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Adler is a crime drama television series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Irene Adler.


Adler depicts Irene Adler from "A Scandal in Bohemia".

Cast and Characters


Season 1

Episode Title Release Date
1 25 July 2017
The year is 1887. Irene Adler hires Joan Sacker as a governess for her sister, Donna Adler. Joan is surprised to learn that Donna is older, 17, than she was lead to believe and Adler actually hired her to assist in a theft. The two them learn of a serial killer.
2 1 August 2017
American Elsie Patrick gives Adler a piece of paper with mysterious dancing stick figures. Adler realises its a substitution cipher. After solving the riddle which answers "ELSIE PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD", she finds Elsie dead from a gunshot to the head. Inspector Lestrade believes it was a suicide. Adler notices inconsistencies and writes a message in dancing figures. Another American Abe Slaney, arrives believing Elsie to be alive, and is seized by police. Adler knew Slaney would arrive believing the message had been sent by Elsie. Slaney reveals that he had been engaged to Elsie, daughter of a Chicago crime boss he works for and that she fled to escape her old life. Slaney had gone to England to get her back. Slaney is arrested and sentenced to hang.

Adler also meets Godfrey Norton.

3 8 August 2017
Joan receives a letter from a a school friend, Annie Phelps, who is now married to a Foreign Office employee, Percy Phelps, who has had an important naval treaty stolen from his office. At around this time, Phelps became ill and has been bedridden at Annie's house in Woking, where her brother Joseph Harrison also lives. Adler notes that the dire consequences of such a treaty being divulged to a foreign government have not happened in the two months that passed and suspects the thief may be planning to blackmail Phelps.

Phelps' uncle Lord Holdhurst points out that the thief is running out of time and the treaty will cease to be a secret, raising the question of why the thief still hasn't stolen the treaty or tried to blackmail Phelps.

The thief attempts to break into Phelps' sick room but Phelps scares him off with a gun.

Adler comes to a realisation and tells Joan, Phelps and Annie to leave for London. The thief makes another attempt to break into Phelps' sick room and recovers the treaty from a secret compartment before being confronted by Adler. The thief is revealed to be Joseph Harrison, who hid the treaty in his room only for it to end up becoming Phelps' sick room. Joseph attacks Adler but is shot by a mysterious assailant.

Adler and Joan track the assailant down. The assailant reveals herself to Simone Worth, the second greatest criminal mastermind next to Moriarty, who had disguised herself a boy in the apprentice of the office. Worth hired Joseph to steal the treaty so she could sell it and killed him when he failed to bring it to her. Worth threatens to kill Adler and Joan.

Season 2

Episode Title Release Date
1 A Scandal in Bohemia 1 January 2018
The King of Bohemia visits Sherlock Holmes and asks him to recover regain letters written between himself and Irene Adler and a photograph of the too together. The king fears that the affair getting out would result in the family of a princess he wishes to marry, calling the wedding off.

Joan asks Adler why she doesn't just give the photos, especially when the King is offering to pay for the photo and letters. Adler admits she just wants it as insurance for any action he might take against her.

2 8 January 2018
Edward Cabell is killed by what appears to be a ghost. Edward's daughter, Jane Cabell, contacts her friend Joan Sacker. Jane claims that her family had been under a curse since her grandfather, John Cabell, allegedly offered his soul to the devil in exchange for wealth before disappearing ten years later. His ghost is what is believed to have killed Edward.

Irene Adler meets with Jane and her daughter Harriet Cabell. Jane explains Edward had twin sons, Hugo Cabell (who died) and Charles Cabell. Charles has a son, James Cabell. Harriet admits she has never actually met Charles or James.

Adler and Joan notice a boy following them. They pursue him but he escapes. Charles tells them the boy was probably James.

Jane is killed by the ghost.

Joan theorises that Charles might actually be Hugo.

Harriet is attacked by the ghost but saved by Adler and Joan. The ghost is unmasked as Charles Cabell. Charles confesses he is actually Hugo Cabell who killed the real Charles and James. The James they met was actually Hugo's daughter, Simone Worth.

Simone flees before Adler and Joan can find her.

3 15 January 2018
Irene Adler tracks down Simone Worth, after a week of searching. Simone repeats her warning for Adler to not interfere. Adler refuses.

Simone has her men try to run Adler over with a carriage. Failing that, one of her men attempts to kill Adler with a falling brick. When that fails, he attacks Adler with a cosh, beating her badly before she manages to shoot him.

Adler decides that she needs to flee the country as Simone is too powerful. Joan goes with Adler. The two reach Switzerland where they intend to wait until Simone is arrested.

Eventually word reaches them that Simone and her gang have been caught. They prepare to head back to England but Adler gets off the train before it leaves with Joan. By the time Joan realises Adler is gone, the train has already left.

Adler goes to confront Simone who sold out her gang in England and had the police arrest a decoy instead of her. Adler knew this and sent Joan back to England so Simone wouldn't hurt her. Adler and Simone fight. Joan, who got off the following stop and took a train back, arrives to find Adler and Simone have both disappeared.

Season 3

Episode Title Release Date
1 24 December 2019
Irene Adler and Simone Worth have been missing for 23 months. Joan Sacker and Donna Adler believe Irene is still alive. They confine in Lestrade who doesn't believe them.

Irene turns out be have been captured by Simone. Irene has been transported from Tibet to India during this time where Simone has tortured her. Irene escapes to Germany where she writes a letter to Joan, telling her she is coming home.

2 1 January 2020
A locked room murder takes place, killing Rupert Hardwick.

Irene Adler finally reaches England 9 days after writing her letter to Joan Sacker. She warns Joan that Simone has sent an assassin is after her.

Adler and Sacker trick the assassin into shooting a dummy, exposing her as Julia Connor. Julia is arrested by Inspector Lestrade.

3 5 January 2020
In 1880, Joan Sacker's father, Arthur Sacker, disappeared. In 1890, Adler and Sacker both investigate the mystery when his friend John Sholto dies. Sholto's son, Thaddeus, reveals that Joan's father and Major Sholto had stolen a treasure. Adler suspects Thaddeus' brother, Bartholomew but he is also found dead from a poisoned dart, his half of the treasure missing. Lestrade takes Thaddeus in as a suspect.

The killer turns out to be a hitman, Tonga, hired by Jean Hode. Hode was Arthur Sacker and John Sholto's partner who uncovered a treasure. Hode reveals that Sholto killed Arthur and left Hode for dead to keep the treasure for himself. Hode hired Tonga to interrogate and kill Sholto. After learning Sholto had given half the treasure to Bartholomew, Tongo killed him and took the treasure.

4 12 January 2020
Irene Adler is hired by Lady Elizabeth Corder to retrieve compromising letters, which would cause a scandal that would end Elizabeth's marriage engagement, from Evelyn Milverton, who is blackmailing her. Elizabeth tells Adler that she never actually wrote the letters but Milverton is able to copy her handwriting perfectly and gave Elizabeth one of the letters to prove it. Elizabeth also tells Adler that she was forced to let Milverton whip her.

Adler meets with Milverton who demands £1,000 a day for each letter (totalling to £7,000). Adler tells Milverton that Elizabeth would run out of money within two days but Milverton insists on her demands.

Adler visits Milverton's house disguised as a housemaid but is unable to find the letters as Milverton keeps them in another house. She runs into Milverton and is forced to sign her name (actually an alias), taking a bare bottom caning from Milverton and to let Milverton lick to keep her cover before escaping.

Milverton visits Adler and reveals she knew the housemaid was actually her. She also reveals that she had her men recover the photograph of Adler's affair with the King of Bohemia. Milverton has forged a blackmail letter to the king in Adler's handwriting. Adler tries to attack Milverton but Milverton draws a gun and points out she doesn't have the photograph or letter on her. Milverton offers the photograph and letter in exchanging for Adler, Joan and Donna stripping naked and allowing Milverton to whip them which they have no choice but to accept. After the whipping, Milverton refuses to give back the photograph or letter and tells Adler they will have "another session" if she doesn't want Milverton to frame her for blackmailing the King of Bohemia.

Adler and Joan break into the house where Milverton actually has all her blackmail papers. Adler claims that Milverton is keeping the photograph in a separate safe to the one containing the letters. Joan agrees to go after the safe with the letters only to find the photograph is indeed in there. She burns all the blackmail except the photograph and tries to find Adler to inform her that she has the photograph only to find Adler pointing a gun at Milverton. Adler tells Joan that because Milverton forges the letter to use as blackmail, she can just forge more letters. She also reveals that Milverton had previously blackmailed her parents only to double cross them when they paid, resulting in her mother's suicide and will likely do so again. Adler shoots Milverton to death and escapes with Joan.

Adler decides to burn the photograph, deciding it has been more trouble than its worth.

Season 4

Episode Title Release Date
1 1 January 2021
The episode revolves around Irene Adler's descendant, Lara Norton, in modern day London.

Reginald Musgrave visits Lara's home after the disappearance of tow of his domestic staff Rachel Howells and Richard Brunton.

Lara manages to find a secret cellar. Inside she finds Brunton dead with a dirty rotten empty chest. Lara seduces he suffocated. Lara suspects that Rachel and Brunton had stolen what was in the chest and that Rachel doublecrossed Brunton by sealing him inside the cellar.

2 1 January 2022
Grant Munro hires Irene adler to investigate his wife, Effie Munro's possible stalker.

Adler is held to believe the stalker is Effie's first husband who had come to blackmail her. The masked stalker kills Effie.

Adler and Joan realise the killer's next target is Grant. They trap the killer and Adler pulls away the mask to reveal a young girl who is half-black. The girl admits she is Lucy, the daughter of Effie and her first husband, John Hebron. After John died, Effie abandoned Lucy, not believing Grant would except her if he found out she was the mother of a mixed race child. Grant says that he would have still excepted her and Lucy is arrested.

3 8 January 2022
4 15 January 2022