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Absolute Intelligence
The Celestial Seekers (RWBY: Infinity War) were powerful celestials whose intellect surpasses everyone, and everything in the universe, and only rivalled by their fellow celestials.
Power/Ability to Have limitless intellect.
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The power to possess a limitless level of intellectual and cognitive proficiency that can surpass anything in existence. Sub-power of Absolute Condition. The highest form of Enhanced Intelligence.

Also Called

  • 12th Level Intelligence
  • Absolute Intellect/IQ
  • Endless/Infinite/Limitless/Unlimited/Perfect Intelligence


The users intellectual faculties (mental capacity and concentration, mental calculation and computation, cognition and competence, wit and ingenuity, memory capacity, mental perception, mental focus, thought processing, learning capacity, deductive reasoning, visualization, analyzation, composure, instinct, awareness, knowledge, creativity, intuition, mentality, etc.) transcend virtually all other sentient beings in the universe. All aspects of their intelligence are infinite, but inferior to Nigh-Omniscience and Total Omniscience. This power differs from Omniscience in that the user has, essentially, a limitless IQ and intellectual capacity, rather than having innate knowledge of everything. This is the greatest, most supreme level of intellect a being can attain.   


  • Absolute Creativity
    • Omnifabrication
  • Absolute Wits
    • Infinite Resourcefulness
  • Accelerated Probability
    • Numerical Precision
    • Probability Computation
    • Xeno-Accelerated Probability
  • Accelerated Thought Process
    • Accelerated Perception
  • Causality Perception
  • Detail Intuition/Photographic Deduction
  • Enhanced Memory/Panmnesia
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge
  • Enhanced/Hyper-Instincts
  • Hyper Mind
  • Hypercognition/Omnicompetence
  • Intuitive Aptitude/Instant Learning
  • Intuitive/Omni-Perception
  • Maximum/Enhanced Brain Capacity
  • Maximum/Enhanced Concentration Capacity
  • Multi-Focus/Supertasking
  • State of Mind/Clear Mind
  • Tactical Analysis/Genius
  • Visualization



  • Absolute Condition
  • Absolute Psionic Power
  • Absolute Will
  • Intelligence Infinitum
  • Mental Shield/Psychic Immunity
  • Omnifabricating
  • Omnilingualism
  • Nigh Omniscience/Omniscience
  • Transcendent Physiology
    • Transcendent Consciousness
  • Transcendent Science/Almighty Science


  • Neither Omniscience nor Nigh-Omniscience.
  • May develop emotional problems and/or psychological issues:
    • Emotional detachment from others and apathetic towards another's feelings.
    • Becoming arrogant and overconfident, perceiving themselves to being superior to others.

Known Users