Advanced-Tier I Super-Human Genius is an human classification to those with minds and intelligence so advance, they can invent almost anything, and know what is what exactly.


This term was made by the theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein. He said that there will be more brilliant minds, as he saw Howard Stark more intelligent then he was. So he made these classification that only implies to Super-Human Genius, such as with Howard Stark, who Albert sees him as at least an Advanced-Tier V Super-Human Genius.

Known Advanced-Tier I Super-Human Genius

Arcus Stark

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Arcus Stark is the son of Anthony "Tony" Stark and Pepper Pots. Arcus is considered to be an Advanced-Tier I Super-Human Genius due to him being able to invent, and an operational starship, capable of life support, FTL (Faster-Then-Light Travel), and actually invented an fully safe operational cryogenic sleep pods.

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