Age Swap is a 2017 teen comedy age swap film.


A 14 year old girl and a 23 year old singer accidentally eat cursed cupcakes with the ingredient: the age potion, but only to be found wih the singer being the same age as the girl.


The scene opens at a junior high school in California where Lindsey started to like Nash Grier, Instagram, Starbucks, Nutella, and everything teenage girls like. Lindsey is obsessed with teen pop idol from the 2000s Joshua Smitter. It is revealed that Joshua began his career at age 12. He started writing his song, Love Is Life. Michelle and Calleigh, Lindsey's friends think Lindsey is most popular yet she wants to go shopping with them.


  • Mackenzie Foy as Lindsey Dawson
    • TBA as 23 year old Lindsey Dawson
  • Logan Lerman as Joshua Smitter
    • TBA as 14 year old Joshua Smitther
  • TBA as Michelle Grayson, 
  • TBA as Calleigh Lincoln, 
  • TBA as Connor McAuley,
  • TBA as Ollie Nueves,
  • Kristen Li as Risa Aunaka,
  • TBA as TBA Dawson, Lindsay's father
  • TBA as TBA Dawson, Lindsay's mother
  • TBA as TBA Smitter,
  • TBA as TBA Smitter,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,
  • TBA as TBA,


The Opening Scene

Lindsey meets her friends

Joshua writes his song

Lindsey and Joshua switch ages

Lindsey rides a car

Michelle finds the cupcake and the potion

Lindsey and Joshua find an anidote

Things get back to normal


  1. Anything by JoJo
  2. Candy by Mandy Moore
  3. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
  4. Stressed Out by twenty one pilots
  5. So Yesterday by Hilary Duff
  6. Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
  7. Vacation by Vitamin C
  8. The Middle of Starting Over by Sabrina Carpenter
  9. Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
  10. Our Radio Rocks by PJ and Duncan
  11. Kid In Love by Shawn Mendes
  12. Shoot the Moon by Jump5
  13. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely by Backstreet Boys
  14. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
  15. Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
  16. Hide Away by Daya
  17. I Wanna Be by Emma Roberts


  • ??? minutes long.
  • Rated PG-13 for ???.
  • It will distributed by ???.
  • At the beginning scene, Lindsey wears a white dress with black Polka dots under a long sleeves black shirt, blue boot cut jeans, and pink Vans sneakers. Her hair is tied into a braid and wears pearl earrings.
  • At the beginning scene, Joshua only wears a green camo tee, a black hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.
  • When Lindsey goes to Starbucks, she is shown wearing a black long sleeved shirt, blue overalls, white leggings, and black boots.
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