Accoreing to Jim (2014)
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According to Jim (2014) is a Reboot of According to Jim.

The Series takes place 5 years after the original series.


Episode Air Date Plot
Pilot 3rd of September 2014 Mandy leaves Andy for another guy and Cheryl tries to cheer him up with one of her friends.Meanwhile Jim and Dana start a fight about the Bears losing the Game.
Birth of another Child 15 of September 2014 Dana finally gets her second baby.And Chery makes a big party that Jim Turns into a Disaster.
Cheryl's Book
Bears Autograph
Halloween Trauma
Mountain Climbing
Thanksgiving that never was


Jim Belushi - Jim

Courtney Thorne-Smith  - Cheryl

Kimberly Williams-Paisley  - Dana

Larry Joe Campbell  - Andy

Mitch Rouse  - Ryan


  • Ruby,Gracie and Kyle dont appear in According to Jim (2014) because it mostly focuses on the Lives of Jim and Cheryl,Dana and Ryan and Andy.
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