Adventure Mode: Rise of an Unleashed Army is a mode in Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars, similar to Brawl's Adventure Mode. It is also called Story Mode. In this mode, the player will fight demons that will try to destroy the World of Trophies. The character selection before battle is a little changed however. After a cutscene, the player gets to drag the 1 player coin to the character that is going to be played, as well as a 2 player coin, and even a 3 and 4 player coin when applicable. There will be CPU coins as well. With these, you can drag the CPU coin to the character to be a computer character and will assist in you in the levels. If you don't want to use the CPU coin, just press start to end the selection. The player also gets the chance to play as Starkiller on the first level.

Yoda versus Demons

Yoda fighting against Zorm's demons.

The Plotline


The plot starts innocently enough: picking up three years after the events of The Subspace Emissary, new fighters have joined the crew and all seems at peace. However, under a volcano, the Demon Leader, Zorm, is quietly making plans to transform the World of Trophies into the World of Doom, a place where hell runs rampant. He also plans to, instead of turning the Smash Heroes into trophies, to have his minions possess the heroes' bodies. His lair is located inside a volcano, full of demon babies which would soon grow up to become Zorm's minions, and possessed leeches to drain the Smash heroes of life so that the demons can possess them. Zorm also manipulated Emperor Palpatine by sending the Demon Army to him. Palpatine then recruited Vader, Ganondorf, M. Bison, Bowser, and Wario, so that Palpatine could become the ruler of the World of Trophies. Palpatine was willing to kill any Smashers standing in his way. Vader, however, had different plans. He began training his secret apprentice, Galan Marek, a.k.a. Starkiller, to kill Palpatine so Vader could overthrow his rule and become the ruler of the World.

Slowly but surely, demons began attacking places. Once again, in disaster-fraught Mid-Air Stadium, an army of demons attacked. The competitors there were Mario, Kirby, Master Chief, and Mega Man X. They successfully fought off the attacks, but when too many demons overwhelmed them Kirby took them away on his Dream Star as the demons over-ran Mid-Air Stadium. In other parts of the world, demons were attacking too. In Skyworld, flying demons surprised Pit, who defeated a lot of them without help, until he was forced to leave Skyworld. In his house some time away from Smash Mansion, SPARTAN-984 was attacked by demons. Despite using the weapons he had brought and his own fists, his house was overwhelmed and he was forced to escape in his Elephant, until enemies started climbing on. 984 fought them off, abandoned his Elephant, and clambered aboard the single TT Warthog, escaping as the demons destroyed the Elephant. Darth Raiden was travelling and was surprised when demons surrounded him. He fought them off no problem as well. After Raiden defeated them, a few demon chieftains came. Instead of attacking Raiden, thay bowed down to him, after they saw him as a powerful fighter, and decided to serve him along the way. The evil young man grinned evily, and ordered the chieftains to attack anything in his way. Everywhere in the Smash World, smashers were surprised; some were overwhelmed and escaped, while some fought them all off. The Smashers who were not with Palpatine decided to form a team and go after Palpatine.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing with the Emperor's rule. As Vader enters the Emperor's throne room, Palpatine wanted to have a talk with Vader, which Vader would use as his opportunity to kill the Emperor. He ordered the demon soldiers to leave the room, but they did not budge. After telling them multiple times, Zorm in his Starkiller form breaks through one of the room's windows, whom Vader thought was his real apprentice. Just then, Zorm transforms back into his real form and declares he is the true Demon Leader. Vader and Palpatine realize their wrongdoings and Vader attacks Zorm, but even with the power of the Force on his side, Vader was battling a DEMON. He was quickly defeated and knocked unconscious. The team from earlier, after having fought through legions of demons, reaches the Throne Room to see a shocked Palpatine, an unconscious Vader, and Zorm, the true leader. Too shocked to do anything, everyone was repulsed from the room and knocked out, as Zorm teleported to his lair. He was ready to begin "doomforming" the World.

After a few seconds of blackout, everyone woke up aside from Vader. Mario and Zelda woke up Vader, and together they formulated a plan to defeat the true Demon Leader; it would require every Smasher, however. Convenience, as that moment the rest of the Smashers, led by Ganondorf, entered the room. After hearing Palpatine out everyone sides onto one side. Palpatine's plan is perfect, but it also requires ballistics, as mere fighting cannot harm Zorm that much: 984 volunteers, as does Master Chief, and anyone with guns/other powers but their hands. Darth Raiden was hearing the plan from behind a huge rock. He decides to help the heroes out, and cuts down his demon chieftains. After Raiden joins the party, they march as one army of Smashers towards the main gates.

Demons are fought along the way: those heading to the Throne Room, those on posts, and at the volcano, those at the main gates. The Smashers enter and destroy most of the demons like a wall of destruction. Eventually, they reach Zorm, but overconfident, he sends his demons towards them. Most of the Smashers are KO'd but revived easily. As they prepare to fight Zorm, Alex Mercer enters and smashes Zorm, jumping towards the heroes and preparing to attack Zorm. They defeat Zorm, but he jumps out of the lava and transforms into his second, four-armed form. After a longer fight, Zorm transforms into a fire demon himself and does the best to kill the heroes, knocking out most of the ones needed. However, Starkiller, 984, Raiden, Snake and Alex quickly formulate a plan of their own: as the Smashers watch, Alex uses Hammerfists and distracts Zorm while Raiden carries 984 over to a cliffside behind Zorm, where he jumps on his back and slices it open. Snake quietly sneaks around Zorm and jumps onto a cliff, and slashes his head with sharp needles. 984 fires 60 rounds from his SSMG, a full clip, into his back, making Zorm writhe in pain. Alex then uses the Devastator as Zorm overwhelms the two behind him, allowing Raiden and his "cargo" to escape as Zorm is jolted by the biomass. Raiden then jumps onto Zorm's face, and despite attempts to consume him, he uses the Force to take Starkiller's lightsaber and blinds Zorm by shoving both lightsabers into his eyes at the same time, however, this makes him fall into Snake and turn him into a trophy. 984 then gets a plan, he jumps onto a cliff face and takes out his Laser. Raiden and Starkiller use Force Maelstrom as 984 fires his laser towards the two: the lensing causes the laser to curve around them and hit Zorm in the chest. Zorm is now truly angry and destroys the cliff face, picking up 984. 984 lights a Plasma Grenade and throws it, but it explodes early, and Zorm throws 984 into the ground, killing them. Alex, Raiden, and Starkiller then pool together to resurrect 984: he is now an angelic Recon SPARTAN. As he rams through Zorm, he lends some power to Raiden. As his hand turns red and he winds up his final punch, Raiden floats up. As 984 punches Zorm in two places: at the back of the head and through his chest, Raiden uses Force Lightning on his lightsaber and flies up to Zorm, slicing him multiple times. As 984 and Raiden land on the ground, Zorm sinks into the lava, having finally been defeated.

The volcano then begins to collapse, and everyone runs for it. 984 deforms into his regular self on the way, and becomes too weak to run. Despite best efforts, every Smasher escapes but 984, who jumps for it but is buried under the rubble. As the heroes mourn his loss, a Plasma Grenade explodes and 984 climbs out, before blacking out from too much stress. The Smashers all agree that they need to stay at Smash Mansion more, but they need to rest. As they sit on a hillside watching the volcano implode, Snake decides to have a bit of fun. He gets a marker and draws a silly face on 984's visor until 984 grabs Snake's hand, wakes up, and then punches him in the stomach. Everyone laughs as the story mode ends.


There will be a lot stages in Adventure Mode: Rise of an Unleashed Army.


There will be 12 bosses to fight in Adventure Mode: Rise of an Unleashed Army.

  • Crouzex
  • Cykulk
  • Guarblon
  • King Nograw
  • Kracko
  • Kraid
  • Malegan
  • Mutated Rancor
  • Okeran
  • Qurnsajnf
  • Tunnel Rhino
  • Zorm

Confirmed Mini-Bosses

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