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The Abjaksan are a group of people native to one of each of the seven great lands of Qirsyllviar. They are the seven who, through existence alone, maintain balance between good and evil. They are easily identifiable by their unique heterochromatic eyes (crimson in the right and blue in the left) like the twin moons of Qirsyllviar. There always seven, no more no less, continuously reincarnated when one dies.


The only record of how the first seven came to be is recorded in the Fabella de Primus Septem, the holy text of Septifidelity. They left no record of their lifetimes otherwise. Nevertheless, the story of how they stopped evil from enslaving Qirsyllviar grew and was passed down for generations until it became legend.

The Legend of the Abjaksan

In ancient times, when the great continents were still young, a great ancient evil named Voldrazar crept forth from the depths of the Underworld seeking to enslave all of Qirsyllviar. Many centuries of struggle between good and evil ensued with Voldrazar nearing victory. Then, seven young warriors, one from each of the great lands ravaged by the Evil Emperor, appeared as if out of nowhere. Together they battled Voldrazar for the fate of Qirsyllviar. Their strength, unbelievable. Their power, unstoppable. Voldrazar was defeated, and the seven warriors returned home. Since then, the seven warriors have been reborn again and again, and through existence alone have maintained the balance between good and evil. Always they are awaiting the call to gather again, should that balance ever shift.
~ Passage from the Fabella Septem describing the origins of the Abjaksan.

Powers & Abilities

Despite their role as balance keepers spread across the world, the powers of the abjaksan operate on a principle, "The Power of Seven." While they are powerful in their own right, alone they only have their own strength, but the more that are nearby the more powerful each becomes. And when all seven are together, they are unbeatable.

The abjaksan tend to spontaneously develop unique powers normally not seen amongst their own birth race. While sometimes hereditary based on the family lines they're born into, some are practically unheard of, or only appear once in many generations.

While the abjaksan tend to develop their own powers, all abjaksan share certain powers:

They have two unique abilities with their eyes. These are activated by closing both eyes, focusing on one eye, and then reopening that particular eye while keeping the other one closed. The crimson eye, called the "Devil's Eye," allows the abjaksan to see spirits of the dead, which are normally invisible unless they want to be seen. The blue eye, called "Angel's Eye," allows the abjaksan to see through anything, even invisibility enchantments.

Pragbhava Asurya Niyogin

Another ability of theirs, which is the most powerful and most fearsome, is the "Pragbhava Asurya Niyogin," also simply known as the "Niyogin." It is a combination of the power of all their past lives; their wisdom, knowledge, and power. When this happens, both their eyes glow bright green and they are capable of almost unimaginable feats. Like their normal powers, it is more powerful when more than one abjaksan is in proximity. An abjaksan will usually go into this state when they are in real danger, or when they go into a sufficient rage of fury. But they can also, if mastered, go into it at will. They can also go into this state more easily, mastered or not, during Harmonic Convergence once every four thousand years.


Since the first seven, the abjaksan have been continuously reincarnated so that there are always seven at a time. When one dies a new one is born at least a few weeks after their predecessor's death. It should also be noted that the reincarnations are not race specific, meaning that any race, half-breed or not, can produce an abjaksan. Though reincarnations into a specific race are usually by chance alone, Alfheim is the exception; its abjaksan is reincarnated in a cycle.

Tallulah & Xenovia

Main articles: Tallulah Michael and Xenovia Lucifer

Tallulah and Xenovia are ancient immortal half-twin sisters that created the abjaksan in the first place. Their mother was Tianne, a human, but Tallulah's father was an angel, making her a nephilim, and Xenovia's father was demon, making her a cambion. While born opposites, both sisters shared the same belief: Voldrazar had to be stopped.

And so the sisters gathered seven individuals and gifted them with the power needed to stand up to Voldrazar, and lock him away.

Abjaksan in Other Languages

As a sign of respect and the importance on Qirsyllvian history, all cultures who use a special script for their language have a rendering of the word abjaksan both in script and pronunciation.

Transliteration of the word Abjaksan in other forms of writing across Qirsyllviar
Culture Transliteration Culture Transliteration
Geminos Marlakcor & Fuso
Atlantoi Αβγαξηαν Avgaxian Genjin アブジャクシャン Abujakushan
P’aylts’i Աբջակշան Abjakshan Sinjok 압작찬 Abjakchan
Pipkieli აბჯაქშან Wan 阿布賈看山
Ardealean w#szEd5# Arslan ᠠᠪᠵᠠᠺᠰᠢᠨꡝꡎꡆꡀꡚꡋ Abjakshan
General Elven Mưa Nhân
Forsprak ᚨᛒᛡᚨᚴᛋᚳᚨᚾ Zlasnyi འབ྄ཡཀ྄ཤན Abjakshana
Merzla ⰀⰁⰡⰍⰞⰀⰐ Abyaksan
Qirjak أبجاكشان 'Abjakshan
‎Araziyerli 𐰀𐰋𐰘𐰀𐰚𐱁𐰀𐰣
Zionite אבגא‎קשא‎נ Abga‎qsha‎n
Culture Transliteration Culture Transliteration
Other Tarak
Tafekka ⴰⴱⵊⴰⴽⵙⵀⴰⵏ Abjakshan Sadhan अब्जक्षन Abjakshan
Saktilok Abjakṣan
Layaka અબ્જક્ષન
Jyotisi অব্জক্ষন
Santika ಅಬ್ಜಕ್ಷನ
Jagali ਅਬ੍ਜਕ੍ਸ਼ਨ Abjakśana
Alakana அப்ஜக்ஶந Apjakśana
Praserith ะบจักซหัน Abcạksh̄ạn
Tawrine ဩဗ်ျကဆန Aubyaksn

Known Abjaksan


Name Race Ethnicity Homeland/
Lifetime age at death
Minerve Anmut Dahl Human ????? Somewhere in what is now the State of the Teutonic Order (Ordensstaat). 2200'sACZ
First abjaksan of Eurodysia

Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar

Rokkier Ironstone Dwarf ????? ?????
Tiberius Sergius Ignatius Human Incolo Solaris […] – 4518PCZ

46th Century PCZ

Adelaide Corvinus Vampire (Ziplimba) ????? Ardeal Yuisk 30, 4518PCZStill living Still living
Born into the royal family of Ardeal, and current reigning Queen-Empress.


Name Race Ethnicity Homeland/
Lifetime age at death
Aragrawp Dryhlano Half-Giant ????? Somewhere in what is now-called Kutsal Topraklar (𐰚𐱇𐰽𐰀𐰠 𐱃𐰆𐰯𐰺𐰀𐰚𐰠𐰀𐰼). 2200'sACZ
First abjaksan of Aquilonis.

Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar

Bastpaduse Human Nubian Ancient Kemet ?????
Aladdin ibn Qasim al-Sesame
الاءدن يبن قسيم السيسمي
Human Qirjak Ancient Dahabi […] – 267ACZ
[…] – 2799QA
Founder and ruler of the Lost City of Sesame and the kingdom of the same name. He ruled for nearly fifty years before his city vanished beneath the sands of the great Dahabi desert, leading to both his death and the collapse of his kingdom.
Gaillyir Gargoyle Garvin Empire ?????
Arthion Galuchin Tharbadir Glordir Ordaer Draug
7E3`B5^ xj#cU5% 37Ew2#6T xj7Y26T 7Y2lE6 27yEx
Elf High Elf Tyrakir – a pre-Hylarene High Elven kingdom ?????
Abdul ibn Shumaila bint Ekram Sahrawi
عبد ال ابن شمائلہ بنت إكرام صحراوى
Human Qirjak Sultanate of Ardalnar […] – 4460PCZ
[…] – 1928BA
Great-Grandfather of Salim ibn Rashid ibn Azhar Al-Zayani, Crown Prince of Bialidrak before his death, and would-be husband of Nadeshiko Sugako.

46th Century PCZ

Aglardor Belegur
x#j7E26Y wj$x$6U
Elf Wood Elf Korokiri Tribe 4460PCZ – Still living Still living

Marlakcor & Fuso

Name Race Ethnicity Homeland/
Lifetime age at death
Xiangrikui Gongchen
Human Proto-Xiyi Ancient Qiulu 2200'sACZ
Xiangrikui Gongchen was the alleged ancestor of the founders of several dynasties of Tianchao, and many other prominent figures of Wan history and folklore.

Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar

Xiao Han Human Wan Ancient Zanghuan ?????
n/a Human Genjin Ancient Fuso
Gang De
Human Wan (Gao) Tianchao (late-Zhai dynasty & early-Yong Zhai) 1076 – 1130PCZ 54yrs
1497 – 1551TJH
Sword brother of Wei San durng the Wars at the End of the Zhai dynasty and hero of Yong Zhai kingdom during the Four Kingdoms Period of Tianchao. Deified as the God of brotherhoods, martial power, and war after his death.
Gargoyle Tianchao (early-Zan dynasty) 2489 – 2525PCZ 36yrs
2910 – 2946TJH
Lived at the end of the Central, Western & Northern Dynasties Period of Tianchao until a few years after the inception of the Zan dynasty. Helped Huangdi Zhaoze of Zan conquer Tianchao and end the CW&N Dynasties.

Died in Aquilonis while she was visiting the Garvin Empire at the time the stone sleep curse was cast on the Garvis clan.

Rongyao Shengjie Kangkai Gongjian Guxinlang Bianfu
n/a Elf High Elf What is now Gaoliang 2525 – […]PCZ
2910 – […]TJH
Human Mưa Nhân
Po Han
Human Wan (Gao) Tianchao (Late-Gun dynasty & early-Jing dynasty) 2811 – 2898PCZ 87yrs
3232 – 3319TJH
Greatest martial arts and zhishu (質術) master of his time. Trained Yuan Lan (Niangdi Cuilu), the founder of the women-ruled Jing dynasty, helped her overthrow the Gun dynasty, and trained her children and grandchildren until his death.
Hanbi Mingyuan
Human Sinjok
Yamazakura no Suzukaze
Human Genjin
Gou Ku
Human Arslan
Zenra Tofu
n/a Human Genjin Yamatai 3716 – 3797PCZ 81yrs
1999 – 2080INO
Daimyo of the Zenra clan at the time of the rise of Yamatai. A childhood friend of Oda Yoshishige, who became Shintoki-tenno, she was one of his earliest and most fiercely loyal retainers, helping him his quest in uniting Fuso under the banner of Yamatai. These included many battles, including the First Arslan Invasion of Fuso. Zenra Tofu's younger sister, Zenra Tosui (全裸桃水), later married Shintoki-tenno, becoming Tosui Kogo (桃水皇后/Empress Tosui), making Tofu sister-in-law to the tenno.

Zenra Tofu was with Shintoki-tenno when he was killed in the Siege of Umadake and he died in her arms, a tragedy for which Tofu blamed herself for the rest of her life, even while no one else did. Zenra Tofu outlived her liege and brother-in-law by roughly eight years. She helped getting Awamori-tenno settled into the throne and the burden of leadership, but his reign was tragically cut short by illness after only five years. Tofu later successfully got Fukurai-tenno's reign going before she died, dying of old age three years after Fukurai-tenno was enthroned, the same year most of the major fighting of the Ni-Hyakunen Senso (二百年戦争/Two Hundred Years' War) ended; however, the wars themselves would continue in the form of localized rebellions, termed the Nademeru Jidai (宥める時代), until 2123INO (3840PCZ), forty-three years after her death.

Jinkou Mini
Faun Wan (Shengwai)
n/a Human Sinjok Goryeo
Qian Wei
Human Wan (Fujian) Dongbalian […] – 4525PCZ
[…] – 4956TJH

46th Century PCZ

Nadeshiko Sugako
n/a Human Genjin Yamatai Windoni 14, 4525PCZStill living Still living
Yuyue 5, 4956TJHStill living
Udzuki 9, 2808INOStill living
Born into the Yamato imperial family, she is also known as Yoake-no-miya Sugako Kojo (夜明け宮須賀子皇女).


Name Race Ethnicity Homeland/
Lifetime age at death
Kuzkco Drekok gnar Canaplao Gridzak vox Tycraklo Lizardman High Saurian Somewhere in what is now-called Hrogidalk. 2200'sACZ
First abjaksan of Nekcroz.

Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar

Fleur Delacroix Human Gallique-Nekcr'zii Eurodyne Colonies ?????
Cuyuchua Human Inca Tawantinsuyu

46th Century PCZ

Coszcatl Inilzac Human Xotil (Birth)
South Korea, Earth (Raised)
Also known as Hwang Hye-won (황 혜원).


Name Race Ethnicity Homeland/
Lifetime age at death
Satvik Prajjadhya
सात्विक प्रज्जाध्या
Human Taraki
Somewhere in what is now-called Satvikghar (सात्विक्घर) in northern Tarak. 2200'sACZ
First abjaksan of Tarak.

Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar

46th Century PCZ

Giridhar Khanolkar
गिरीधर खानोलकर
Human Saktilok
Rasanova 3, 4494 – 4542PCZ 48yrs
????? Human


Name Race Ethnicity Homeland/
Lifetime age at death
Iekika Kaʻaukai Mermaid Ākalaʻpoʻe Ancient Maluhia, somewhere in the water of what is now-called ʻĀina Hemolele. 2200'sACZ
First abjaksan of Maritymir

Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar

Saityroe Kadikache Loik Soynaltiar Human Soynaltic Ancient Soynaltiar 1000ACZ – ???
0sᴏ – ???
Born into the Soynaltian Imperial Family and a powerful sorcerer during his time, he is the namesake of the Soynaltic calendar, a celestial comet, and was deified as the Soynaltic God of Magic.
Eronvinus Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yanika Human Soynaltic Soynaltiar
A shamaness.

46th Century PCZ

Naiʻa Palakiko Half-Mermaid Ākalaʻpoʻe Uʻifolaʻoa 4527PCZStill living


Name Fairy Race Homeland/
Lifetime age at death
Luctiana Ophihaya
jzU1`B`C5`C Q^9BhE`
Unknown What is now-called Luctianaheim (jzU1`B`C59ChRt) 2200'sACZ
First abjaksan of Alfheim. Popular Fae legend and folklore portrays her as one of the children of Oberon and Titania.

Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar

46th Century PCZ

Ricus Steelfern
7zT8& 81`Vj$e6R5
Duergar Strykejern Opesagyr 18, 4522PCZStill living Still living
Scriampi 3, 7065CTStill living


Each abjaksan has their own symbol, which is occasionally marked where any of them were born or have done great deeds. The symbols were originally created by the first seven, and have since become their symbols of recognition and pride. Since the first seven, the abjaksan would sometimes wear their respective symbols somewhere on their person, but this is not a given for every abjaksan.


  • Abjaksan (pronounced /ɑbd͡ʒɑkʃɑn/), which is both singular and plural, is a portmanteau that comes from the Sanskrit words Abja (अब्ज/moon) and Cakṣan (चक्षन्/eyes), which describes their heterochromatic eyes like the twin moons of Qirsyllviar.


  • The first seven abjaksan are the central figures of Septifidelity, one of the major religions of Qirsyllviar.
  • The varying dates are for different calendars, depending on which culture the abjaksan were born into.
  • The list of known abjaksan in the Pre-Chronicles of Qirsyllviar sections of the tables are listed in chronological order, though are not necessarily immediately successive to each other, as there are actually hundreds more predating the current seven. (Author's note: blank rows indicate "undecided" abjaksan between listed ones.) That said, the immediate predecessors of the 46th Century Abjaksan, those of The Chronicles of Qirsyllviar: The Secret of Garvis, are listed directly above them.
  • The abjaksan were partially inspired by the Avatar from the Avatar Series.
    • The Pragbhava Asurya Niyogin, which was partially inspired by the Avatar State from the Avatar series, means "Past-Life Spiritual Empowerment" in Sanskrit.
  • Though Fuso is considered a separate land all its own, situated between the continents of Aquilonis and Marlakcor, the abjaksan of Marlakcor can be born in Fuso but the abjaksan of Aquilonis can not. The widely accepted reason for this is because Fuso is too far away from Aquilonis.
  • While it's common for abjaksan to meet up and interact with each other at some point in their lives, a full gathering is a very rare occurrence; and some abjaksan go their entire lives without meeting another abjaksan.
    • Between the original defeat of Voldrazar and the gathering during the Great Northern Aquilonis War, all seven abjaksan have gathered together in one place a total of fifty-three times.
      • During the majority of times they gathered it was during a time of great peril, when the fate of a particular region, or even all of Qirsyllviar, hung in the balance.
    • Also, after a full gathering, it is common for the abjaksan to "scatter" again within days of the ultimate purpose of their gathering being fulfilled.