Aedra Gauntlet}
 Official Name Aedra Gauntlet
 Alias Dust Gauntle, Infinity Gauntlet
 Universe Earth-646
 Lead Designer Cody Cuidightheach
 Additional Designers
 Place of Creation Single Academy
 Place of Destruction
 Current Owner Cody Cuidightheach
 Previous Owners
First Appearance
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It's my masterpiece, and is more advance then any Atlesian tech can ever be.
~ Cody Cuidightheach.

The Aedra Gauntlet is one of the two signiture weapons of Cody Cuidightheach. It's a metal gauntlet device, created to enhanced/augment Cody's strength, durability and stability on his right hand. It is also a device that can use dust crystals for combat.

Description & Applications

The Aedra Gauntlet is a special gauntlet device forged and created by Cody Cuidightheach during his time at Single. It was created after he made his firearm Aedra along with it.

The gauntler takes the appearance of a goldish metallic gauntlet. Being an device, it is capable of resizig to fit virtually any wielder of the gauntlet, regardless of size. It holds 6 slots, each one being on the knuckles of the gauntlet, with one being on the back of the hand.

The slots is used to hold dust of any elemental capacity. After insertion, the user is able to fire a beam of elemental effect on the crystal being used. The slot on the back of the hand is where the fuel to power the gauntlet is inserted. However, the 6th slot can be used to perform a secondary elemental effect on the main effect projected.

It is also the only device that has the capability hold, and allow the user to wield the Infinity Crystals. The gauntlet only has the Mind Crystal, which acts as the gauntlet limitless energy source, and as a secondary power of the gauntlet.

Alternate Reality Versions

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