Adventure of Forest is a horror adventure film

Starring: Elizabeth Banks, Bella Sana, Shannon Elizabeth

Adventure of Forest
Directed by Sophia White
Produced by Shannon Elizabeth
Written by Sophia White
Music by Fella Geroger
Studio Warner Bros
Starring Bella Sana

Elizabeth Banks Shannon Elizabeth

Release date(s) 2017/10/12
Running time 101
Country USA
Language English and Spanish
Box Office ?????

Plot Summary

a one day that adventuring in the island forest and Naniel will landscape in the town of the top of the mountain she fall suicide "One Year Ago" Georger, Manny, Liza, Erlo, Hanna, Pine, Lyne, Carrie camping in the town Carrie pee behind the tree and something is running behind at her and she run at the wood and cut her head with a knife the all monster go to town and kill it all the village get her weapon and fight the monster


Bella Sana as Naniel

Elizabeth Banks as Hanna

Shannon Elizabeth as Carrie

Georger Hanna as Erlo

Red Velley as Manny

Young Otis as Hanna

Carrie White as Pine

Hanna Bella as Lyne

Pokwong as Naniel Mother

Richard Barris as Naniel Father

Richart Dart as Monster (Voice)

Jodi C. Mariana as Village (Voice)

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