About Puberty is a 2016 comedy drama cast ensemble film directed by Stuart Gillard.


A group of childhood friends spend the day on how do they discover the past about themselves being the outcasts in California. When they stumble upon a little girl named Caroline, they befriend her and learn how to not grow up and went through puberty.


In the opening scene, we see a young Amelia, Kat, Angela and Dolores at the playground. Richard comes over and he said "Can I be your friend". Amelia nods and wants to sit next to Amelia in a swing set.


  • Emily Osment as Amelia Marcus, a protagonist
    • TBA as Young Amelia Marcus (age 10)
  • Nicola Peltz as Kat Dooley, a less-popular girl who is a nerd who loves everything
    • TBA as Young Kat Dooley (age 11)
    • Madison Leisle as Teenage Kat Dooley (age 16)
  • TBA as Richard Goodman
    • TBA as Young Richard Goodman (age 9)
    • TBA as Teenage Richard Goodman (age 14)
  • Daveigh Chase as Angela Pines
    • TBA as Young Angela Pines (age 12)
    • TBA as Teenage Angela Pines (age 17)
  • Selena Gomez as Dolores Maxwell, an evil it girl who is way popular than the other girls
    • TBA as Young Dolores Maxwell (age 9)
    • Bailey Gambertoglio as Teenage Dolores Maxwell (age 14)
  • TBA as Reginald Perez
  • Grace Victoria Cox as Diana Burns, a new kid in Amelia's class
    • TBA as Diana Burns (age 12)
    • TBA as Diana Burns (age 17)
  • Sammi Hanratty as Lindsey Piper
    • Bobbie Prewitt as Young Lindsey Piper (age 10)
    • TBA as Teenage Lindsey Piper (age 15)
  • Carsen Flowers as Caroline Watterson
  • Amy Poehler as Jodie Marcus
    • TBA as Young Jodie Marcus (age 10)
    • TBA as Teenage Jodie Marcus (age 16)
    • TBA as Young Adult Josie Marcus (age 23)
  • TBA as Alexander Marcus
    • TBA as Young Alexander Marcus (age 10)
    • TBA as Teenage Alexander Marcus (age 16)
    • TBA as Young Adult Alexander Marcus (age 23)


  • The younger, teenaged and young adult versions of Amelia's parents are shown in some flashback scenes as well as the younger and teenaged versions of main and secondary characters.


The Opening Scene

Dolores and Kat talk about themselves on an arguement when they are teenagers

  • (Dolores goes into Kat's room)
  • Dolores: Hey Kat.
  • Kat: Yeah?
  • Dolores: Do you remember the time that Amelia knocked the sense out of you while you are an arguement with me?
  • Kat: Yes.
  • Dolores: So I remember if we were only teenagers and we went on a stupid arguement which is horrifying as hell.
  • (Flashback transition)
  • (Cut to Teenaged Kat reading The Spiderwick Chronicles)
  • (Teenaged Dolores sits next to Dolores)
  • Teenaged Dolores: Did you remember the time you went through puberty when you were 11?
  • Teenaged Kat: Hell yeah. I have some unusual features!
  • Teenaged Dolores: Screw this crap already! You already went through puberty by having some usual teenaged-like deep voice your having!! Puberty is one of the worst things about Health of all time!
  • Teenaged Kat: I've already going to puberty.
  • Teenaged Dolores: Puberty sucks crap and so does your mom.
  • Teenaged Kat: No it's not. I find it A-OK. So go to hell, then.
  • Teenaged Dolores: What? You told me to go to Hell?
  • Teenaged Kat: Yes. So beat it.
  • Teenaged Dolores: Oh yeah? Remember the time you have a growth spurt on your 11th birthday about 6 feet tall!
  • Teenaged Kat: What about that?
  • Teenaged Dolores: What the hell you were thinking? Damn it! Come the hell on! You were only 4 or 5 feet tall when you go through puberty!
  • Teenaged Kat: Oh yeah? If I were a 10 year old girl, I have a high-pitched voice, you retard.
  • Teenaged Dolores: Nobody calls me a stupid retard like you! You rapist!
  • Teenaged Kat: Oh yeah, you ugly scum? What a black-haired scam you are!
  • (Teenaged Amelia comes out)
  • Teenaged Amelia: Stop this right now! Why the hell are you doing this?
  • Teenaged Dolores: Kat is reading the Spiderwick Chronicles while I talk about some god damn puberty. Frickin' stupid isn't it?
  • Teenaged Kat: It's not stupid...
  • (Teenaged Dolores snatches the book away from Kat and uses a lit match to burn it)
  • Teenaged Dolores: Nerd.
  • (Teenaged Amelia throws the lit match away)
  • Teenaged Amelia: You better stop arguing, okay?
  • Teenaged Dolores: Alright...
  • Teenaged Kat: Well OK then.
  • Teenaged Amelia: Good for you....
  • (End flashback)
  • (Cut back to Kat's room with Dolores and Kat)
  • Kat: I remember the time we are still arguing about that damn puberty. Damn it...
  • Dolores: I agree. But you were stupid all the time when we are now teens.
  • Kat: Teens? Adolescence? What's next some puberty thing is getting old?
  • Dolores: Like, yeah.
  • Kat: Good.

Amelia's 11th birthday and puberty

The Outcasts meet Caroline


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