Adventures Into The Future is a movie starring Chris Evans, Tara Strong, Kevin Hart, and Ed Helms as John, Brandy, James, and Benjamin.


Chris Evans as John Kasey

Tara Strong as Brandy Kasey

Kevin Hart as James Kasey

Ed Helms as Benjamin Kasey

Jennifer Lawrence as Mrs. Kasey

Chris Pratt as Mr. Kasey

Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Vaporizer


The sons and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kasey are sent by them to get some milk and eggs, but then one of them doesn't return, which is Brandy, so the kids are sent to find her. Then they get split up again, when Benjamin finds Brandy trapped in a cage. Benjamin is trapped. James and John find each other, and they are trapped by Mr. Vaporizer, a mean villain who wants to defeat them.....


The sequel to Adventures Into The Future will be Adventures Into The Past.

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