a god power. And Limbo souls as a myth unit.

Limbo. Those that don’t get baptised go to limbo when they die. These miserable souls try to cheer themselves up with games of limbo.

Other important people in the bible and monsters

  • Cain, the first ever murderer!
  • Lilith. Adam’s first wife in some legends. She left him for the archangel Samnael and would not return to him.
  • Joseph. Stepfather of Jesus and he had a magic colourful coat.
  • Fantasy creatures such as Leprechauns, pixies, goblins and fairies. Some naughty pagans really liked the stories the Norse left behind and added it to European stories.

Sumerian Gods and Myth units

  • Anu. The creator god and Sky God in Sumerian myth an possibly other very ancient civilisations like Babylon etc. Grants no myth units but temples produce Fanatics from the Atlantan civilisation because I decided batshit insane blood warriors do not belong in such a refined culture and belong in an evil culture like Sumerian or Babylonian. Fanatics are mad, violent warriors with two swords that kill or try to kill anything in their way. Your god bonus for worshipping Anu is that Farms are free.
  • Enli. God of wind and storms and father of demon gods like Baal and Pazuzu. No myth units yet but Fanatics as your basic hero units. Corrupts your allies allowing them access to the evil minor gods and evil myth units of their cultures. Ie Enli’s subversion makes Greek players into Roman, Egyptians can worship Set, Apep and Aten, the false sun god Akhenaten invented. Christian civilisations worship the demons instead etc. If you’re not playing a team game, corrupt just yourself.
  • Enki. God of many things like arts and culture and rivers and fertility etc. Far more benevolent than his evil brother. As well as allowing you to train fanatics he grants you a Time gate. Put monsters or units in. Bring them out later when things look grim for your base/city. A reference to ancient cultures surviving into the present and being reborn as paganism.
  • Pazuzu. A wind demon god with many faces who likes to possess people. He also likes joking with foolish exorcism priests by calling himself false names like Captain Howdy and Baphomet. Grants you the gift of summoning his race.

Pazuzu race. Four faces, feathered wings and tails, and snakes for penises! They fly about as a simple flying myth unit.

  • Gozer the Gozorian. An evil Demi god opposed by Tiamat. It is whatever it wants to be. Asks Mortals if they are gods. If not it will destroy them then ask any survivors to chose the form it will take to destroy them. Only by thinking of nothing or Tiamat being there will stop Gozer.

Avatar of the Destructor. Gozer’s god power is to come down as a random giant monster or even anything and destroy your enemy.

Terror Dogs. Through Gozer’s pets Zuul and Vinz Clortho you are granted their people Terror dogs. Evil black dog gargoyle things with red eyes that hide in refrigerators and make demonic arms sprout from arm chairs and couches.

  • Baal. Looks like what the Christian Civilization thinks demons look like. Big scary with horns on his head and big wings. Worshipped as a false idol by heretics until Moses was ordered to kill them. He is a weather and sea and fertility god. He grants you gargoyles.

Gargoyles. Enough said. Can turn into indestructible statues that look exactly like units petrified by a gorgon.

Gargouille/Orca. An aquatic beast trained at your harbour with blowholes on its snout that’s it uses to breathe steam and upturn ships. We now know these as whales, particularly Orca whales.

  • Marduk. God of cities and resides in his own dimension called the Aether. Also an enemy of Tiamat but far more benevolent than Gozer. Well at least his worshippers think so! Gave his worshippers advanced technology that rivals that of the Atlanteans. Grants you griffins, called Musshussu in Sumerian.

Sumerrian manticores or Musshussu. A draconic creature with back legs like an eagle’s talons and front legs that are lion like. Also a snake for a tail like a chimera or a scorpion tail like a manticore. However Musshussu petrify with their sting. Like Echidna. Some have feathered wings.

  • Tiamat. A serpentine multi headed dragon goddess with many rival gods she fights against such as Marduk and Gozer. Sort of a paradox. She’ll banish Gozer for you if she’s around but in Akkadian mythology before Marduk killed her she unleashed the monsters of Sumerian mythology including her dragons!

Tiamat Dragons. They have poisonous (possibly acidic) blood instead of blood.

  • Innana/Ishtar. Goddess of divine justice and lions and sea monsters. And sea lions and monsters.

Your harbours with her power make Sea-Lions! Part lion part fish!

Temples grant Winged Lions/Shedu. Lions with wings. May have multiple heads.

  • Nergal. The god of plagues and illnesses. Cruelly infect your villagers with boils and ailments and send them over to the enemy!

Plague carrier. A poor villager or labourer or Norse gatherer etc carrying diseases. Garrison a villager in your temple and the icon for this myth unit becomes Available to click and then if you have the resources and favour... you get a plague carrying villager!

  • Dagon. Merman god of demons which in Mesopotamia can be evil or good. Of course for destructive purposes so you can fight your enemies you get the bad ones.

Dagon grants you Kulilu. Fish men or Mermen or Mesopotamian/Sumerian mythology. Basically evil Mermen.

Other Sumerian Monsters

  • Alu with an accent on the U. A sleep paralysis demon! Has no form but apparently they are faceless, literally!
  • Edimmu. The undead!
  • Asags. A naval myth unit from your harbours that is so evil that it boils the very waters it swims in, boiling other sea creatures alive!

When an adult Asag dies, its young quickly mutate into the adult form.

Shinto Monsters and Yokai

Japanese mythology! This civilisation like the Protoss needs to build pylons, called shrines for the Shinto civilisation. However this not for base expansion but favour gathering. The more shrines you have, the faster your favour replenishes. Also they are cheap and are essentially towers that can’t defend themselves. So this race is horribly broken in terms of favour production.

  • Amenominakanushi, the central master. Temples make monks and geisha women. God bonus grants units the ability to walk on rainbow roads wherever they go. They can even walk over water, molten lava or even thin air!
  • Takamimusubi, the high creator. Temples make monks and geisha women. God bonus grants you a special farm called the rice farm. These can be constructed underwater as the rice plant prefers to grow submerged. Rice farms produce food faster than regular farms.
  • Kamimusubi, the divine creator. Temples make monks and geisha women. God bonus is the ability to give life to buildings and objects in your base at mythical age.
  • Inari Ōkami. Kami of foxes and rice and agriculture. Grants you Demon foxes and Fox demons. Japanese myth units of certain kinds don’t get two tiered or three tiered upgrades instead they evolve like anime monsters aka Pokémon.

Fox demon, starts as a cute little child with a single fluffy fox tail and digitgrade paws. They can’t do much better than a human unit except on the account they classify as myth units so are vulnerable to hero units but can easily kill basic soldiers. They bare handed or with their toys. If you take their favourite toy ball you can enslave them! Although why you’d want to do that...

Two to four tails. Fox form. In human form a boy with two to four tails, although by four tails they have reached adolescence. Can fly with their tails like Tails from Sonic. In fox form they are becoming dangerous.

Nine tailed Demon Fox. Fox demons that reach this stage lose their humanity but become extremely powerful monsters. Fox Demons grow tails by killing enemy units. Like the hydra does to grow heads.

  • Suijin. The Kami of water. Grants you Kappas.

Kappa. A water demon that has multiple descriptions but usually turtle like with a depression on their heads that holds water and must do so or they lose their powers. Ferocious man eating creatures they are also devoted to keeping their word and rewarding politeness. Ie they feel compelled to polite bow to those that bow to them and they like to eat cucumbers so will befriend those that gift them with cucumbers. Their favourite organ of their victims to eat is a ball shaped organ found in the anus.

They hate people farting in their faces,

  • Inugami. God or kami of dogs. Makes Inu yokai, raccoon dog Tanuki and “That” Tanuki...

Dog yokai. Humanoid with dog ears and tails. And razor sharp fangs and talons and a sword made from their father’s fang and they annoy modern day Japanese school girls but can be easily stopped or restrained with paper talisman or magic necklaces. Also they dislike half yokais in their pack.

  • Uke Mochi. Goddess of food. Her name means a type of cake made of rice. Makes Futakuchi Onna at your temples to train if you worship her.

Futakuchi Onna. The women with two mouths. Women with a monstrous mouth usually on the back of their head, but in game a huge toothsome maw appears from them as they devour your enemies! A monster blamed for food going missing. Families finding their larders low on food assume they are haunted by a Futakuchi Onna.

  • Ebisu. God of fishermen. Grants you flying fish.

Flying Fish. But shark sized and vicious!

  • Fuijin. God of wind.

Oni. Japanese ogres/demons. Have one horn on their heads, red or blue skin, often in a pair of a blue oni and a red oni. Like Djinns, blue are often benevolent and red ones are evil however this sadly isn’t always the case as both coloured Oni can be evil.

  • Hachiman. God of war. Grants you object yokais and Onna.

Tsukumogami. 100 year old object that comes to life for example umbrellas. Umbrellas with a life of their own spawn from your temple when trained.

  • Jiraiya. A ninja that could turn into a giant toad.

Giant man eating toads and frogs. Toads and frogs are powerful creatures in Japanese myth and folklore. Grabs and eats enemy units with their tongues.

  • Nekogamijinja. Goddess of cats.

Grants you lucky cats! The lucky cat is a cat based on the waving cat statues people keep in their homes to promote wealth. They give you free gold as long as they live.

Other Shintō monsters

  • Tengu. Bird men monster that live on mountains.
  • Hyakume. Japanese Argus. A creature with a hundred eyes that guards temples and tombs. However unlike the Greek and Atlantean Argus, it is peaceful and does not harm humans.
  • Hoshi no tama. A fox demon’s toy ball. If taken you are now master of that Fox demon.
  • Oni. Conventional demons basically. Their name means Ogre, so they’re more of an eastern ogre.
  • Moon rabbits. Japanese believe there are rabbit living on the moon! They eat moon carrots!
  • Onna. Undead and humanoid monsters of what the ancient Japanese have as urban legends. Some are warnings to children to not let strangers in or take gifts from strangers etc.
  • Onryo. Angry ghosts. Some kill you in seven days for watching a video tape and lurk in wells. Others crab walk up and down stairs and rip out your jaws!
  • Giant fire breathing chickens! (Eastern cockatrice)
  • Eastern Hydra. The God of storms in Shintō mythology killed a many headed lizard monster with the legendary sword kusanagi.
  • Toilet Morpheus/Aka Manto. The Morpheus of toilet paper! Offers red or blue toilet paper then horribly kills you depending on what one you pick.
  • Yokai. Their name means demon but they are very unlike Christianity times demons. For one some are benevolent or beyond human concepts of good and evil as they only follow their instincts. And they are hybrid creatures of human and animals. Ie a kitsune yokai is a fox demon.
  • Spirits. Spiritual beings like toilet paper Morpheus. Some are benign, some kill! The dangerous ones are a ritual to test lessons such as not accepting gifts from strangers etc.
  • Jinn. Animal people or people with some animal features. But unlike Yokai, none or very little supernatural power. Eg Neko-jinn. Cat people.
  • Mythical creature. Your stock monsters and the bread and butter of mythical beings. Raccoon dogs and nine tailed foxes fall under these.
  • Nekojinn. Cat girls with cat ears and tails but humanoid.
  • Raccoon dogs/Tanooki.
  • Living statues with enormous testicles!/Tanuki. Said to be the same thing as raccoon dogs.
  • Tiger wolves. Eastern Tasmanian tigers. Except in Shintō they have horns and elemental powers!
  • Amaretsu. Sun goddess and a white wolf with many tails with paintbrushes at the tips.
  • Giant lady snakes! There is a legendary white snake and a legendary green snake in Shintō legends.
  • Jorogumo. Giant spider/spider lady hybrid yokai. Like Arachne but Japanese mythology.
  • Hentai tentacle monsters! Monsters with tentacles that molest Sailor Moon girls and other pretty anime girls. Mmmmmmmmmm!

Hindu and Persian mythology

  • Brahma. The big, main god of Hinduism. It is said the other gods are incarnations of Vishnu in the multiple lives he lived or something. Temples train Yogis (A yoga master, not Yogi bear...) They attack by firing lasers out of their red forehead dot.
  • Vishnu. The preservation and protector of mortals and the Earth. Can shape shift and lived many lives as other gods such as Rama and Lord Krishna. Again Temples train Yogis as your basic hero unit. Town centre heroes come back to life ever so often so don’t need to retrain a new one.
  • Shiva. The closest Hinduism has to a malevolent or evil god. The destroyer god but sometimes associated with oxen and art/performances. Again temples train Yogis. But with Shiva as your major god they train evil Thuggees too! A Thuggee are Kali worshipping murderers that kill travellers by strangling them with their scarfs.
  • Ganesh. The elephant headed god known as the remover of obstacles and problems in life. His father Shiva cut off his head and gave him a new elephant head. He loves peanuts.

Ganesh’s myth unit is the war elephant like Egypt’s but they are nicely decorated with jewels and festive outfits.

Ganesh’s unique hero is Joseph Merrick, the elephant man.

  • Hanuman. The monkey god who eats the sun every evening because he thinks it’s a ripe mango. God of wisdom, strength and courage.

Hanuman’s myth units are super big monkeys like Sun Wukong’s but without staves. Instead they have maces and Petsuchos sun lasers just heal them.

Hanuman’s hero unit is Hanuman-man. A flying blue monkey man who can stretch or elongate his penis as long as he desires to give the hottest dickings ever!

  • Kali. Kali ma! Kali ma shakti de! Kali maaaaaaa! The goddess of death, but considered in a benevolent way because she represents that all things have to die eventually and generally waits until a mortal has passed and takes them to the afterlife. However the evil Thuggee sacrifice people and offer their hearts to her for some reason. She is depicted as being completely black with red eyes her tongue hanging out and a mad, violent expression on her face and having multiple arms. Because Hinduism has a thing for multiple arms... She also likes to stamp on her husband Shiva for some reason and she once drank a demon’s blood because if a single drop of it hit the ground he would regenerate and come back to life.

Her myth unit is a race of multiple armed people like Sheeva from Mortal Kombat. The Shokan. They have multiple pairs of arms. At least two pairs. For holding several scimitars to slice you up with...

Kali’s hero unit is Mola Ram. Yes Mola Ram...

  • Nagini. Snake goddess and Voldemort’s pet. Sometimes has multiple cobra heads.

Nagini’s myth unit are Nagas. Snake people that are human from the waist up but snake from the waist down. They hate Garuda’s for some reason. The first tech upgrade turns them into Pannagas. The second tech upgrade turns them into Uragas.

  • Garuda. Vishnu’s steed he flies about on.
  • Indra. God of lightning

Garuda and Indra’s myth unit is the Garuda. A legendary monster bird like the Phoenix but with lightning powers to shoot bolts of chain lightning at your enemies! They hate Nagas for some reason.

  • Kamadhenu. Cow goddess.

Her myth unit are sacred cows. Strike them down and feel Kamadhenu’s wrath! They are weak but because Kamadhenu immediately smites anyone stupid enough to attack them, send them straight at the enemy!

  • Krishna. An incarnation of Vishnu. Ties Hinduism and Buddhism together because apparently he then reincarnated into the Buddha somehow...

His myth unit is the Djinn or Genie. Djinn grant wishes or fire lightning and hurl fire balls at your enemies.

  • Rudra. God of wind.

Rudra’s myth unit are Rocs. Like Egypt but instead of petsuchos as an attack unit to bolster the docile rocs you get a special hero unit Sinbad the sailor!

  • Agni. God of fire.

Agni’s myth unit is living fire snakes.

  • Kamadeva.

Hindu equivalent of Eros/Cupid. The god of love.

Other Hindu and Persian monsters

  • Deva.

Benevolent Demi gods and giants.

  • Asura.

Malevolent/Evil Demi gods and giants. Ie power hungry or destructive. Such as Asura.

  • Yaksha.

Nature spirits. Ie like Dryads from Greek and Atlantean mythology.

  • Rakshasha.

Ghouls and vampires and zombies in Hindu mythology. Man eating fiends.

  • Mara.

Snake like demon that controls the action of its host via their dreams and fears. Always malevolent!

  • Djinn/Genies.

Both the friendly wish granting kind and the evil destructive kind. The lines blur that you can get trapped Evil Djinn that have to grant wishes but take joy in twisting the wishes horribly to back fire on the person who made them. And you can get freed nice genies who mind their own businesses living peacefully amongst humans occasionally protecting them.

  • Manticores.

See Greek mythology. Lion with a monstrous humanoid face with a wide maw of razor sharp teeth, a scorpion tail, venomous tarantula quills it launches at prey and sometimes dragon like wings. The Greeks adapted it to their myths.

  • Ifrit/Iblis

Satan basically.

Roman Mythology

  • Jupiter. Roman’s equivalent of Zeus. Sky and lightning god and king of the gods. Major god so no myth units. Temples train hedonists, ooooooh you saucy Romans! The big planet with a red spot is named after him.
  • Neotune. Roman’s equivalent of Poseidon. Ocean god and lord of horses. Temples train hedonists. The blue icy planet of Neptune is named after him.
  • Pluto. Roman’s equivalent of Hades. Lord of the underworld and death. Temples train hedonists. The far and distance icy dwarf planet Pluto is named after him. Along with Mickey Mouse’s dog!
  • Minerva. Roman version of Athena. Goddess of wisdom and technology. Grants you roman minotaurs probably.
  • Mercury. Roman Hermes. The closest planet to the sun is named after him. And the metal Mercury.
  • Mars. Roman Ares. The red planet is named after him. And the chocolate bar.
  • Apollo, Rome has the same name. Well space scientists with an obsession for all things Roman names all their rockets Apollo.... Sun god, Music god, medicine god. Etc.
  • Bacchus. Roman Dionysus. God of alcohol and debauchery. The satyr god.
  • Venus. Roman Aphrodite. Goddess of love. The planet of love, being extremely hot with bone crushing gravity and sulphuric acid rain and very thick atmosphere is named after her.
  • Juno. Roman Hera. Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage.
  • Vulcan. Roman Hephaestus. God of volcanoes and blacksmiths. He destroyed Pompeii because it angered him.
  • Diana. Roman Artemis. Brits liked her name so much they named their princesses after her.

Other Roman Gods

  • Saturn. Roman version of the Titan Kronos. The big ringed planet Saturn is named after him.
  • Gaia/Terra is Earth, since we’re dealing with Latin. The ancient Earth goddess is called Terra by the Romans.
  • Uranus or Your anus. The Roman equivalent of the primordial sky god Ouranos. He was literally a butthole. The icy cold planet Uranus is named after him.
  • Janus. Roman god of gates, beginnings and endings with multiple faces looking in different directions. Has no Greek or Atlantean equivalent. The villains in Goldeneye are the Janus Syndicate.
  • Cupid.

Roman Eros. The god of early stages of love, ie attraction/courting. Looks like a winged baby that shoots arrows with heart shaped heads at people that make them fall instantly in love with one another.

  • Discordia.

Roman Eris. Goddess of chaos.

  • Concordia.

Roman version of Harmony. goddess of order and harmony.

Romans invented gladiator death fights/armed combat in death arenas. Theatre. Death combat against dangerous animals like lions. They also created the tortoise shell defence strategy in war by covering a small platoon of soldiers with their shields to block projectiles. They also invented pasta and pizza. Romans had siege weapons such as the catapult, the trebuchet and the repeating ballista, a primitive mounted machine gun!

Celtic Gods

Celts. Ancient Britain. Most of their gods are Ghostbusters monsters, Link’s horse and Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

  • Samhain

The pumpkin headed god of the Samhain harvest or autumn harvest and Halloween. Dislikes the Ghostbusters and wants to bring us eternal night. Which is great for vampires.

Most of his minions are ghouls, imps, goblins, boggles etc However one of his rampages involving the dead prankster Jack O’lantern/Will’o Wisp involved pumpkins, yes pumpkin headed plant monsters. He’s also affiliated with the grand pumpkin from the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIX. And one of his pumpkin patches under his dark protection in Wyrditch woods near Oscar Tamaki’s home is home to a cartoon slime monster that steals Halloween candy.

  • Cernnunos.

God of nature and called upon in pagan magic rituals. Also he was a monster in Extreme Ghostbusters for some reason.

His domain over nature grants you Gurgis. Yes Gurgi. The furry dog-badger man from The Black Cauldron. However Lord Cernunnos was captured by the Ghostbusters for some reason.

  • Morrigan

Fearsome war goddess. Also a character in Darkstalkers. Mmmmmm sexy demon...

  • Epona

Goddess of horses. Also Link’s horse in Zelda!

  • Hekate/Hecate

See Atlantean mythology. Goddess of witchcraft. Also the moon and doors.

Her creatures are creatures of the night like Hell Hounds and vampires etc.

  • Arawn

The main bad guy of the Chronicles of Prydain aka Disney’s The Black Cauldron. He ate his chief henchman The Horned King while inhabiting a magic cauldron. He also took Gurgi’s soul but he got it back because the movie needed a happy ending.

Pagan/Medieval mythology

In the Medieval times everyone was Christian or you got burnt at stake. Some people secretly were pagans and worshipped ancient gods like Baal. This section focuses more on mythical creatures than gods for this reason.

  • Dragon. Western dragons. Always evil, breathes fire, has bat like wings and sometimes horns. Wings are separate limbs from the front legs unlike Wyverns.
  • Wyverns. Smaller than dragons and their front legs or arms are their wings. Breaths fire but may also breath poisonous fumes.
  • Gargoyles. Turns from stone to living monsters and back again. Known for being ugly.
  • Cockatrice. A giant chicken monster with a snake like tail, antlers and scaly skin. Kills or petrifies with one look.
  • Basilisk. A giant snake that kills with one look and has lethal venom that kills quickly. In medieval legends Cockatrices and basilisks are fatally weak to the cry of a rooster or by setting a mongoose on them.
  • Monopod. A one legged giant.
  • Alphyn. A wolf lion like monster with bird talons.
  • Liger, a lion tiger hybrid.
  • Winged snake, a flying snake with wings.
  • Wyrm. Wingless dragon or Wyvern.
  • Sea serpent/Sea dragon.
  • Giant worm. Vulnerable to spiked armour.
  • Vermil lion.
  • Elves. Both Tolkien kind and the cute smaller pixie like elves in fairy tales.
  • Pixies and fairies and sprites. Small winged and annoying high pitched voices.
  • Hinkypunk/Will o wisp. Phantom lights that lure people to their deaths in marshes.
  • House elf/brownies. Small folk. House elves help humans they bond with until freed with an item of clothing. Brownies are a law unto themselves and mischievous.
  • Dwarf. Duh Norse dwarves,
  • Goblins/Kobold.
  • Imps. Small and mischievous or snarling brown scaly monsters with spikes that throw fire balls.
  • Trolls.
  • Nymph and dryads.
  • Faun and satyrs.
  • Vampire. Blood drinking humanoid with pale skin and fangs. Vulnerable to water and sunlight. Staking them in the heat also kills them. They hate garlic.
  • Werewolf. People that turn into a bipedal wolf monster every full moon. Silver and wolfsbane kills them.
  • Reanimated man. A dead man, sometimes made from multiple corpses stitched together and reanimated.
  • Witch. Magic women deemed evil by Christians. Water kills them by melting them. Some reason people thought this was silly and had them float when in water. The innocent would drown. Instead. Burning them alive seems to kill them too. Often green and ugly with black cats. rides brooms, sometimes they live in houses made of candy.
  • Man eating giants. Sometimes lives at the top of beanstalks.
  • Sentient trees.
  • Giant spiders.
  • Mud elementals.
  • Slime elementals.
  • Bears. both dangerous realistic ones and cute friendly cartoon ones.

Lords of Chaos

The lords of chaos are the antagonists. You unlock this Pantheon by completing the game. They are very cheap and broken as rules mean nothing to them.

  • Eris. Greek goddess of chaos and discord. At her most benign she’s just annoying and likes to create arguments. At her darkest moments she’s her counterpart Enyo, the goddess of Horror and Anarchy. She can shape shift into many monstrous forms.

Things she has done. Starts fights and wars with her golden apple of chaos with a K on it. She can do many things with it and sometimes lets mortals play with it turning themselves into freakish monsters with it. She also likes being annoying such as putting a pheonix clamped on someone’s head, turning people into freaks etc. Her myth unit is the freakish monsters caused by her antics. Her god bonus is that your civilisation can do as it pleases by ignoring the rules. Haven’t got enough resources to summon units? No matter! Ignore that and summon away!

  • Loki. The Norse trickster god and a Major god for the Norse faction. Again like Eris he is a frustrating prankster but later becomes more and more nasty with his pranks. Plus chaining him under an acid drooling serpent just made him angry and resentful.

His crimes are. Killing Baldr with mistletoe. Poisoning a blind dwarf, causing chaos amongst mortals with his mask and causing Ragnarok. If he has any myth units, which conventionally as a Norse allied player you don’t have any unique myth units from him, but his children are the monsters Fenris/Fenric the wolf. A giant wolf kept in chains to be precise. Jormundgard the Midgard serpent, a sea serpent with poisonous breath and poisonous blood that is so long it wraps itself around the world. And finally Nidhogg, a huge fire breathing dragon with antlers that’s entangled in the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. His powers are Spy, which allows you to make an enemy unit a spy for you so you have line of sight on it wherever it goes at all times. Or until it dies. His toy or relic, like Eris and her golden apple, is his mask. When any mortal creature wears it they get a green cartoonish face as an avatar of the mask and cartoonish powers to do literally anything as they now operate on cartoon physics. The mask can tell if someone is naturally good or evil. Evil hosts become monsters and transform with a storm cloud and lightning as Loki does when accessing his true form or when angered. Good people and placid creatures though just become a cartoonish green faced version of themselves after spinning as a green tornado.

  • Cthulhu. The sleeping master of R’lyeh. He is neither dead or alive. He waits sleeping until he is awoken. When he does it is the end of the world as we know it. He also drives people insane if they look upon his octopus like visage. Never mention you eat seafood or calamari around him...

His crimes are none so far but one day he will awaken and destroy the world! His myth units or equivalent minions are his Star Spawn. Hideous tentacled monsters. In Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy he converted people into Star Spawn by sending them prank phone calls. Cthulhu’s nearest thing to a god power is his gaze of madness. He inflicts chaos like a giant, extremely difficult to kill lampade. His relic is the necronomicon. An evil book associated with demon summoning, raising the dead and calling forth ancient ones. His favourite mortal he keeps as a pet is HP Lovecraft.

  • Kronos. Major god for the Atlantean race and one of the twelve titans and father of the Olympian gods, until he ate them. He is the reoccurring antagonist for the Fall of Trident and the New Atlantis campaign modes. He simply wishes to break out of Tartarus, however based on that you’re warned constantly that this is a very bad idea means he’s likely to cause the end of the world he once helped create if he gets out. That’s one heck of a grudge...

His crimes are killing his father Ouranos and chopping him to pieces. Eating his children and attempting numerous times to escape Tartarus with help from mortal monsters who want to help him such as the cyclops Gargerensis and the flying monster Krios who deceived Kastor. Kronos being a Major god in the Atlantean race is master of all monsters, but prominently he leads his brothers and sisters the titans. Also like in Disney’s Hercules he’d bring along the elemental titans like the rock Titan etc. He has no relics but at crucial moments in the campaigns the villains like Gargerensis always somehow manage to find a gate of Tartarus in the underworld and try to open it. So the doors of his prison are his way into this world.

  • Set/Sutekh. The evil god in Egyptian mythology. He killed Osiris and chopped him to pieces, blinded his son Horus and is a destructive evil force. Plus all the Egyptians antagonists such as Kemsyt worship him.

Sutekh has no myth units but he corrupts animals into his servants. His power reveals the contents of the map wherever you invoke it, useful for seeing where your enemy’s base is. He has no particular relics but he once had possession of Horus’s eyes and he wants King Tut’s staff from the cartoon Tutenstein for some reason.

  • Satan/Lucifer. The devil, the big red angry guy. A universal force of evil against the ultimate and one force of good, God. He is responsible for all the evil in the world such as tricking Adam and Eve into eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and Cain murdering Abel.

his minions are all manner of demons, succubi, incubi, some plagues but not ones sent by God when he’s angry. The princes of Hell which I thought were just other names for him like Beezlebub, the lord of the flies. His god power is eruption/fissure. Lava erupts from fissures and volcanoes killing everything! He has no relics except sometimes the necronomicon is associated with him and pentagrams.

  • The evil Sumerian gods. In particular Gozer, Pazuzu and Baal etc.

These guys are definitely your enemies in the Sumerian chapter.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster. Sentient flying spaghetti and meatballs smothered in tomato sauce. Worshipped by stupid people that think spaghetti can be a god... for you allegiance it offers you its army of pasta monsters!
  • Xenu. An alien overlord worshipped by Scientologists or money grabbing idiots that think an alien can be a god.
  • Zaros the heretic. Not a god but a Druid, pagan, Wiccan and later satanist. He simply hates all things holy and just and likes dabbling in evil wicked magic and worshiping false gods. The main antagonist of the Christian chapters. He works alongside the legions of Hell such as demons, succubus etc. Fantasy creatures such as gnomes, leprechauns etc and witches and wiccans.
  • Oscar the lunatic. A very insane little boy who loves clowns and shiny nosed cartoon animals and wearing diapers and slime and mud etc. The most benign of the forces of chaos. But still chaotic. His forces are his mad whine of whatever he feels like summoning or turning you into ie shiny red nosed clowns and cartoon teddy bears etc and all the cheat units of course. HIs drawing book and magic pencil are the source of his powers.

The forces of chaos

  • Any monsters and mythical creatures mentioned above.
  • Demons
  • Succubus/Incubus. Vampire like monsters that seduce mortals into lustful sex.
  • Beholders and cacodemons. Flying red eyeball monsters.
  • pinky Demon! Beastly demons, hell hounds.
  • Hircine demon. Hell Knight and Hell Baron.
  • Undead. Particularly skeletons and skeletons with rocket launchers on their shoulders.
  • Shadow demons. Ie those freaky shadows from the movie Ghost.
  • Pain Elemental. Paiiiiin!
  • Lost Souls.
  • Mancubus. Male version of succubus but in Doom they are morbidly obese monsters with flame cannons on their arms!
  • Arachnotron. Brain monsters on metal spider bodies that fire plasma blasts. Led by the Spider Mastermind.
  • Cyberdemons. Giant cyborg demon with a rocket launcher.
  • Former sinner. A former evil person but now more akin to a zombie. Attacks with whatever it had in life.
  • Icon of Sin. Oremor nhoj, em llik tsum uoy, emag eht niw ot!
  • Princes of Hell, Names of the devil. The evil one goes by many names like Baphomet, Beezlebub etc. May be other arch demons though.
  • Eris’s freaky chaos monsters that make no sense. Ie take a big marrow sized pickle quadruple it in size add a long neck, a clown like face with flower petals, a frog tongue and fire breathing. Give it sea diver’s flippers for feet anda small flag fora tail and that’s just one of many weird things Eris makes!
  • Avatar of Loki’s mask. Anyone or any creature wearing the mask of Loki. They have a green cartoon face because Loki likes the colour green for some reason. They can do anything that they want. Unfortunately this means with evil hosts they follow their monstrous whims and literally become monsters...
  • Incarnations of Loki. From Alan Cumming Loki (The silly one) to Marvel Loki (The serious villain one who just wants everyone to be his slaves and kneel before him.)
  • Loki’s children Fenric, Jormundgard and Nidhogg in some form or other.
  • The Titans. Kronos, Hyperion etc and all their children except Kronos’s children. They are trapped in Tartarus by Kronos’s vengeful children Zeus, Poseidon, Hades etc. If they ever get out it will be the end of the world as we know it.
  • Elemental titans. Giant Monsters generated by Kronos. Ie a rock Titan, an ice Titan, a lava Titan, a wind Titan...
  • Echidna and Typhoon. The mother and father of all monsters in Greek mythology. They lead their children the monsters in a war against the gods until Zeus imprisoned them.
  • Evil creatures corrupted by Sutekh. Set or Sutekh could turn creatures evil.
  • Abominations/blasphemous individuals within ancient Egyptian history. Ie Pharaoh Akhenaten who insulted the gods by ordering his people to worship the sun god Aten he made up. To the high priest Imhotep who murdered a pharaoh and came back from the dead as a dangerous magical mummy.
  • Ammit, Apep and other monsters within Egyptian mythology.
  • Star Spawn. Cthulhu’s children.
  • Shamblers. Aka Star Vampires.
  • Great Old ones. Like Hastur the unspeakable, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Yog Sothoth etc.
  • Madness tentacles. Cthulhu has a thing for tentacles.
  • Spiked plants in Cthulhu’s dimension. Ouch!
  • Yog Sothoth turning couches into slime that engulfs you and sticks you to the ceiling. These dark gods have a thing for couches and armchairs... ie Yog Sothoth and Zuul...