Adventure Time: Adventurous Madness! was a fake DVD made by shanell0420. Only 14 episodes left.


  1. Housesitting Time: Finn and Jake housesits Princess Bubblegum in the candy kingdom. There should be candy people and young gumdrops, peppermints and other candies come out to play.
  2. What-venture Time?: Goblins tell Finn and BMO stop trying. Jake takes revenge on the goblins to stop; Finn makes his own life to fight like a boss.
  3. What Finn Says: Finn becames the best hero ever. He can also brings goblins home. He can save the world! Can he answer the world?
  4. The Maniac Goes...: A maniac goblin king, Xergiok takes over the tree fort.
  5. When the Crowd goes Wild: Princess Bubblegum wanted to share a cookie for Jake. But also, Jake begins to have butterflies on his stomach.
  6. Music to my Brains:
  7. Finn-side to Outside:
  8. Watch your Buns!:
  9. Fun + Fun = SCREW YOU: Finn and Flame Princess visit Flame Princess's family but it starts problems for FP's family when Flame King invades to kidnap them but must prove his worth.
  10. Fun + Fun = SCREW YOU, TOO!:
  11. Fun + Fun = SCREW YOU ALL!!!:
  12. Finntastic Fun:
  13. Candy Kingdom Bash Time:
  14. Saving the Future:


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