Adam Loves You is a 2016 British slasher film and it is directed by Adam Gierasch and written by Stephen Susco.

It was released on August 6, 2014 from Lionsgate and it gained a revealing cult following.


The film begins with a reporter interviewing a British model, Ashleigh Anderson, (Tulisa Contostavlos) at her home before they go inside to have sex. An unknown person is seen entering the house and leaving a note on the fridge. The model goes to the toilet while the reporter comes downstairs. The model soon follows him and is horrified to find his bloodied corpse on the kitchen floor. She then finds the note on the fridge, reading “Adam Loves You.”

A few months later, Asheigh's life has somewhat returned to normal since the ordeal. Elsewhere, a young woman named Jacqueline (Michelle Keegan) is living in her London home with her family. She dreams of being an actress but feels that she'll never get out of her “shithole of a life.” One night, after walking in on her sister (Lacey Turner) having sex with her boyfriend, she decides that she can't take it anymore and goes out to try and get herself a job. By sheer fluke, she sees a newspaper ad informing her of a bit role in an upcoming TV pilot starring Ashleigh. Jacqueline auditions for the role and gets it. Notably, it is Ashleigh's first screen appearance since the murder.

On the set, Jacqueline meets Loren Collins (Andrew Garfield), a young man who she takes a liking to and they go for drinks together. They later spend the night together. Meanwhile, the pilot is shown to a preview audience, who take a liking to Jacqueline's character and it is decided to write the character into the show. The pilot subsequently airs as a special preview and is watched by many people, including a man hidden in the shadows.

Production on the series soon begins, followed by it's broadcast. Jacqueline and Loren continue to see each other. One day, Ashleigh is shocked when a note appears in her dressing room, saying “Adam Loves You.” It is written off by police as a vicious prank despite Ashleigh's protests and sobs.

Soon, however, things take a turn for the worst. The killer has returned and he begins to stalk and murder Jacqueline's friends, leaving notes for her saying “Adam LovesYou,” having switched their obsession from Ashleigh to Jacqueline. Jacqueline herself is attacked one night and chased by the killer. She and Ashleigh then decide to lure the killer into a trap.

The killer arrives at the studio late one night and finds Ashleigh waiting to have sex with him. Suddenly, Jacqueline, who has been hiding in the rafters, tries to drop a large weight on him, but he dodges it and stabs Ashleigh. He then chases Jacqueline through the studio and eventually tries to stab her, but hits a light and is electrocuted before falling to the floor. The police arrive and Jacqueline is escorted home.

After the police leave, Jacqueline's drunken sister returns home with someone she met in the street. Jacqueline goes to take a shower while her sister has sex with the man. Suddenly, he kills her and reveals his identity as the killer. He corners Jacqueline in the shower and is about to kill her but isntead begins to caress her naked body. She then grabs his knife and stabs him in the chest, killing him. The film ends with Jacqueline crying alone.



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